Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh Starry Night

This weekend I was coming out the door to my house preparing to go to the gym and escape the quarrel that suddenly flared up inside. Then suddenly I was star struck... really and truly. The night was perfectly clear and all I could see were brilliant stars lighting up the sky. Above the tree line I could see the Orion constellation, for some reason it is the only one I can ever make out. Nothing but stars... not even moonlight present to overwhelm the contrast between starlight and dark night. I just stood in the cold staring up as if it were the first time I had really taken the time to notice the celestial bodies above me. I could only imagine how powerful an image this was to the ancients, inspiring their philosophies, their religions their sciences... no distractions or disruptions between heaven and earth. Even 100 years ago much less ancient times. Then suddenly my contemplation was disturbed by the pole-light in front of our house turning on. I realized that by some coincidence it had been off, and that now its light consumed the beautiful night sky, and hiding it from my eyes. I walked into my house and switched off the light again. As my father was leaving and getting ready to go with me, he saw the light was off once more and turned it back on. Needless to say I was frustrated, I wanted to stand there star gazing all night if I could, but I was reminded that we were supposed to be going. Oh modernity... the daily hustle, always in a rush, somewhere to go, electric lights blinding our sights polluting the night. As I drove toward our destination, I saw more lights and cars and buildings and manmade distractions all around, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the beauty of JAH creation, I was ceased by wonder that night. I realized that these stars have been above us all day and all night since the first man and woman walked the earth. Yet to mankind today, they might as well not even exist. How do we know that JAH JAH is real? Just look to creation and it will reveal. Naturally, simply. Why do so many people forget about God in these times, why are so many people selfish and greedy and feasting their eyes on their desires. Maybe its because they haven't seen the sign that is written in the sky. Blessed love.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Musical Addiction

Somebody told me recently that I have an addiction. Yes, an addiction to music. So now its time I accept my problem and well, face the music... pun intended (has anyone else ever actually said "pun intended"?). Ahh yes music, and not just any music, I'm talking about Rasta music! The Word, Sound & Power... moving through creation. Whoah yes, the message coursing through my veins, giving me that natural high. Like Bob sang, "one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain... so hit me with music...". The rhythm and the bass... the heartical vibes. Ancient words, uttered by prophets and messengers, sent from JAH, flowing through I&I. All I have to do is put an album on, crank up the volume and emmerse myself in a landscape of sound. Feeling it, dancing... skanking... chanting with the singers and players of instruments. Yes, I can never get enough, always looking for more and more... stacks from ceiling to floor. Got to have those Rasta tunes, playing everywhere, all the time, in my mind. Each day I-man got to play... that Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Junior Kelly... that classic Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown... that Culture, Burning Spear, Jacob Miller... the deejay chanting of U-Roy and Big Youth, "as I would say!" yeeaah... going way back to the Studio One sound that rocksteady sound, that jazz sound... THAT JAH SOUND. All around, don't make me no clown Babylon! Yeah roots and culture, give it to the people, give it to the youths, to the world. Yes people may call me mad, but like Beres Hammond seh "they don't know whats going on, they need to stop and think and realize... music is life"... Nobody know how it go, nobody understand why I just gotta have those tunes. Solid foundation, firm footing, life-saving... yes I'm serious life-saving. Shining light in the darkness, breaking down barriers... chasing the devilman away, hear what I say... I talking about Rasta music. Music is life, so my life is Rastafari... my life is not pop, not gangsta rap, not death metal, not fake for JAH sake... I deal with reality... no Babylon sound, fooling the people spinning them around. Now I don't practice isolation so if I get that sensation from the blues or soul... well ah so it go... but always need and believe in that Rasta music. Keeps me strong, keeps me awake... love it. All you need to do is incline your ear and you will see... I mean listen do not hear... I mean jump right in. Once you feel the vibes, it will change your lives. No cure for this addiction because it is life, love, truth and right... fiyah light. Praise JAH!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Youths of Today

Youths of Today

The youths of today have all gone astray
Too much Tell-Lie-Vision and video games to play
Too much violence, too much sex and drugs
Now they all want to go behave like thugs

They pay no attention, they can barely read
They all want to reap but never plant seed
Enslaved by material things, motivated by greed
They never grow up, no way to succeed

There's no appreciation for hard work and sacrifice
They don't respect their elders or listen to advice
Never care to learn they just want to be the boss
Yet they pretend to love JAH, flossing that iced cross

They jam to the radio, and they swear by 50 Cent
But him worth less than the bootleg, and the dollar they spent
They don't have no role model, not even a parent
So they roam about the streets and stay ignorant

Can never be serious, everything is taken for a joke
Then they turn around and blame the system cause they broke
Children having children, they don't practice safe sex
So much disease and worries, how can they be so careless

The media and the music get them sexually confused
They want the boy or the girl, or both, they can't choose
Vanity they chase, with painted faces and tattoos
Prostituting themselves and walking around half-nude

No future, no hope, none of them have the ambition
Want to be a ghetto superstar selling guns and ammunition
Trading their earnings for supplies of crack cocaine
Drinking fifths of liquor and indulging in champagne

It's an epidemic from the inner cities even to the suburbs
So much pollution in their heads, they're mentally disturbed
Causing teachers frustration, don't know their nouns from the verbs
Cutting school and mocking education, it's all so absurd

The youths have no concern, they don't know what life's about
Pregnant girls go have abortions and take the easy way out
Run up in the club looking for a one-night stand thrill
Wake up in the morning, clean up, and pop the pill

So who is responsible, who is the one to blame?
It's Babylon the bandit who washout all their brains
Promoting mental slavery, and tightening the chains
Rastafari free the children, only love can make a change

(c) 2006

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

El Presidente

Greetings, I thought that I would post some interesting information on a landmark event in the Western Hemisphere. A man named Evo Morales was sworn in as president of Bolivia yesterday. What is remarkable is that this man is an Amerindian, part of the indigenous Aymara people who along with the Quechua Indians, have been oppressed and cut off from any political power while making a simple living as tin and silver miners and coca farmers. Morales is the first indigenous president of Bolivia (where over 60 laim Amerindian ancestry) and of any country in Latin America. He has promised to change history and give voice to the downtrodden in hopes to pull them out of poverty, and that his government will move to put an end to discrimination dating to the Spanish conquest in 1520 and from the spirit of colonialism which has dominated his people since then. After being sworn in and asking for a moment of silence for Inca martyrs and the revolutionary Che Guevara, he said these words:

"I want to say to you, my Indian brothers concentrated here in Bolivia, that the 500-year campaign of resistance has not been in vain. This democratic, cultural fight is part of the fight of our ancestors, it is the continuity of the fight of Tupac Katari, it is a continuity of the fight of Che Guevara."

Evo Morales also promised to be "America's nightmare" speaking against U.S. policies and boldly declaring that the United States could not use the fight against drugs "as an excuse" to "dominate and submit other peoples. It will truly be interesting to see the relationship between Bolivia and America in these next years. It is people like Morales who can make big changes in the world and fight against the system... as Bunny Wailer said, "its the Roots, Radics and Rockers", JAH know. Coincidently, Bolivia also shares Ethiopia's colors of red, gold and green. So you can see Evo Morales representing the liberation colors in photos, same way. Rally 'round the flag! Rastafari!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Who Am I, Part Two

Blessings! Here is a throwback... I found this old rhyme that I wrote back in early 2002 when I was still with "Q.T. Entertainment" doing the Hip-Hop thing. It was recorded acapella, but I never had the chance to have it fully produced. I wrote it during a time when my trod with Rastafari led me to make a lot of lifestyle changes, but I was also showing ones and ones that my personality and background remained the same. Anyway, I thought it was fun to look at and see the changes since then:

P.S.: All references to violence were metaphorical, my style always tried to challenge the listener while getting the audience going... enjoy... I guess


Who Am I, Part Two (copyright 2002)

Who Am I, Part Two, It's been a minute y'all, but I'm back

Most cats in this game have a lot of misdirection yo
That's why I come with the fire and spit intellectual
Words and philosophies topple these hypocrisies
Foundations fall to the ground, I bury them with my sound
You and your cronies, you're all phonies, believe me
I hear a lot of gun talk, in your rhymes but that s*** don't deceive me
When none of you ever committed a crime
None of you even seen a nine
I could call all of you out, but I ain't got the time
Ive been blessed with the wisdom to see past the lies
You can't deal with me strong-arm, I dont compromise
You're sense of reality is fake like the Family Ties
Don't push me around homie, cause you dont match my size
You're shook like Michael J. Fox, claiming that you hold down the blocks
And I'm so slick that you think I roll with undercover cops
Watch youre back cause The Don holds things down
From Newark New Jerz to the scene at Mental-Town

Who am I? The one you must praise
A man for all seasons, a jack of all trades
Who am I? The cure to foolish pride
Expanding the mind, till the day that I die

I already slayed you, shhh I did it on the Quiet Tip
Like Tony did Ralphie, heads will be rollin' when I spit
We goin' bowling hands not included, when I make my strike
Call yourself a public enemy but I dont believe the hype
I the conqueror raised Italiano schooled as dread Rasta
Eatin' everything from ox-tail to pasta, no basta
When I speak, the wicked tremble, hot rhymes essential
I'm the one that all of you cats try to resemble
I grab the microphone like a savage
Propelled by the extra baggage to manage
My mentality so I can shine like the sun
It's burdensome and my heart is still aching some
But that which doesnt kill me can only make me strong
I walk with righteousness and livity cause Jah uplifted me
Fire pon dem, the ones that claim victory
I'll still be teaching until yall get sick of me
Respect, Don Curz, a lion from the tribe Q.T.

Who am I? The one you must praise
A man for all seasons, a jack of all trades
Who am I? The cure to foolish pride
Expanding the mind, till the day that I die

Your fake styles are hysterical
Comparable to the unbearable
All you say is fiction, and I speak with parable
Schooling cats with knowledge sent down from Mt. Zion
No one can conquer I&I, so why ya go tryin'
Theres no denying whose doin the tongue tyin'
I get the girls, that you always keep eyein'
I got the job, no need for applyin'
Better show thanks, givin that I dont serve you turkeys
Like stove top, so hot I'll burn your beef to jerky
Paisano like Soprano, I woke this morning
Make a wrong move, I'll make your folks stay mourning
Funeral procession, brain dead with no question
Youngster you have to behave with some discretion
Before my blazin' lyrics melt your cold steel weapon
I'm the Italian Assassin, vocabulary kills, I'm ill
Sharp wit stumps my enemies, they all stand still

Who am I? The one you must fear
Im about to blow up, so you best stay clear
Who am I? The name is Don Curz
They recite threats, but I kill with words



Can you feel it? Thats what I&I call the vibes
Some of us have thin skins, but some have thick hides
Its the positive or negative charge in our lives
Sometimes the force when two ah we collide
Yes thats the vibes

I know it cause I feel it, Babylon cant steal it
Deep within the heart, but the mind go reveal it
Written like a lesson in ancient Sanskrit
Following the message if JAH do permit
Yes thats the vibes

Existing in the moment while you wait on an answer
When the body trembles and the heart beats faster
Saved at the last moment from a sudden disaster
Fighting against temptation that you must master
Yes thats the vibes

They can relieve the pressure of heavy chains that bind
Maligned by badmind make we think were confined
So we unshackle our feet and liberate all mankind
Reflecting back the image that the Most High designed
Yes thats the vibes

(c) 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Lately I have been off balance... most people are off balance by the way, it is a great struggle in life to remain "calibrated". However, when one is conscience of a state of disharmony within themselves it means that they must make some adjustments. It seems complex at first but it isn't if you understand the nature of man. We all have three aspects or characters to ourselves, the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Think to yourself now of people who reflect an imbalance in these ways: the person always concerned with their body image or health, but who are either weak mentally or neglect their spirituality; the bright intellectual who ignores their health and appearance, or in their dependence on human reasoning dismiss all things spiritual or supernatural; then there is the deeply spiritual type who may neglect their body and not care for it as they should, or who find no value at all in human knowledge. Obviously these are extremes, but many examples fall in between.

There are also different levels of imbalance. For example, by nature the spiritual person is usually more aware of a necessary balance since it is revealed through spirituality, while the person focused on their physical character alone is usually more narrow-minded and sees things only as they appear, literally and figuratively. By nature some of us are stronger in one or more of our characters, but we should all have some level of harmony between the three, which means we have to work harder to offset the weaker character. Also, slight imbalances come and go depending on circumstances. I for example must put alot of focus on studies and work for graduate school (mental), I also continue to maintain my trod in Rastafari (spiritual)... but lately I have failed to devote myself to physical fitness and have suffered for it, which is why I now must take measures to balance it out.

The threefold nature of man is no coincidence. If one studies Scripture or even earthly nature, the number three stands out. Man is a reflection of the Almighty I, so in man's divine nature, I&I share in the Trinity or manifestations of JAH the Most High. Three denotes divine perfection. Also, all things that are complete and unified are found with the number three. Even something as simple as the triangle resembles the first shape with different sides that can be enclosed. Here are further examples of the divine nature and unity of the number three:

  • Three attributes of JAH: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence

  • Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

  • Haile Selassie's name: Power of the Trinity

  • Completeness of people (nations of mankind): Shem, Ham, and Japheth (Three sons of Noah)

  • The threefold nature of man: Body, Soul, and Spirit (Physical, Mental and Spiritual)

  • Human capability: thought, word, and deed

  • Human family: mother, father, and child

  • Three gifts of grace: Faith, Hope, and Love

  • Three great divisions completing time: past, present, and future

  • Three realms of the world: earth, water, and air

  • Three Hebrew patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

  • Three kings of unified Israel: Saul, David, and Solomon

  • Three faithful friends: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

  • Earthly ministry of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach: three years

  • Yeshua's rise from the dead: third day

  • Three primary disciples to Yeshua: Peter, James, and John

  • Three symbolic colors of Rastafari: ites (red), gold, and green

There are so many other examples of "three" manifesting in the universe and within Scripture, but these are the most obvious instances. Yet, our own revelation of these things must start with our divine nature. Are you off balance? Refocus and see life in a new true Way. Guidance!


Monday, January 16, 2006

First Blog / Large Up MLK

Greetings and love to all!

Well, this is my first blog. Truthfully, I wasn't exactley sure what a blog was a year or so ago, but now it seems to be a cultural mainstay, so I guess I&I had to get with the times. So here goes nothing, an open door to my thoughts and a massive communication to disinterested ears!...

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a national holiday and an infamous day off for students and adults alike. Very few people however actually spend any time reflecting on the meaning of this day and what MLK and other Civil Rights leaders did to bring in a new era of justice and equality based on human dignity. I find it hard to fathom how only 40 or so years ago, African-Americans in our country were still being treated as second-class citizens in certain areas and suffered under oppressive segregation, violence and terror. Lawmakers and law-enforcers holding positions of responsibility perverted justice and denied their own fellow citizens (and human beings!) certain unalienable rights that have been given freely to all of humanity by God alone.

The younger generations today do not fully comprehend the sacrifices made by ones such as MLK who were martyred in the struggle. Things are taken for granted, even by the grandchildren and great-grandchilden of Civil Rights activists themselves. Many people in this country do not realize that it is our responsibility to treat people with fairness and integrity and to stand publicly for what is right rather than follow a crowd to do evil. Although it would appear that the fires of racism have been quenched, it still burns in the hearts of many. The struggle is not over either here in America or in other parts of the world. Even today as I looked forward to reading some articles of MLK on the web, I came across white-supremacy sites disguised as a tribute and instead filled with slander. All it takes is a weakheart or a young mind to be deceived by the clever wording and inventions of hateful people.

So on this day, let us teach ourselves and teach the youths the truth about history's painful lessons and appreciate the struggles of those who chose to fight against oppression, because evil always finds new ways to manifest when people become complacent. Honor JAH by living out truth in action in I&I world today and set an example. Tribute to the martyrs, large up MLK!

Oneness! Guidance Everlasting!


"...And every now and then I think about my own death, and I think about my own funeral. And I don't think of it in a morbid sense. Every now and then I ask myself, 'What is it that I would want said?'... I want you to be able to say that day, that I did try, in my life, to clothe those who were naked. I want you to say, on that day, that I did try, in my life, to visit those who were in prison. I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity. Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice; say that I was a drum major for peace; I was a drum major for righteousness." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (Sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Feb. 4, 1968)