Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nyah Time

Nyah Time

The drum beat has aligned itself with the heart
It is the call for I&I Rasta to trod out and start
Gathering the earth's nations from every corner
Nyahbinghi, Israel, Bobo, and the Orthodox order
Out from all the cities and also the countryside
Out from Creation, we arrive from every tribe
To come forth with a clean heart and clear mind
Rallying 'round Jehovah throne in the Nyah Time

Binghi drums beckon all to come beside the fire
Where Rasta wait on the elders to speak and inspire
As they give JAH praises with proverbs and psalms
Prayers to endure through the battle of Armagideon
Chanting down Babylon using the Scripture’s words
Natural mystic carried forth by King Solomon's herbs
As a sacramental sign that gives sight to the blind
Rastafari people come forward in this Nyah Time

Groundation keeps I&I stepping to a One Drop vibe
Wisdom has descended through the Breath of Life
Dry bones in the valley are given flesh and sinew
As The Lion of Judah has made all things brand new
So His Children can leave from the belly of the beast
To Addis Ababa, Lalibela and Jerusalem in the East
Satan and all the wicked men must get left behind
The Most High never sleeps during the Nyah Time

(c) 2010