Monday, May 29, 2006

Power Of The Trinity

Power Of The Trinity

When black, brown, and white all can unite
When Jews, Christians, and Muslims stop fuss and fight
When green, gold, and red fly in all 70 nations
When human beings practice peace, justice, and patience
When there is no more war in Africa, Europe and Asia
When mother, father, and child together praise JAH
When all humanity can practice faith, hope, and love
When we clean the earth, water, and air up above
When we trod through the past, present, and future times
When the sun, moon, and stars show all of the signs
When man is physically, mentally, and spiritually strong
When Noah's sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth sing the same song
When the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit reveal Rastafari
When omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence manifest the Most High
When king, priest, and prophet are bound together as one
The Power of the Trinity will be fulfilled when Shiloh come

(c) 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

That Woman

I was inspired to write this poem earlier in the month, but I finally decided to share it. Let's just say that it served its purpose... - JAHsh


That Woman

You must see her to believe
I mean, that woman
Regal poise adorned in turquoise
Blocking out all distraction and noise
When she moves shes cool and collected
Yes, this is a woman to be respected
Truth be told, she makes my heart awaken
When I'm graced by her touch
Even so much as her fingertips on my arm
Does harm to my composure
Requires me to steady myself
As I try to unearth another word
Between me and her

When we speak in a loud crowd
Perhaps feigning that I can't hear
I bend just to draw her near
A bit closer
Where I can see an unmistakable
Fire in her eyes
Worth each second of a shared glimpse
Leaving its imprint
As if I stared into a bright light in the night
Recaptured in every blink

And when I see her smile, it is genuine
Yes, she skin teeth and make everything sweet
Complimenting her physique
And speaking aloud that which the tongue cannot utter
That ivory shine, like piano keys playing melodies
Lingers in my mind for a time
Gilding the conversations that we share
Accentuating the vibrations
That radiate from deep within
Beneath her chocolate skin
Beyond her flesh and bone
She is a heartical woman alone

In those moments, I would dare to reach her lips
Hesitant to pluck from those branches
A fruit that may ripen sweeter on its own
Yet its hard to resist
The dew collected upon its surface
Offering a price I cant purchase
Nor afford to lose
And look, there she is, her figure swimming in aqua-blues
And I, deciding on what course I am to choose
With that woman

(c) 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006



My reflection in polished black granite
Beloved names seem etched upon my face
Here at this place memories flow
From younger days and different ways
In the quietness I am aware
That you are there
Watching me as always
And I ask you...
Do I make you proud?
Do you still recognize me?
Transformed by the years
Here I am with tears, a man now
Composed of folly and wisdom alike
Even so, I have grown so much
Since dust came to dust
Can you see?
The flimsy sapling has become your strong oak tree
My roots are here amongst you
Nurtured by this very soil
And you dwell within my heart and mind
Conjured up in my quiet time
Answering me in the ethereal glow of the sunset
Lest I forget your loving presence
Embracing me in the wind whistling through green leaves
So that I may receive your blessings
My family, my foundation, my ancestors
May my roots sink deeper in your love
May my branches spread wider above
Guide me

(c) 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today I turned 26 years old. So long mid-twenties... well, I suppose I am still in the late-mid-twenties, but time is marching on swiftly. To me a birthday is just another day really, but it is a blessing still. Each day is a new day and a new life. No day is promised, even though we take for granted each breath, and every sunrise. So I just give thanks for the continuation of life. My 26th Earthstrong... 26 years I-man trod on this earth, and with JAH blessings, hopefully many more. It is a time worthy of my reflection, to check the journey so far... the wisdom I have gained, the experience I've had, where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going.

I must really give thanks for my family and friends. Sometimes we forget the many blessings which JAH has given unto us. Many people had sent their greetings my way in some form or another today, old friends and new friends... friends all the same. I apprecialove all of the thoughtfullness. During the past few weeks I had begun to consider what things would be like at 26, if I was prepared to be 26, how quickley the time had gone by since I finished college four years ago, how people I have known have gotten married, or have had children, or both. So in my heart I was anxious of these things. This along with the expectation that I would have a boring birthday yet again made me indifferent toward it. However, the thoughts and words of friends are words of life. As it is said, "an anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up." (Proverbs 12:25). Really and truly it has been a great birthday, one of the best in many years. Not because of any magnificent celebration, or some adventure, or amazing gift... but because of people. People with genuine interest, and genuine care... my family and my friends. I have reason to celebrate, for I am here, and that is reason enough. Yet the appreciation and love shown by others reaffirms that notion.

So I shall soon discover what this year's journey brings, but I have a feeling good things are in store. Everything is everything. Each fruit will ripen in its due season... and in the meantime I shall rejoice in all of the little blessings I receive each and every day. Show some love today, cause everyday a holiday in JAH sight!

Bless Up,

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Chapter A Day

Today is a day of extreme significance for me. I haven't had the chance to think over things and articulate its importance properly; nevertheless, it is something I needed to write about while it is still relevant. It is the end of a long journey of awareness and discovery for me, and yet it is also the beginning. Sometime around January 28, 2003 I began a vow to read a chapter of the Bible a day, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, the latter of which I read today on May 1, 2005. For anyone who is wondering, reading the Bible in this manner takes exactly 3 years and 94 days. There are quicker ways of accomplishing this, there is a system to read the Bible in one year, or in three years exactly by combining smaller chapters together. However, back in the beginning of 2003 I decided to stick to the plan of reading and meditating on just one chapter a day. I owe this idea to a Rastafari leader named Dr. Vernon Carrington, "Prophet Gad", or as we Twelve Tribes of Israel fondly call him, "Gadman".

About 5 years ago I began to seriously sight up Rastafari, living a certain way of life, following certain teachings and applying them to my own personal trod. Years before that, I had been aware of some things, but not until I was exposed to the "livity" on a day-to-day basis did I truly understand it. Rastafari revealed itself by the hand of Almighty JAH through friends and those around me. Yes, Jerusalem schoolroom. It was the most pure and unadulterated thing I had ever witnessed, and that is how I approached Rastafari, not a political thing, a nationalist thing, not a joke thing... just love, understanding, equality, justice, and righteousness. Soon after gaining a foothold, I was tested in the fire of tribulation, a personal battle that eventually refined me and made me stronger than I had ever been before. To make a long story short, that trial brought me closer to JAH and I pursued Rastafari even more, trying to find those with a common vigor, and more people I could learn from. Although my bredrens were not part of any particular organization within Rastafari, many of the teachings and reasonings they shared with me were similar to what I found when I came across the Twelve Tribes of Israel, an organization or "mansion" within the Rastafari movement. It is not necessary to go into detail about them here in this entry, but many things made sense. My bredrens had shown me how all mankind was manifested in the Twelve Tribes, when I learned that this idea along with others I held were sighted up by the organization, I went to a meeting to see for I-self. Later I became a member of the Twelve Tribes, but that too is another story. One of the teachings espoused by Twelve Tribes was Gadman's calling to "read one chapter of the Bible a day, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22", with a "clear conscience" in order to find the truth for oneself.

In Rastafari I found certain sets of people saying different things, yet all identifying themselves as Rasta. I also read the words of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, and found some contradictions amongst those following H.I.M., so by this time I was trying to find the deeper substance of things, the voice of JAH and not the voice or traditions of man. All Rastas sight up the Bible in some portion, most pick and choose... but Gadman said to read the whole Bible, and even more so, King Selassie I said that all of the Scriptures were written for our instruction. I had decided to take up Gadman on his instruction, and I am very thankful for it. It was not about somebody telling me what to believe, nor any particular group. Not my Catholic upbringing, not any church, politician, ideology, not any Rasta group, whether Nyabinghi, Bobo Shanti... not even Twelve Tribes. It was about finding the Truth for oneself. Spirituality and recognition of the Bible and certain biblical truths are what seemed to put everything together for me... a natural mystic outside the bounds of any rite or ritual, and a learning spirit free of a hardened heart. Such a foundation is a blessing, because as H.I.M. Emperor Selassie I said, "Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High." Reading the Scriptures gave me that realization and it really didn't matter to me what the next man say.

Within those 3 and a quarter years of reading I have grown tremendously. I have gained so much wisdom and have made my own mind based upon what I have learned and meditated on. Rastafari liberated me, but not without the daily meditations on the Scriptures to help give me some guidance. When I needed in answer to something in my life I could find it through prayer, meditation and studying the words of the prophets. These 3 years have also presented many other changes... escalated wars in the world, injuries and physical changes I've had, relationships, deaths, births, etc., even Gadman passed in 2005. The journey is never done though, and it goes beyond the mere pages of a God inspired book... it is Life it is Creation, the Truth is revealing. The trod never ends cause I&I never stop growing, always seeking JAH in all things! Tomorrow I start reading again... Genesis 1, another walk with King Alpha and Queen Omega.

Bless Up,