Tuesday, December 25, 2007

His Majesty Speaks On Christmas

Greetings In Love To One And All,

During the holiday season it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. We live in a material world where even good intentions can become tangled in a web of greed and vanity. Reverence is replaced by revelry and the humble spirit of goodwill is replaced by selfishness born of needing and wanting things, even if it is not for one's self but for their loved ones. If you live in the Western World it is no great surprise. Nowadays Christmas itself as a holiday is a controversial one since some would question its origins as we know it today, and it would also be safe to say that it is now mainly a secular occasion. However, it is not for Rastafari to fight or oppose the traditions of men, for each and everyone has a right to celebrate and give thanks in whatever way possible. Despite the commercialism, deception and foolishness of a Santa Claus and elves at the North Pole, the togetherness of families, the joy it brings, and most importantly the spirit of sacrifice is a blessed thing. Goodness has always got to prevail.

As a Rastafari I follow the ancient tradition of Ethiopia and sight up Christmas on January 7th, a day called "Genna". It is more pure and less misrepresented. However, living in the West it is hard to avoid the giving of thanks on December 25th. Ultimately it is not a particular date that must be recognized, for both dates are the result of religious tradition and less on simple fact, rather the importance is in the concept of Christmas, the concept of the Christ child. I&I must give thanks and praise whether it is a Christmas Day or any other day. Even His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I made a Christmas Broadcast to America on December 25, 1937. Such is the wisdom of Qedamawi Selassie I the Defender of the Faith! He did not have the mind to focus on divisiveness and pettiness but rather I-nity (unity), putting JAH first and foremost and not the traditions of men.

In the Rastafari movement not everybody comes together in agreement on the personage of Christ, especially because of the religious perversion that has been experienced for hundreds of years in Jesus' name at the hands of the oppressors. Yet, when Rastas go to the source of their inspiration, H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, they will find his words giving thanks and praise to Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, Iyesus Kristos, Jesus the Christ. I&I cannot separate Rastafari from Christ for they are bound together. JAH is the Creator and Father of all things, the Son glorifies the Father and the Comforter and King glorifies the Son. Not everyone has bothered to read the utterances of H.I.M. and instead hold on to hearsay and partiality, but I for one cannot deny the words of the King who surely had the Mind of Christ. And today, I share with you some of the Christmas greetings and meditations that H.I.M Haile Selassie I shared with both his people and foreigners, including those in America! Here are some of the words of the Defender of the Faith regarding Christmas:

"When Jesus Christ was born from Virgin Mary, from that time on He lived an exemplary life, a life which men everywhere must emulate. This life and the faith that He taught us assures us of salvation, assures us also of harmony and a good life upon Earth. Because of the exemplary character of the life of Jesus Christ it is necessary that all men do their maximum in their human efforts to see to it that they approximate as much as they can the good example that has been set by Him.

It is quite true that there is no perfection in humanity. From time to time we make mistakes, we do commit sins but even as we do that, deep in our hearts as Christians we know we have forgiveness from the Almighty. He taught us that all who seek Him shall find Him. To live in this healthy life, a Christian life, is what makes me follow Jesus Christ."

Interview with Dr. Oswald Hoffmann on the Lutheran Hour, "Bringing Christ to the Nations" radio broadcast featuring Christmas in Ethiopia, December 25, 1968

"...There is no greater day of gratitude and joy for Christians than celebrating the birthday of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. On this day of happiness, every Christian, by meditating on [Jesus'] life and the work He accomplished for all of us, tends to forget the trials he faces and the sadness that breaks his heart. At the same time everyone is inclined to minimize the trials and sorrows of his own, his kindred, and friends and forgives those who have grieved him. Since Our childhood, Our innermost thoughts have been overwhelmed by the mysterious deep spirit of the divine infant's birth, which is not only expressive but also glorious and inscrutable. Likewise, no matter what one's reputation, whether one's accomplishment is great or humble, tiresome or fruitless, in the journey of life, the mystery of Bethlehem dominates our spirit.

With the birth of the Son of God, an unprecedented, an unrepeatable, and a long-anticipated phenomenon occurred. He was born in a stable instead of a palace, in a manger instead of a crib. The hearts of the Wise men were struck by fear and wonder due to His Majestic Humbleness. The kings prostrated themselves before Him and worshipped Him. 'Peace be to those who have good will'. This became the first message.

When He sacrificed himself at Golgotha for the atonement of our sin, He prayed with His last breath for the forgiveness of those who had tortured Him saying, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'. Shame on those of us who are Christians and do not follow the way of the Savior of the World, whose life was filled with kindness, humility, and martyrdom! If we lived by the laws he gave us and were worthy of being called Christian, peace would have reigned on this earth.

Men were supposed to be the equals of the living angels who unceasingly sang praises before the eternal God. Had this been so, peoples of the world would not have been divided along lines of enmity. In truth there is no legitimate reason or good cause which justifies war…

...People of America! I wish you a merry Christmas. I plead with you to remember in your prayers all those weak and endangered peoples who look to the flags of the free nations with confidence, hoping to discern the star which will announce their peace and future security."

Broadcast from exile in London on the BBC to the American people, December 25, 1937. Excerpt from My Life and Ethiopia's Progress, Volume 2, Haile Selassie I, King of Kings of Ethiopia

Give thanks and praise to Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, Jesus the Christ, Lord and Savior of all mankind, and give thanks for the wise mind and utterances of Haile Selassie I, Christ in His Kingly Character and Defender of the Faith. I&I should all maintain some Christ Consciousness during this season. No matter the difference of opinions or ideologies or even differences in faith… let us achieve a higher level and practice peace and goodwill in this time. Walk in love with humanity and rejoice. I wish you peace and joy on this blessed day!

Bless Up,
JAHsh Concurz

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mr. Softee

Mr. Softee

Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
Don't want to lose my integrity
Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
If I-man backslide it could get ugly

There's no second guess, me haffi hold a fresh
Time to meditate, cause I've got to pass JAH test
Dem wan fe hold me down so I can join the rest
But even though they curse me, JAH JAH still bless
Got to stand strong in the midst of wicked Babylon
Tougher than the rest, yes even tougher than iron
It's just a higher meditation, could never go wrong
Haffi strengthen up the livity and walk like a lion

Many men come and say to me that JAH JAH is dead
A set of psychological babble fe come mash up di head
But I'ma dread, I deal with simple things instead
I listen to creation, so I could never get misled
Babylon bwoys are too craven they only fuss and fight
Just pure backbite cause everyone wants to be right
They all have eyes in dem head but they have no eyesight
JAH fyah mek my way clear so I can see through the night

Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
Don't want to lose my integrity
Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
If I-man backslide it could get ugly

No I don't want dem fi mek me into no Mr. Softee
Dem wan fill me up with liquor just to try and go rock me
Dem lift me up with words and then leggo and drop me
Then try serve me flesh of beasts to mek me slow and groggy
But Babylon soldier can't stop me, this is not a joke ting
Rastafari is from ancientcy, and not just some kinda fling
I&I follow in the footsteps of the Savior and the King
Conquering Lion breaks every chain, liberation JAH bring

Could never overstand why wicked men show nah love at all
It's like they just want to wait to see the Rastaman fall
Yet I will still stand in JAH glory when they panic and crawl
Cause I see the four riders leaving from the Gideon stall
When the right time come, I-man will never turn and go run
Everything in its due season, it's just a natural progression
I stand firm and fight for truth and rights like a champion
Hey Mr. Softee get off me, meh seh you ah go melt in the sun

Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
Don't want to lose my integrity
Don't want to be no Mr. Softee
If I-man backslide it could get ugly

(c) 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In This Time

In This Time

How can you not sight up the King in this time?
Oh don't be so blind, mankind
How can you not hail up the Comforter in this time?
Oh where is your mind, mankind

In this troubled world we all need an example
Someone who stands firm and nah get trample
You see, the youths are getting so frustrated
Because their hopes have all become deflated
So we need to look to a manifestation in the flesh
No greater than the first, but we need to refresh
As a Rastaman I am willing to attest
That Selassie I really pass the test, oh yes

How can you not sight up the King in this time?
Oh don't be so blind, mankind
How can you not hail up the Comforter in this time?
Oh where is your mind, mankind

JAH would never lead his precious children astray
So why would he not send the Comforter today
When you point and lead somebody to the past
Their faith and their mind will constantly clash
But if you show them that the living water still flow
Their faith, hope and love will outlast tomorrow
As a Rastaman I feel and I know
That JAH give the power and He bestow

How can you not sight up the King in this time?
Oh don't be so blind, mankind
How can you not hail up the Comforter in this time?
Oh where is your mind, mankind

Too many look backward to that time
Too many look forward to that time
But nobody ever check and give due respect
To the King of Kings in this time
Yes I, the King of Kings in this time

Too many look backward to that time
What do they find? What do they find?
Too many look forward to that time
What do they find? What do they find?
But open your eyes and you will see
That JAH Rastafari reigns eternally

In this time, in that time, all the time... everytime
Forever and ever, selah

(c) 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

JAH Bless Lucky Dube

I had received a phone call from my bredren, and didn't check the voice message right away. When I finally listened to it, I was in shock... I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly, "Lucky Dube has been killed". I played it over again. I could clearly hear "Lucky Dube", but I still wasn't sure if I heard the last part. I made the call and my worst fears were realized. Lucky Dube was murdered... shot dead last evening (October 18th).

I cannot even begin to express my sorrow, and at the same time the anger that this news leaves me. Lucky Dube was a Rasta reggae singer from South Africa, a very positive influence on so many people worldwide, but especially in his home country where he sang in protest of the government and the system of apartheid therefore becoming a role model and hero to the African people. His music was always thoughtful, sincere and sung with deep emotion and conviction. Dube was truly a humble artist, and it makes no sense that he met an end such as this... shot fatally in a carjacking in front of his son and daughter. The Rasta reggae community has lost many great artists and messengers throughout the years but none so tragically since Peter Tosh was killed in 1987. Ironically, Lucky Dube was influenced by Tosh and now he has joined him as another martyr lost in the battle against Babylon. He courageously spoke strongly against the waves of crime, murder and rape plaguing his country of South Africa and he offered wise words to the youths on everything from spiritual living to AIDS awareness. It is hard to imagine how the favor returned for all of his hard work and love for his people was a wicked and murderous act.

There is a reason for everything under the sun, and only JAH knows the reason behind this tragedy. Yet I am confident that when one soulJAH falls, ten more take his place. I can only hope and pray that Lucky Dube's music and life will resound for years to come and that his great loss may motivate ones to act and take measures to help clean up and repair South Africa and the African continent. I can only give thanks that although he may no longer be troding this earth, his music is immortalized. As Dube once sang, "Rastas never die". JAH Bless Lucky Dube... you will be missed.


Lucky Dube
August 3, 1964 – October 18, 2007

"Freedom fighter standing on a mountain
In a foreign country
Trying to send a message
To his people, back in the ghetto
He had a home one time
Love of a girl
But he left all that behind
Oh yes I can hear him clearly as he whispers in the air
His voice came out loud and clear
All he asked for was a prayer and as he turns to walk away he said

I'm still here in the house of exile
For the love of the nation"

- Lucky Dube "House of Exile"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

JAH Smile

JAH Smile

Sistren, let me sit with you awhile
So I can see JAH smile
When I listen to you speak
My spirit reaches its peak
Because I see JAH smile
Nuff respect to the sistren
You put me in a good position
To see JAH and know
I need no intermission
I want to find you every day
Don't want no delay
So I can see JAH smile

I see JAH smile in every face
I see JAH smile throughout the human race
I see JAH smile in each and every place
But you really are a special case
Yes I see JAH so clear, my dear

Sistren, you have a simple kinda style
That's the way I see JAH smile
It's good to share the vibe
It keeps my spirit alive
Because I see JAH smile
There's nothing I'd rather do
Than stop and get to know you
Could be a an hour
Or just a minute or two
But give me some time
Mek we cool, mek we lime
So I can see JAH smile

I see JAH smile in every face
I see JAH smile throughout the human race
I see JAH smile in each and every place
But you really are a special case
Yes I see JAH so clear, my dear

(c) 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hold Them, Marcus

A few days ago some celebrated the birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a central figure in Rastafari ideology, a Jamaican national hero, a pioneer and spokesperson for Black pride and Black identity. As a high school history teacher I have had opportunities to ask students if they knew who Marcus Garvey was, all kinds of students, some from Jamaica even. From what I've experienced, I've found that very few know about Garvey, and even those who do, know little about his impact. I imagine that this is both bitter and sweet. Bitter in the sense that "no one remembers old Marcus Garvey" as Burning Spear once sang. Sweet in the sense that maybe we have reached a point where the African Diaspora is not in as crucial a state of affairs and thus has allowed many black people to live comfortably in the West. Needless to say, it is my belief that Marcus should always be remembered and I take a quote from the man himself, "a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Still, as another reggae song goes, "dem never love poor Marcus!"

Marcus Garvey was a man in a different period of time, he personally experienced and struggled against racial hatred and prejudice along with other Africans in the West, and any shadow of Civil Rights was still decades away into the future. It was a time when black people were still being lynched on trees in the American South. Yet, Marcus Garvey stood firm against all this injustice and made no reservations on his mission to liberate the minds, bodies and souls of the African Diaspora. Garvey strongly advocated education, empowerment, racial pride and racial unity. He restored the dignity of black people and called for them to be self-sufficient and take leadership roles in their communities. He inspired Africans at home and abroad with his gift for expression, passionately proclaiming words that still resonate today such as, "Up, up, you mighty race! You can accomplish what you will." He urged black people to see God through "black spectacles" to know that they were beautifully and wonderfully made in God's own image, giving them a spiritual sense of equality and godliness long withheld from them by white people. He founded the UNIA with a constitution clearly declaring the necessary rights due to all black men and women. His ideas on repatriation and his Black Star Liner company inspired the Rastafari movement and African consciousness and his pronouncement of the coming of a great black king in Africa turned their heads toward the coronation of H.I.M. Selassie I in Ethiopia. Marcus Garvey was clearly way ahead of his time and nobody could ever doubt his greatness. He had a very strong character and with this also came a very strong opinion.

However, Marcus's strong persona rubbed some people the wrong way. While both were proponents of Pan-Africanism, Garvey didn't have many kind words for American civil rights leader W.E.B. DuBois and they were bitter rivals with different ideas on how to help black people, somewhat like a much more pronounced MLK and Malcolm X disagreement. Garvey didn't have kind words for H.I.M. Haile Selassie I either, which some people find odd considering the two are almost tied together as one in Rastafari philosophy. In fact, they both make up part of the Bobo Shanti concept of the holy trinity. Marcus even had gone to the belly of the beast and met with leaders of the KKK to discuss the separation of the races, needless to say this was extremely controversial. He considered their open hatred of black people to be honest whereas he held every other white person as a potential Klansman... sad, but perhaps true. Finally, everywhere he went, the government despised Marcus. He was not beloved in Jamaica, and when he went to the United States he was eventually put in prison over some supposed charges of fraud... almost surely a racist tactic. Certainly Marcus had his flaws, as does any man or woman upon this earth. Not everyone was fond of him, including other black activists. However, time will judge him as a progressive man, a courageous man and someone who awakened the consciousness of black people and shook the rest of the world into realizing that times had to change. The wonderful things that Marcus Garvey did far outweigh any mistakes he made or criticism he received.

As a Rastaman and a firm believer in racial equality and justice I consider Marcus Garvey a hero of mine. It is not always an easy fit, because some of my ideologies as a historian do not match his own, and I am a white male, far from the experiences that drove Marcus' philosophies and opinions. He was a separatist, I believe in cooperation of the races and integration. He abhorred any interracial relationships, I could not agree with that as a general statement. Some of his judgments seem more problematic than helpful as if he occasionally lacked faith in the general goodness of human beings. So, I can't say I agree with everything Marcus Garvey advocated, some of it seemed very unreasonable and eccentric, but maybe it was necessary at the time, maybe it was the right way. That of course is my personal take on Marcus, for it is necessary that I approach him different than a black man or woman. I could never separate Garvey from Rastafari nor could I deny him. Ultimately, the key to overstanding Marcus is to know that he lived in a world quite different from mine today, after all he passed on in 1940 in an age where any national or worldwide progress for people of African decent was still at a relative standstill.

Yes it can be rough, it can be harsh... but I love Marcus Garvey for what he taught me, for what he did for the betterment of my black brothers and sisters, and for the way in which he made the world listen to his message. I don't think Garvey gets enough respect outside of the Rastafari culture. In fact the last popular reference to him was seeing his face on rapper Ludacris' t-shirt in his music video "Pimpin' All Over The World". I'm not too sure Marcus would appreciate going along for that ride and he certainly would never allow the use of the n-word in his presence. Rather, I think ones should read his speeches, his poems, and his collected writings in his Philosophies and Opinions. His memory should be honored and his ideas should be learned and discussed for the sake of education and progress. The struggle will never be over until there are equal rights and justice for all people throughout the world and Africa is restored to its proper glory as the cradle of humanity. Happy Earthstrong to the Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey! Hold them, Marcus! Teach them, Marcus!

Love & Respect,
JAHsh Concurz

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Babylon keeps using them eye-cons
They are trying to keep the I conned
No I could never bow to no icon
Manipulation to make my mind gone

How could the Savior resemble a master of plantation
Lord of the Ku Klux Klan and the Rise of a Nation
Jesus hangs on their walls, but I see no imitation
No love at all, they would lynch without hesitation
They have the wrong history, the wrong application
Used a picture to lead oppressed people into frustration
This savior of the slaver didn't share their skin complexion
The preacher man never told them it was just a fabrication
Freedom for every heart and soul was never their intention
So tell me, how come people fail to see the real connection

They're all sighting up an eye-con
Using religion as their weapon
They show me the painting of their icon
No they will never keep the I conned

All this running for public office is a really big sham
Political games with wicked aims to take over the land
Money raised in campaigns for some rich, rich man
He goes here and there to talk and shake somebody's hand
Accumulating more funds, yes he's the real Uncle Sam
His smiling face appears on every newspaper stand
Everybody cheers and claims that they're his greatest fan
This publicity hides the truth behind his little plan
To take back all he said when he assumes his command
But how intelligent people get fooled, I can't overstand

They're all sighting up an eye-con
Using politics as their weapon
They show me the photo of their icon
No they will never keep the I conned

An image is one thing if it's applied in innocence
Otherwise it's like a noose tied around our necks
Worship JAH in spirit and truth and not fabric nor flesh
We are all equal, never big one man up over the next
Like the warlords in the street carrying around portraits
Shooting off machine guns and firing shoulder rockets
We would do well to avoid all this religion and politics
Too much bloodshed and too many dirty tricks
If we keep worshiping all of the idols and the pics
Then we will always have warfare and big conflicts

Stop sighting up an eye-con
Religion and politics have got it all wrong
They rally people all around their icon
But we have all got to sing the same song

Babylon keeps using them eye-cons
They trying to keep the I conned
No I could never bow to no icon
Manipulation to make my mind gone

(c) 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Steps In Concrete

Steps In Concrete

I see your steps in concrete
Down every avenue and street
So be careful of where you walk
Better be wise, got to be discreet

There are imprints left behind
Like from a Jurassic kind of time
They take so long to fade away
Better strengthen up your mind

Young lady, where are you going so late at night?
With whom are you meeting, do you think its right?
Does your family know? I bet they worry about you
Why do you still need to meet in secret with this dude
Do you know where he comes from? Or what he does?
Do you know what he's passing on when he wears no glove?
Oh Lord! Girl you better stop and go see
Before your steps become solid in that wet concrete
Oh yeeah...

Mr. Necktie Man, loving husband and father of four
Who is this strange woman knocking at the door?
Of this motel room, on the side of a dimly lit road
In the corner of the city that fails the health code
Is she stroking your ego, or stroking something else?
Where's your family, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?
Oh God! Man, watch where you place your feet
Before your steps become solid in that wet concrete
Oh yeeah...

I see your steps in concrete
Down every avenue and street
So be careful of where you walk
Better be wise, got to be discreet

There are imprints left behind
Like from a Jurassic kind of time
They take so long to fade away
Better strengthen up your mind

Hey young man, tell me where did you get that gun?
You think carrying around some heat is really so much fun?
Why are you pushing dope, while your Mom works the nightshift?
So she can put food on the table and help pay for your whip
Now a deal goes bad, angry words exchanged and a fire is shot
People staring, sirens blaring, and you're running from some cop
Oh JAH! Boy, you brought more violence to the street
Your feet are getting stuck in that wet concrete
Oh yeeah...

Lonely woman, it's been awhile and I know you feel so fine
But this man you're dealing with, what do you expect to find?
He will use up your body and throw you off to the side
To him you're just another one-night-stand and a midnight ride
Is this the way to fill up that hole that grows in your heart?
What happens to all the dirt when you want a brand new start?
Oh, God! Lady, take the broom and start to sweep
Your feet are getting stuck in that wet concrete
Oh yeeah...

I see your steps in concrete
Down every avenue and street
So be careful of where you walk
Better be wise, got to be discreet

There are imprints left behind
Like from a Jurassic kind of time
They take so long to fade away
Better strengthen up your mind

(c) 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Why I Follow King Selassie I

Many Rastas throughout the world can be heard, in nearly every breath, shouting the name "Selassie I!" and "Rastafari!" It is an expression used in greetings, in music, in the everyday vernacular of those who follow or support the philosophy and movement of Rastafari. Often times it is habitual and people never really stop to check and learn about their namesake, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I. Besides the declarations of his name, his image is equally pervasive. It can be found everywhere, on stickers, on clothing. Even if people may not know exactly who he is, I am sure they have seen his image. Today, July 23rd, is the Earthstrong, or birthday, of King Selassie I. Instead of writing another blessed but sometimes clichéd tribute, I thought I would briefly share why I personally sight up Selassie I. I will not be speaking about why, as a Rastaman, I love H.I.M. but as to how the world can plainly see his greatness. Put aside the prophecy, theological, mystical, and the legendary traditions of His Majesty, I will keep it basic.

So, why would I, a Caucasian male of Italian ancestry, choose to follow King Selassie I and identify myself as Rastafari? For me it is a relatively simple answer. Mankind has always looked to find a leader who embodies a spirit kindred with that of God's, or what others may call a "higher power", and a leader who inspires others to follow in his wake. When Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned as Haile Selassie I (The Might of The Trinity) he truly was a living testimony to his coronation title and its adjuncts, "King of Kings"... "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah"... "Elect of God" and "Defender of the Faith". The Ethiopian royal family also traces its roots to Israel, to the loins of King Solomon, and for those who believe, this history certainly is another divine attribute added to the character of King Selassie I. Yes, there have been kings on this earth since the beginning of human civilization, and many also have claimed an ancient lineage worthy of praise. However it was never on the merit of this history or these titles that made Haile Selassie I great. His trod on this earth was his testimony:

He was progressive. H.I.M. Haile Selassie I modernized his country and promoted education. By working to economically develop Ethiopia, he helped meet the basic human needs of the poor and helped to restore their dignity. Ethiopia became the standard-bearer for the Africans who had suffered poverty because of the policies of others. Selassie I helped restore African confidence... and instill an African conscious in people of all nations worldwide.

He was not a warmonger. Even after Mussolini invaded Ethiopia and the blood of thousands was shed, Selassie I did not cry out for blood in return, but for justice, and fought to expel the fascists from his ancient country with righteous conviction and not vengeance.

He was ecumenical. Selassie I was a devout follower of the ancient Christian tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Despite his strong beliefs, he worked to build unity between the Christian churches and build friendships with other world faiths. Instead of creating more friction with Islamic countries surrounding Ethiopia, he helped organize peaceful dialogues with their leaders. He even built a relationship with Vatican City, a topic of much taboo for most Rastas.

He was a wise leader. Selassie I helped create the OAU and fought for the liberation of all Africans, at home and abroad. He spoke a message to the world at the UN conference in 1963 which is still absolutely pertinent to what is happening today in the African continent and to other nations fighting the ghost of colonialism. His Majesty was a living symbol, the black King from the East, the cradle of humanity, and showed that Africans at home and abroad were also kings and queens in their own right.

He was an ambassador. His Majesty met with leaders from all over the world, many nations, many creeds, many colors. He asked that they learn more about his people, the Ethiopians, the Africans. That the world, and the great powers such as America, learn more about their backgrounds, their culture, strengths, weaknesses, hopes and desires. Selassie I called for the cooperation of all nations of the world and believed everyone shared in universal principals. He was strongly adamant against the aggressive behaviors of those who chose to use their resources to oppress and exploit other countries.

He was a man of faith. Selassie I had the Mind of Christ. This is profound and could mean many things to many people. In the very least it is a testimony to his spirituality and his connection to God. It was evident in his words, his teachings, and most significantly in his character and his actions. Selassie I loved the wisdom of the Bible and saw relevance for its application in the world. His love for God, and for the human family was a gentle and righteous love. It is no wonder why Rastas magnify Selassie I's name.

These few examples that I provided above do not require any mystical epiphany or some deep reasoning with an elder Rastaman. These are examples recorded in history, found in any honest schoolbook, and patently obvious in the many speeches, photos and footage available to the public. These are the works of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, a monument to his name. Why do I love King Selassie I? Look at the world today, look at the politicians, the religious leaders, the heads of governments. Look at all these warmongers, these supposed godly men, these tricksters. Tell me, who can even come close to embodying everything His Majesty did? Who in this time has had the same amount of respect and reverence shown to him by people all throughout the world? The way King Selassie had Christ in his consciousness is the greatest example to the rest of the world. Many would argue Selassie I is the most visible example of the Spirit of JAH since over 2,000 years, worthy to be called King of Kings, a new name and a new hope for JAH children everywhere. He was a man of modest physical stature, but his words are echoes of the voice of JAH, his character a reflection of His divine spirit... both the lamb to the slaughter, and the conquering lion. How I sight up His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I is not important, what is important is how I share with the world all that He has taught me. I follow His Majesty because he has proven himself worthy to bust the seven seals, to teach the world, and I love Selassie I because I truly see the manifestation of JAH within him. Some believe that H.I.M. has passed on, but I know that he has not, because he lives within my heart, and each utterance of the Rastaman brings him to life in the minds and hearts of the hungry, the naked, the aged, the infants, the naked. Who is like unto thee oh Haile Selassie I? The world shall see... JAH Rastafari!

Blessed Love & Happy Selassie I Earthstrong,
JAHsh Concurz

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Iron Appetite

Iron Appetite

I take a seat on the bench beside the bar
And order a 45 or two
Matter of fact, make that a few
Oh no, wait a sec... you thought?
No, no, I don't deal with the malt liquor or steel trigger
I could see how you might misunderstand
But I am on a diet of strictly iron, man
So please push me a few plates of those heavy weights
Pile them on, extra helpings
Now, that's what I'm talking about

I'm braced, ready to take a bite
I can just about taste it
Teeth clenched...
Even the air molecules between my molars
Have been crushed to oblivion
Arms extended, feels like a ton
Hold on
Somebody's tail is wagging, begging for scraps
I don't have none of that
See spotter run...
I'm eating this on my own
Arms extended, feels like a ton

Persistence meets resistance
I can feel the burn
Igniting a fire in my fibers
But I like my food picante
Sweat beading on my forehead
Dripping into my eyes
No pain no gain, no compromise
Eleven more repetitions
Then I'm all set

Nearby is my greatest fan
Standing over my shoulder
Blowing on my neck
She's cool and all
Except she's oscillating
And gets around…
I'm better off hot
I got to be focused
Solid as a rock

I don't even chew, I devour
Like a hungry lion, sheer power
Consuming fistfuls of metal
Enough iron to put me on the level

More plates... delicious
So vicious, I eat until I'm sore
When my body can't take anymore
Then I've gotten my fill...
And as for the bill?
I have them keep a tab
Paid first of the month
So I can munch any day and night
Satisfying my iron appetite

(c) 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

Farmah Man Seed

Farmah Man Seed

Met a farmah man and him gimme a lickle seed
Said come yah son, plant dis it's what yuh need
Him said ef plant good seed, yuh reap good fruit
I tell yah man, it come straight fram de root
He said it must come straight fram de root

And I took it, stow it weh in meh pocket
Gone inna me yard, dig up de earth, and drop it
Cover up de hole, ah pat it dung wid ah spade
To grow de seed dat de farmah man gave
De sun become brutal, it mek de dirt inna dust
But protecting disyah seed is a must, I trust
So I bring wata in bucket loads fram de well
To douse de scorched earth, cause it hot as hell

Nothing left fe do but just sit dung an wait
Den I see de seed I sow begin germinate
Dirt beneath me nails and sweat on me brow
Keeping weh all pests, all de rabbits and fowl
Got to guard de leaves and tender green stem
Protect it like a faddah watch over him children
Soon come, lickle seed become a giant shady tree
Just like dem parable dat the Savior teach me

Grown enough to fill a whole heap ah bushel
Yes, so much, de harvest time get crucial
After so lang, enjoying the sweet fruit of meh labor
So good, now I must share it wid me neighbor
Then a take a portion of meh bountiful crop
Give to pickney along side road and pile atop
An seh, cooyah lickle bwoy, don't drop
Meh seh, bring it to yah Mama and yah Pop
To yuh bredda, sista, uncle and yuh aunt
Galang me son, and never go fe stop

Yes, and I tell him in case he done forgot…
I-man said ef plant good seed, yuh reap good fruit
I tell yah man, it come straight fram de root
I said it must come straight fram de root


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Son Of Lightning

Son Of Lightning

I am the Son of Lightning
Mess with me, you'll get electrocuted
Don't come at me sideways
Don't deal with me convoluted
When the voltage takes flight
I pierce the darkness of night
Rider of the storm
Thunder is my horn
You've been warned
I strike fear from the stratosphere
To the solid ground on which you stand
Can't be a part of Babylon's plan
Untamed, directed only by JAH hand
The tallest one standing is the first to go down
Foolish pride gets fried when I come around
Yes, look out for the boom sound
Cause it could get dangerous
I don't just intimidate
I also incinerate
Wipe the wickedness clean
And offer a clean slate
My fire can even inspire
A dead mind like Frankenstein
Giving sight to the blind
An epiphany, sealed and signed
Nobody can capture my essence
Just respect my presence
The power invested in me
Channeling through my body
Some call it electricity
But simply
I am the Son of Lightning
The Son of JAH

(c) 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ease Up

I was watching the Discovery Channel a couple of days ago and there was this show on called "Man vs. Wild". During this particular episode, the host, Bear Grylls, was traversing the swamplands of the Everglades in order to show the viewer how to survive there if one ever found themselves lost. Anyway, he comes across some quicksand and proceeds to jump right into it in order to demonstrate what to do. Bear starts to struggle, and he sinks deeper in. Then he just relaxes and he is able to stay still in one position. He slowly climbs out by spreading his arms across the surface of the mud, wriggles out and "monkey crawls" to safety. He managed to get out of that slimy pit in a matter of seconds, whereas some people or animals become stuck in for days and sink deeper and deeper until they suffocate in the mud. Why am I mentioning all of this, interesting as it may be? Well, lately I realized that the more you try to fight against something, the more you struggle, usually the more sufferation it brings. Trying too hard and thinking too much will only get us stuck in our own quicksand. The way out is the way of least resistance.

If someone doesn't want you in their life, then why struggle against that person? The more you try and make it work and put up resistance, the more trouble you get. Go your separate ways, and if your paths cross again later, so be it. If something or someone gets you frustrated and mad, what's the use of getting vex and sinking deeper into anger? Frustration comes and goes; there is no use in worrying about something. If you miss an opportunity, fail at something or find yourself heartbroken, there is always another chance to succeed later on. When one door is closed, another is open. However, resistance is not reserved for negative situations. This philosophy goes with anything really, even in dignified attempts to accomplish something positive including things like teaching, volunteering, going to job interviews, proving your worth or integrity, and anything else you set out to achieve. For all of these, being self-conscious gets in the way. When we ease up, and focus on simplicity, things will come more naturally and more effectively. We have to trust our intuition and let go of our preconceptions and expectations. Yes, certainly there comes a time to fight and confront certain things, nothing is ever so black and white. Nevertheless, more often than not, easing up is the best solution for every day survival.

The next time you are struggling with fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, or temptation while trying to climb out of the slimy pit, it would be wise to remember to just "cool and settle". Don't try and bring about what we think should or should not be, just be. Be benevolent and righteous, walk through it and lead the way by example. Goodness and natural harmony has got to prevail in the end. What will be, will be... JAH Know!


Sunday, June 10, 2007



Climbing steep slope
On my approach I see
Avalanche encroach
Falling and blocking
My path, covered
Smothered in dust I choke
Foot finds gravel to grope
Then it all clears
The worst of my fears
Can't go left or right
I need the I-sight
Cause I'm blind tonight
I-sight to rekindle
The fire when it dwindles
I-sight light my way
Cause my strength will betray
Okay, I remember Him say
When one road block
Another route is open
Straight up the rock face
The Word has been spoken
Don't want to provoke Him
It's time to climb
Grab anything my fingers find
My foothold is bold
Was told this mountain is mine
Reach ledge near the top
Pulling up to outcrop
Taking a breath of air
Storm cloud gathering near
But this is why I'm here
I surrender, arms spread out
I shout and the thunder claps
Crucified on the highest height
Lightning ssstrike
Smell of burnt earth and ash
Rebirth at last
Electric slide off my back
Feeling dry cleaned
Body lets off some sssteam
Ahh serene, I hear the sound
Of the rain coming down
Bathing in benevolent showers
My spirit sensing holy power
Radiance overwhelms the eyesight
Pupils adjusting to light
I sight the Might of the Trinity
I-sight He has given me

(c) 2007

Disappointment (Unleashed)

Disappointment (Unleashed)

Sometimes I'd like to unleash the beast
Tethered to the deepest part of my soul
...out of reach
An angry lion out of control
And yet I know I must satta
Life goes on, can't galang like no shotta

You disappointment me sister
Disappointed that you failed to grasp the whole picture
But I know I'm gonna face disappointment again
Disappointment from another lover, family or a friend
When will it end?
Never, because that's the nature of things
As long as I love, someone will play my heartstrings

All this foolishness is just a waste of my time
You're a vampire preying on the marrow of my mind
And no matter what I do to appease your appetite
You still prowl the night looking for one last bite
Right now I need freedom
From a she-then like you
Sweeping out the old, so I can bring in the new

I can't believe a person with such intelligence
Would go around behaving with negligence
It's as if you never learned about the golden rule
And how to distinguish a good man from a foot-stool
I'm no fool
My captivation is cruel
This lion doesn't belong behind bars in your zoo

You took advantage of my kindness and let me down
Made me think you needed me, and made me the clown
Such a disappointment, I was a fly in the ointment
Trapped by the fact you scheduled me in like an appointment
Like a doctor examining my head
Leaving me lost and frustrated

I'm tired of hearing excuses for all of your mistakes
Because a little discipline is really all it ever takes
You move like a snake hiding where the grass grows tall
Lying in wait, ready to strike my lion paw

I shake my mane...
It's a shame that you made me think it was fair game
But you sold out your flesh for mere chump change
I can see through you with my savanna scopes
Yes I'm better off chasing other deer and antelopes
Real folks
King of the jungle don't deal with jokes

Don't bother calling me or knocking on my door
You're like Miss Morton, throwing salt in my sore
I roar... cause I can't stand no more
Can't take the stress,
It keeps the lion vexed
Irregardless, good luck and JAH Bless

(c) 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fresh Up

Fresh Up

I've got to unwind, cleanse my mind and go fresh up, fresh up
Alleviate the pressure by any measure and stop stress up, stress up

Time to listen to JAH words, open up to Proverbs and wise up, wise up
Selassie I show me how the Scrips apply, and open my eyes up, eyes up

Everyday I'm amazed, I give thanks and praise and just bless up, bless up
No devil boderation to get me misshapen, I'll never get wreck up, wreck up

Any negativity you try fling at me must certainly go get mash up, mash up
So you better flee if you're my enemy cause we will surely clash up, clash up

I'm bona fide, no I don't take ones for a ride, nothing to hide up, hide up
Hear the mystical breeze from nature's remedies I just light up, light up

I don't want to hear none of this carry go bring come, so hush up, hush up
You never know when you lose control just who you'll brush up, brush up

Meditate on the right every day and each night and please live up, live up
When time tough, it will never be enough for me to go give up, give up

Nuff people out deh ain't going nowhere, they need to grow up, grow up
They tell you soon come, over and done, but they never show up, show up

Seek knowledge before vengeance, calm down and just ease up, ease up
Be true at heart from the start, don't clown around and tease up, tease up

Since the most ancient day, Rastafari is the way that I sight up, sight up
And ever since, in humble righteousness I'll always bide up, bide up

(c) 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Funny Creatures

People are funny... funny and bizarre creatures to watch. This is something that I have noticed lately. I look all around me and I see many ones wrapped up in a warm blanket of illusion and denial. Comfortable in their blissful existence, with no concern and without thought. What do they value the most? What do they consider pastimes? What do they find as their purpose? What are they doing to give back? These and other things are indicators of where they are on the road of life, how much they have seen and how much further they need to go. Most times people are trying to escape reality, and the ones who usually are doing the escaping are often long removed from anything real in the first place. I call it perpetual numbness. Life is much more than mere fun, or vanity, or even success. And yet, this is what some people measure another's worth by... how many possessions they have, who they know, where do they party and how often. This is not restricted to class either. I would say it is a cultural thing, a culture of carelessness. Yes, a culture of distractions and quick satisfactions. It is no wonder why there are so many unhappy people out there, they have severed their most basic and vital roots. They have constructed a reality over their own, ignoring the laws of nature, the laws of JAH. I tell you, I have seen animals and birds behave more civilized.

Why is there no longer a reverence for the greater things in life? Can we all be so blind? Everybody wants to talk, and nobody wants to listen. Few take the time to meditate on life and appreciate the simple things. It is the responsibility of one generation to make things a little better for the generation to come, and instead we are creating a quagmire with no solid ground to stand on, no foundation. Like a fool we have squandered all of our bequeathed possessions for fleeting moments of ecstasy and the trivial objects of our desires. The ancient guiding stars are blotted out by the neon lights of our nightclubs and pubs, the words of the elders are drowned out by the crude vulgarity of another senseless satire, the fresh still air stifled by the fumes and noise of boisterous vehicles, a moment of true socialization interrupted by an obnoxious call on the cell phone. So what is the solution? Well, obviously we cannot turn back the hands of time. But we can revert back to our original minds. We as a people can seek wisdom; we can find ways to improve ourselves and one another in positive and meaningful ways. We can strive for purpose and substance in our lives. We can calm ourselves, sit down… listen, think, and act.

His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I once said, "A qualified man with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests, will be led to right decisions by his conscience." Let us follow these words of wisdom and become visionaries. Let us lift up our consciences as a tribute to our forefathers and as a gift to our heirs. There is more to life than what we scrape off the surface. Rastafari!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guidance, My Brother

Guidance, My Brother

Guidance my brother, go forward and walk good
Walk as a king and do the things that you should
Guidance and protection until the hour you return
Use growth and reflection to set your feet firm

Anything could test you, so you must go prepare
Take care and beware of the pitfall and the snare
Look for the presence of JAH each and everywhere
You've been blessed with an opportunity that is rare

From the start stay pure at heart in all that you do
Keep a good meditation and a positive attitude
Do unto others as you would have done back to you
Lift up every man and woman, never make them a fool

May you have health and strength along your way
With peace and safety every night and every day
And when life's road gets rough and rocky, never stray
Humble yourself, clear your mind, and just pray

Focus on simplicity and don't get too complex
Sometimes it's much better to live life with less
When you see a righteous man walk in his footsteps
And become an ambassador of love and kindness

When you face problems be wise and don't compromise
At all times remember your roots and your family ties
Seek wisdom from the depths of the sea up to the starry skies
Speak only the truth and dash away all illusions and lies

The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure
Consider each day as a gift, and then you'll be secure
Find the hidden paths that the material world can obscure
Drink from the stream where the flowing water is pure

Never be brittle, keep an open mind so it can bend
Stay in the middle and avoid each extreme end
Every man is your brother and likewise your friend
So equal rights and justice you must always defend

Help the needy, make them free to realize their destiny
Increase your knowledge and strengthen your mentality
Search under every rock and climb up every tree
Never stop trying because there's no full capacity

Constantly stay disciplined and always stay humble
When you walk good, then you will never stumble
Be grateful for life, don't give up and go grumble
A house built on rock-stone will never crumble

And even when the journey you take gets lonely
Remember those in your heart, its not just you only
Love will make your path smooth even when stony
And it will separate reality from all that is phony

Guidance my brother, go forward and walk good
Walk as a king and do the things that you should
Guidance and protection until the hour you return
Use growth and reflection to set your feet firm

(c) 2007

Livicated to my brother Jared who left for Suriname today as a member of the Peace Corps. JAH Bless! - Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feel It

Feel It

I've got to break free
Cause sometimes it seems
Babylon walls are tumbling down on me
I want to follow all of my dreams
Trodding JAH road to the furthest extremes

I feel it and I know it
There is only one direction to go
I must make a move although it
Could disrupt the ebb and flow
Yet I really need some space, a place to grow

Oh why should I stay over here
Too many people act too critical
Everybody talk, nobody have ear
Got to steer clear of all things political
My roots go to the Mama Land like umbilical

Not satisfied, I'm beckoned by the call
I'm ready to go and endure life's test
Searching until I've seen it all
When I find it, I'll have no second guess
A land where there is love, peace, and happiness

I've got to travel far and wide
So I can finally reach this place
And then it is there where I'll abide
Blessed to my soul when I see JAH shining face
Find a natural beauty and rest in her warm embrace

Where I will feel it
Where I will know it

(c) 2007

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back To Basics

Back To Basics

How do you go about each and every day
Never conscious of what Mother Nature say
Too busy with your Bluetooth and your PDA
You even use the GPS to find your way

Look I tell the people dem to shed the shackles of illusion
Whoah yes, going back to natural living is my only conclusion
Be mindful of everything around you and please adjust your view
Tell me, how will you survive when even the basics confound you
No skills and no tools, man will starve if they can't plant no crops
Must learn to use the earth to build, and not plastic Lego blocks
It's just a matter of time before everything will stop and rewind
Today's digital media and electronics will be nowhere to find
Now when I look all about I don't even see one human being
Just cyborgs around town with their phones and that Star Trek ting
It really is a shame, people can no longer think or be constructive
They're just a burden on the earth, too carefree, being so destructive

We all must go back to the bare essentials
So humanity can live up to their full potential
Chop back our reliance on so much technology
Go back to reality so mankind can live free
Free like we were destined to be...
Like the birds in the air and the fishes of the sea
Back to the roots of the ancient tree
Children, we've got to repatriate mentally

I know the time is dread, when man can't even start a simple fire
So long been fed he can't even cook, just look for fast food supplier
So far away from the instructions of the wise ones from the past
Humanity is moving too fast, and everything rush has got to crash
I tell you friends, simplicity and overstanding is the only way to make it
Because when the world changes we have all got to face it
All this nonsense, forsake it, because it will all be wiped clean
Mankind must learn to live proper instead of following a fantasy dream
Check and see how the world turns despite anything that we may do
You could build a tower higher than Babel and still end up a plain fool
Stop the goose chase into outer space, such things remain out of our grasp
But if we keep grounded and learn from our past then we are surely gonna last

It's true, we all must go back to the basics
Contraptions and distractions, got to forsake it
Clear up our minds and learn responsibility
Go back to natural harmony and live free
Free like we were destined to be…
Like the birds in the air and the fishes of the sea
Back to the roots of the ancient tree
Children, we've got to repatriate mentally

(c) 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Itation

Yes my friends, greetings! It is really great to see some nice weather finally… at least around my way. I have been enjoying all of the sunshine, and witnessing the blossoming of trees and flowers heralding in a new season. You must take a look around you, and meditate on these things because these signs are a testimony to life and new beginnings. Only a couple of weeks ago we had pouring rain each day, following by flooding. It seemed like the sun would never come out, but of course it did. This brings forth a perfect lesson of life. Ones should know that JAH Rastafari is revealed through nature and shows I&I that life moves the same way… naturally. Sometimes we get serious bad weather, rain, wind, snow, cold air... but the sun has always got to shine again... and so must JAH blessings shine on us after trials and tribulations. And to be truthful, the sun is always present, even above thick and dark storm clouds, so it is also with God… above our troubles and clouds of confusion. You just have to hold a firm meditation, rise up and burn away all of the fog that clouds our vision. Focus on JAH, above and within.

Now looking at these sunny days, I-man can find a reason for the darker days before it. Imagine if every day was sweet, we would not apprecialove what we have or meditate on the Most High and give thanks for what we have. Sometimes our difficult times are simply there to contrast all of the wonderful things that are in store for us, and just as the rain causes the green grass to grow, life's trials cause us to grow in the same fashion… and then we are able to bask in the nurturing light of JAH. So, during this Spring, enjoy life, enjoy the company of your friends and family and remember the simple lessons that are present all around us if we just open our minds. Think on these things and find the reason for every season. JAH Bless!


Friday, April 13, 2007



Your ego is your idol god, your own imagination
Sacrilege of the worst kind, a delusional deviation
What you claim that came as divinely inspired
Is simply everything that you lust for and desire
You tell me to follow some high and holy commands
But it's really just your own carnal-minded demands
I will never prostrate to your false prophecy
Your pretentious nature and vain hypocrisy
You speak in shrouded tongues like Pentecost fyah
Using the smoke to cloak the fact that you're a liar
The truth is that you created god in your own image
Made to serve you, shaped only from your visage
How could your false god ever become mine?
When it exists as a foolish fabrication of your mind
This is no universal love, no omnipresent nature
You live in your world, and made yourself the creator
Make me not an acolyte to your selfish will
I'll bring no offering to your twisted tabernacle
I shall destroy this illusion, this façade, your egod
Because I only serve JAH on my Rastaman trod

(c) 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wordical Murderation

Tell me why bother to commit
Wordical murderation
And in selfish frustration
A slip of the sharp tongue blade
Proverbially pulling trigger
Go figure... without hesitation
Desecrating my temple in your crusade
Word-Sound to bury one in ground
Instead of reasoning
All I see is insults abound
Why runup the mouth, spewing sulfur
Polluting the atmosphere
With negative vibes...
Should I care when I breathe fresh air
Yet, tell me why ones and ones
Can't speak like grown people
Instead of lower beasts, impulsive and evil
Sinking their teeth into throats
And surely that day will come
When He separates the sheep from the goats
Why murder with the power you are given
When the word came first
And it gave life to the living

(c) 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yes massive, greetings in the name of the Most High, JAH Rastafari! I must tell you, I find it amazing how quickly the days pass by and how difficult it seems to get everything done that I need and want to do. I have been a busy man lately, trying to balance my obligations with work and trying to keep myself together in respects to mind, body and soul. I end up using a lot of my time trying to keep myself sharp in various aspects. I spend the majority of my evenings strengthening my structure at the gym, then perusing some wisdom, and finally with any extra time that I have I find myself simply relaxing and trying to freeup the vibes. All of this is great for I-man and yet it may seem to some others as a waste of my time. It may seem like I have my priorities mixup because I am not following the trends.

Sometimes I really find myself at odds with conventional society's notion of time, work, independence and progress. While I believe that these ideals can be useful in their proper time, I find myself disillusioned with them. With all the money people earn these days and with what they spend on technology, entertainment and conveniences it appears to cause more harm than good. More consumerism and commercialism threaten the welfare of the people, but most do not see its destructive potential. All of this extra time that people have is applied toward working to achieve more vanity rather than socialization, relaxation, self-expression and self-discipline. Those are the things that I personally seek after, the things that make me healthy, strong and whole. I think these are the same things people really desire in their hearts... but they do not devote themselves to these beneficial ways and so they become dissatisfied, stressed out and alienated. They still want more, still want to win the rat race, even when they may be quite successful in monetary or other tangible ways. People need to take the time to live… experience life, experience their selves and experience the Most High.

So, let I&I stop and think and examine, what are our real priorities, and what can I&I do to balance out our lives? Yes, sometimes like myself we get very busy for a season, but hopefully we can always keep true satisfaction in perspective. Hopefully I will be able to share the fruits of my reflections on here again soon, for it is my joy and my fulfillment.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Hall Of Kings

Hall Of Kings

On a winter afternoon I take another journey to JAH
Settled in my room with reggae, rocksteady and ska
The vehicle I take is the riddim of a one drop vibration
Sounds from stereo speakers has me hold a meditation
Thundering baseline carries me up to the highest peaks
Of Holy Mount Zion, where the earth and sky meet
Beneath the rainbow banner of JAH the Most High
I behold wonders visible only to the mind's eye
A joyful sound comes from beyond golden doors
Thrust open to reveal thrones on polished floors
And an angel tells me that this is the Hall of Kings
Seated are all those who have done righteous things
Here I see David and Solomon, and Selassie I too
But all are kings here, the angel says, "Even you"
The whole room is a stage to give thanks and praise
Singers and players of instruments perform and amaze
Among them are the legends that have come and gone
Who sang of JAH glory and fought against Babylon
Standing there, I hear the prophet Bob Marley declare
There's a Natural Mystic blowing through the air
Peter Tosh lights up a spliff and speaks about Creation
Calling for Equal Rights and African liberation
To The Foundation sings crown prince Dennis Brown
As Jacob Miller chants 80,000 Careless Ethiopians down
I see Garnett Silk seated with his mother in the corner
Smiling, I see the Lord watching Over His Shoulder
Just arrived is Joseph "Culture" Hill, the Humble African
He beckons me to come on over and sing along with him
The spirit moves me to join in the roots music reunion
Before the Presence of JAH in the saints' communion
Sound fades, and I leave with a message infused in my soul
Knowing that this music is life, God's true words that console
End of track brings me back to the world of man, and in my hand
I'm sipping tea with milk and honey from the Promised Land
I prepare another tune to play, soaking in the wisdom it brings
And ride off again to reason with the elders in the Hall of Kings

(c) 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nah Defend Slackness

Yes massive, blessings to all. The more and more I look around the more I see so many young (and even older) men and women led astray by carnal mindedness and unshackled hedonism. Most people now seem to follow the philosophy of "do what feels good and take no worries"... or at least not until it is far too late. People are not being wise in this age of slackness... what I&I basically call vulgar and lewd behavior. This is nothing new really, but it is at its zenith, especially in youth culture. I see it everyday as an educator. Actually there was something in the news just last week about some high school girls grinding and booty-dancing with an old gentleman who was their substitute teacher. One girl filmed it with her phone and put it on the internet. With all of our freedoms and achievements, our intelligence as a people, is this what we have come to? Is this how the youths are to grow and lead the next generation? The fruit is rotting on the tree before it has even ripened.

Look at the young sistrens and all the negative names that they can be labeled with, "ho", "bitch", "chicken head", "sketel", "slut" and so many more. Take a look at pop culture, so many tunes play on radio station or music video shows and both men and even the women themselves are using these names or celebrating all the lewd things they do. I must wonder why a woman of any sense would try to assume such a role and be put in the category of a "money-ho", and so forth. Or if you ever been to a dancehall or club lately, stop and check if you don't see some girl grind and wine provocatively as if she was already having sex deh pon the dance floor. It is as if they have been schooled in slackness and despicable acts, these lessons are free to the public and the sistrens perpetuate it without proper guidance. Such actions and the way these girls carry themselves inspires men to come up with these nasty unflattering names. Unfortunately they put themselves in that position. It is common sense that if you act a certain way, a label will be attached. If a woman is behaving like a one of these names, using a man, sleeping around, acting too flirty, then she will probably be given that name. What happens when these women want to begin a family or even just better themselves? These labels do not quickly fade, nor do the memories of those who witnessed their foolery.

Bredens also cannot escape criticism, for they promote and defend slackness behavior. When they have achieved what they wanted with a woman of easy virtue, they are the ones that dub them with the label. Our society is a sexist one still, and if you look you will not see too many names a man could be called, perhaps "pig" or "dog" are the most venomous... but titles like "pimp" and "player" are celebrated. Again all you have to do is turn on a radio station or music video. Then when a man gets around or acts in a certain way, it is written off as what men do, that it is the biology or genes. This is not a man thing, all men do not behave in these ways... I know because I am a man. However, many men do choose to be pigs or dogs and a great deal of women accept these wicked ways as gender roles and put up with it. This is the reason why men do not have such scathing labels associated with them. Pure double-mindedness. Society's views must change and women must stop being so naive and irresponsible, and men should act with honor and respect.

Today's pop culture and these trends in the music and other media are not innocent, look how it portrays women, especially black women and other minorities, and the men too. Not only does it perpetuate filthy lifestyles, it also perpetuates racism and sexism. People honestly do believe that it is reality, even if it means fooling themselves and taking on these roles. So many are blind, they cannot see that these things are just as toxic as second-hand smoke or all these things they bad. The youths are being poised, our men and women are being poisoned… and complacent.

As a person conscious of these things and as someone who tries to live righteously, I could never defend slackness. It has been said if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. If I was to merely turn a blind eye to all this foolishness and just accept it, how would it benefit JAH people? I see so many people waste their lives, waste their dignity and reputation, never mind risk their health... all for vanity, and lust, and selfishness. We must bring more love into the community and search for a way to lift people out of confusion before they sink deeper down. People must change the hearts and thoughts of the youths. There must be guidance, and a way to teach both young men and women to respect themselves and each other. One of the simplest and best ways to do this is to check yourself and live right first, look and see if you could really be pleased with what you do or even just promote. If not, make a change. Then, if you see a brother or sister out there your livity can be an example, and your word, sound, power can be respected because it is rooted and grounded in Truthfulness. I&I nah defend slackness, only goodness, love and respect I-man deal with! Could never see me lead JAH people astray! Think on these things and be Queens and Kings as it was ordained by the Most High... bless up!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

I throw a gold coin down the wishing well
Asking if this woman could stay for a spell
And if she doesn't love me, then I wish her well
Money in my pocket, but she still won't sell

Oh Well, I know a man can't buy love
That's why I just throw it all away
Tossing all this money in my pocket
Hoping that this woman would stay

I pray, as I hear the metal hit stone
Then plunge in the water down below
Mr. Well, I really don't want to be alone
But what will be will be, ah so it go

Looking down I see my reflection
Disturbed by another gentle ripple
I know I have lost all her affection
Wish she felt like I do, but triple

This is an acquittal of a broken heart
Yes, things seem to be over it appears
Now its time to make a brand new start
And leave this well water mixed with tears

I throw a gold coin down the wishing well
Asking if this woman could stay for a spell
And if she doesn't love me, then I wish her well
Money in my pocket, but she still won't sell

(c) 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

HartBeat Flatline

Yes people, this is livicated to the youths of Hartford, CT aka The HartBeat. Violence is still a problem there and so many do not have the guidance to find a way out. The same is going on in many other cities and towns all across Babylon. So I&I must teach the youths dem and show them a positive livity... Rastafari! - JAHsh


HartBeat Flatline

This is the sad story of the HartBeat flatline
So many things go on beneath the city's skyline
They call it the Rising Star, but the star no shine
When I hear the news its only violence and crime

Too many youths dying, man it's so dangerous
Carjack, gun chat, another drug deal gone buss
People too nervous, they don't know who to trust
Strong leaders, strong teachers and families are a must

Look at the problems going on its so damn absurd
Trading crack and cocaine for guns from the suburbs
Same ones go to church and don't hear preacher man words
They think a tattoo of a cross has their life insured

The blood keep flowing and the war don't stop
Massive hart-attack on another North End block
Young man on the run, shoots his best friend, then a cop
Same thing go on tomorrow, a sad thing that nobody shocked

Another father locked up for acting like some kind of fool
Little son with his gun, please tell me what will he do
Little daughter want some fun, what will she go through
A mother working three jobs and the children cut school

Tell the radio station to stop playing all the wickedness
Perverted minds a waste of time, it's a real sickness
Fights break out in a club over a woman's thickness
Then they violate her body after ordering her a cocktail mix

Armed robbery, homicide and rape they all still remain
Most boys think they are men before their voices change
Confused girls think it's sexy to let them all run a train
So they might catch AIDS or get off with just a big belly pain

They need the proper people to lift them out from distortion
To stop the killing by the gun, and the killing by abortion
All the ghetto youths need to live, they need their fair portion
Untwist them out of all the lies that keep them in a contortion

Increase the education, it is the key just like Selassie I say
No more vacation, Marcus know self-reliance is the only way
Give them something useful that they all can do today
More love, more guidance, so the youths don't go astray

This is the sad story of the HartBeat flatline
So many things go on beneath the city's skyline
They call it the Rising Star, but the star no shine
When I hear the news its only violence and crime

(c) 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Give Thanks For Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, one of two national holidays in the United States named after a particular person and rightly so. Since the Civil Rights era the face of America has literally changed in order to represent its entire people, and the voice of African-Americans and other "minorities" have become stronger and stronger. Everyone should celebrate this day, black, white, brown… because all have been affected. We must never forget the messages of Dr. King and their manifestation in his activism. Foremost, Martin Luther King was speaking on behalf of black Americans, but ultimately his message was a universal Truth, serving all mankind and breaking down barriers from all angles. Yes, not only did he speak up and refuse to accept the system of things, but he took action… even more so, non-violet action. He and other Civil Rights leaders, and thousands of their followers broke the subhuman segregation laws, sometimes protesting by their mere unwelcome presence… scalding hot coffee poured on their heads just for sitting in a diner, sprayed with fire hoses in the streets. This is no mythology, this is reality. For many of us it is hard to imagine, we learn about it in school, maybe even heard about it from the elders themselves… but we did not experience it, it sounds so foreign to us. That feeling of detachment will become more common as time goes on, and taking our multicultural society for granted is more inevitable. However, we cannot forget the lessons learned, the sacrifices made or forget to give thanks for the changes that took place… not only in America, but as an example to the human race.

Historically, the way things changed so drastically in our country after the Civil Rights movement is almost an anomaly, considering that the streets did not become soaked in blood. A downpressed people, a people still being lynched and burned and terrorized because of the color of their skin in the 20th century, had every reason to take up arms and set out to destroy anyone and anything that they perceived as their enemy after years of hatred. It has happened all the time in history, violent revolutions based on ethnicity or class, people tired of being mistreated… and in it's a wake a vicious cycle of hatred and violence, back and forth, back and forth… returning evil for evil. Yet somehow, in America… this did not happen, not on a large scale, surely it was an act of God. Through protest, through activism, through rejecting unfair laws and seeking equality and justice and racial pride… a great change took place and challenged the conscience of every soul. It was done righteously, it was done with love, and it was done with reverence and the grace of the Most High… and because it was signed and sealed… nobody can refute it. Those who do, sound foolish to the ears.

Basic human rights, basic life. Yes it is a blessing, and despite all the problems with race in America that still continue to this very day, we can all be thankful that people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and those before him and after him had the courage and strength to fight for the struggle and do it with guidance and not violence, they set an example and they are our teachers. However, it is a big mistake to think that just because Dr. King has a holiday, and that you may have friends, family, work with or attend school with people of a different color that the struggle is over… no not at all. The work is not done, in fact it will never be done, not as long as there is prejudice, racism, injustice, intolerance, there will always be work to do… no matter how subtle, even if it is dealing with one's own heart. It is probably the ultimate test in life, to love one another, respect life, respect differences. Great men and women in history, almost always having been victims or martyrs, have achieved this level and brought it forth and shared it with humanity… but their spirit can only live on in the minds and hearts of their "students", the ones who have learned from them, and who follow them in action. Martin Luther King, Jr. is no longer in the flesh, but who shares his spirit? Who today is bold enough, strong enough, loving enough? Who today will correct wrong-thinking amongst their peers, stop hatred, and speak up when something is not right? Not just thinking about it… but doing. As long as we do not give thanks and recognize our duty to carry the same banner Dr. King did, then he will just be another dead hero, another name on a boulevard where another ghetto youth is shot down by his own brother. All of us, no matter where we come from, or who we are, must give life to Martin Luther King, Jr. and every messenger like him, for that breath of life is surely the spirit of God and the very substance of our being. Forgetting this, being complacent or even unappreciative will destroy the works of those who lived and died for Truth. Think about it, one and all… Bless Up! Give thanks to the martyrs, give thanks for the messengers, give thanks for the true leaders of the human race! JAH!... Rastafari!


Saturday, January 6, 2007

Be Still

Be Still

My child
Be still
Quiet your mind
And silence your tongue
You seek an answer
But it has already come
I command the storm
And calm troubled waters
My sons and daughters
Your tears are the anointment
That my hand has appointed
Unto you I bring rest
Be still
For I will still be
From ever since
Until eternity

(c) 2007

Friday, January 5, 2007

Emotion Liner

Emotion Liner

Tell me how did this happen, how it come to be
Had been on firm ground, now I'm adrift at sea
I was to be aboard on a nice Caribbean cruise
Man, dem people in the port must be confused
I was to go and find myself a sunshine dawta
But disya boat a float here upon ice-cold water
Looked at boarding pass, it say "one way ticket"
Now I'm in the arctic where the air's so frigid
Cyan find no life boat, there's no life preserver
No captain on the deck, no crew, no chart observer
On this emotion liner, oh Lord I cyan find her
Lost inna darkness, I need a lantern or lighter
On this emotion liner, oh Lord I cyan find her
Empty echo of my mind is a constant reminder
Selassie I know, disya here is a rudderless ship
Lost on the vast ocean, I say this cyan be legit
Looked over the side, she reads U.S.S. Illusion
On this emotion liner, it keeps seven seas cruisin'
This cyan be right, last night I packed up my bag
Somehow it thrown overboard, man I lost all I had
You see, something wrong but I've got to hold on
Gotta stop this ship and get off a this deep dark ocean
I need to find land, and steer toward some coastline
So I can get to mi gyal and squeeze up she waistline

(c) 2007