Friday, October 19, 2007

JAH Bless Lucky Dube

I had received a phone call from my bredren, and didn't check the voice message right away. When I finally listened to it, I was in shock... I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly, "Lucky Dube has been killed". I played it over again. I could clearly hear "Lucky Dube", but I still wasn't sure if I heard the last part. I made the call and my worst fears were realized. Lucky Dube was murdered... shot dead last evening (October 18th).

I cannot even begin to express my sorrow, and at the same time the anger that this news leaves me. Lucky Dube was a Rasta reggae singer from South Africa, a very positive influence on so many people worldwide, but especially in his home country where he sang in protest of the government and the system of apartheid therefore becoming a role model and hero to the African people. His music was always thoughtful, sincere and sung with deep emotion and conviction. Dube was truly a humble artist, and it makes no sense that he met an end such as this... shot fatally in a carjacking in front of his son and daughter. The Rasta reggae community has lost many great artists and messengers throughout the years but none so tragically since Peter Tosh was killed in 1987. Ironically, Lucky Dube was influenced by Tosh and now he has joined him as another martyr lost in the battle against Babylon. He courageously spoke strongly against the waves of crime, murder and rape plaguing his country of South Africa and he offered wise words to the youths on everything from spiritual living to AIDS awareness. It is hard to imagine how the favor returned for all of his hard work and love for his people was a wicked and murderous act.

There is a reason for everything under the sun, and only JAH knows the reason behind this tragedy. Yet I am confident that when one soulJAH falls, ten more take his place. I can only hope and pray that Lucky Dube's music and life will resound for years to come and that his great loss may motivate ones to act and take measures to help clean up and repair South Africa and the African continent. I can only give thanks that although he may no longer be troding this earth, his music is immortalized. As Dube once sang, "Rastas never die". JAH Bless Lucky Dube... you will be missed.


Lucky Dube
August 3, 1964 – October 18, 2007

"Freedom fighter standing on a mountain
In a foreign country
Trying to send a message
To his people, back in the ghetto
He had a home one time
Love of a girl
But he left all that behind
Oh yes I can hear him clearly as he whispers in the air
His voice came out loud and clear
All he asked for was a prayer and as he turns to walk away he said

I'm still here in the house of exile
For the love of the nation"

- Lucky Dube "House of Exile"