Wednesday, March 26, 2008



As if emerging from Eden
She was just passing by
Greeting me with a smile
Reflecting a celestial beckoning
Then as her lips parted
I was suddenly questioning
What was this voice I heard
That had my soul so stirred
Her melodies made me pause...
And consider Jerusalem’s hills
Listening to songs of divine glory
Telling me another righteous story
Oh, it was a real true thing
The music that this woman would sing
Her chords coated with affection
She was vying for my attention
And I... I couldn’t bring myself
To go her way
No I couldn’t that day
For I was Rooted
And Grounded
Lord, she was travelling along life’s way
And every note on the guitar she’d play
Just made me feel so sublime
She seemed to be from beyond all time
And yet I couldn’t follow
I had to hold on to my tomorrow
It appeared strange to her
And maybe it was strange to me
But sometimes you have to let life be
Instead of wondering
What might have been
Or what might be
She invited me to dance to the drum
In a gateway city where she was from
To come and move along
And join in her song
But I stood still
While she, kept on
Back on the road she set upon
And me, only my mind chased her
Soon her angelic voice faded
Like swollen echoes dissipated
Off of a canyon floor
So too left this troubadour

(c) 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion

In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion

He went in like a lamb
Forsaken by His people
But guided by JAH hand
His body just a vehicle
Can’t kill the spirit of a man
Rome tried to take it
Yet they can’t overstand

From Golgotha to Addis Ababa
No one can stop the will of JAH
Manifest the Savior and the Conqueror
First come the blood and then the fyah
I&I know, and so it go
In this time, Prophecy reveal
And who can’t hear, must feel
He who is worthy to loose the seven seals
Is the same one that humanity must appeal

He came out like a lion
Appointed and anointed
To rule with a rod of iron
Babylon so disappointed
Now we look toward Zion
Where Selassie I pointed
No more death or crying

Come, Children of the Lamb
Come, Children of the Lion
Together with Love and I-nity
Together troddin’ unto Zion
For it was written, according to His plan
That the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb
It must be, because they’re one in the same
See His hair like wool and His crown like a mane

Yes children, JAH live! Yeshua live! Selassie I live!
More life! Resurrection time, everytime...

(c) 2008