Thursday, December 14, 2006

I-tal Nice

I-tal Nice

You don't kill the food, but the food kill you
That's why the Rastaman love the I-tal stew
Nice things like beans, carrots and callaloo
A heap of fresh fruit and vegetables good for you

Must stay away from beef and its mad cow disease
Too much red meat mashup the colon and the kidneys
Nuff holy books say stay away from all the pork
Plenty parasites you could take up with the fork

All that poultry you eat could have the bird flu
Lord know what that virus go put your body through
Man, you can't even eat the many fishes of the sea
Snapper, Salmon, Tuna, they all full of mercury

Stay away from processed stuff and fast from fast food
Too much preservatives and chemicals those things include
Can't even eat the vegetables that use the pesticide
Contaminated tomatoes and spinach infected with E. coli

Gotta eat some wholesome foods and keep the body clean
Don't want too much salt to clog up the bloodstream
You can get Salmonella from preparing chicken breast
But just peel a fruit's skin and you eat what is left

Next time you're in the store think before you act
You may want a tasty snack, but would it fight back?
The consumers only see a wrapped up package of flesh
Never see their food cry out and become a bloody mess

I say I-tal nice, just like the diet appointed in Paradise
You can eat up the herbs and spice and never think twice
Don't have to be a butcher and run around with the knife
No need to bring sufferation when you can promote life

Some follow I-tal diet some follow the law in Leviticus
I&I don't really care, a man can eat whatever he wish
Just always give thanks for all the gifts and the blessing
All food is pure as long as it's JAH who you're addressing

With grace and strong faith you can eat anything you choose
Just know what you consume between your bites and chews
Best to sow seeds from plants and trees like in the Garden of Eden
When you put food in your mouth, you know what you're eating

Yes I-tal nice, cookup with rice, it will keep the body strong
Rasta live long, with vital foods you could never go wrong
I&I know I-tal is the best for maintaining a healthy livity
So I say, try more green things like bok choy and broccoli

(c) 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

Since the day JAH formed dust into man
I am who I am
Shaped into His image by His mighty hand
Nothing can rock me
Not a woman, nor a man
My roots spread deep down below the land
I am who I am
Ordained by the Great I AM

Even if the stars shall fall from the sky
I am who I am
If darkness blots out the moon and sun
I will still live on, for I and the Father are one
Divine spark in mankind, JAH royal son
Never will I hide, never could I run
I am who I am
Following JAH plan, the battle must be won

You can kill the body but you cannot hurt the soul
I am who I am
I am the river bed where the living water flows
More than flesh and bone
The Spirit cannot be overthrown
The kingdom is within I-man, the light has shone
I am who I am
Falling into place with the head cornerstone

There are some who think that I may blaspheme
I am who I am
Destroying me is all a part of their scheme
The Truth is an offense to Babylon's regime
They do not understand, they try to put I down
But I am a Kingman, JAH has let me wear His crown
I am who I am
I-man and I-am

(c) 2006

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Education Is A Must

After a long and laborious journey through school and plenty training, I have finally completed my final step as a student-teacher and am now well-qualified in the eyes of fellow colleagues and professionals in the field to at last… teach… and be paid for it with more than compliments. I was very fortunate to have a great position this year as a teacher in a diverse high school. Although my work there is done, I really do hope that there is a possibility to work at that school in the near future. Give thanks to JAH!

Education is very important to me, and experience and understanding has only confirmed my beliefs. As a Rastaman, I really must sight up what his H.I.M. Haile Selassie I had said about education. Selassie I was very committed to progression and the act of inspiring minds. There are plenty of worthy quotes of His Majesty on education, but one in particular stands out in the forefront:

"The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education."

Truly, education is the key, the key to improvement and also to finding confidence, responsibility and purpose in life. What is the great barrier between having success and being unsuccessful? One only needs to look around in their community and see the effects of the "achievement gap". This gap can only be bridged by a strong commitment to education and strong leadership. A person must first have the seed of curiosity planted in them before they desire to learn and improve their self. Unfortunately, the pursuit of self-reliance, awareness, and being informed are not a priority in Babylon society. Those who have the knowledge and power are not quick to empower others. Ignorance is easily exploited and the people who need it continue to live in darkness and complacency. In the end, Babylon points it's fingers back at the ignorant, letting the blame fall on them alone because of their "learned helplessness" and victimization. Why promote learned helplessness when one can promote learned confidence? In what people invest is what they manifest. Without education there can be no real resources for the future, for betterment… for everyone. For one set of people to keep another in ignorance is selfishness… for the oppressed group of people to perpetuate it is foolishness. Yes I, education is a must!

Teaching is not only the task of those who are professional teachers… it is the duty of all humanity. Whether people know it or not, ones are always being educated, just not always in the right things. Unfortunately there is a shortage of strong and positive role-models out there who can teach youths and adults alike on how to live righteously. Some people believe that education is synonymous with having a lot of knowledge. I do not agree with that… I think education is finding usefulness for any amount of knowledge, learning a way to think and act in order to exercise self-discipline, to think critically and to distinguish between harmful and useful things in life. Knowledge alone cannot do this, it needs to be properly applied and used in positive ways. Also it is important to know that education is much more

Education is much, much more than scholastic and intellectual achievements. Often it is the educated fools that fail to realize these things themselves despite all the knowledge and intelligence that they possess. Education in its most simple and basic form is all about having some common sense and good judgment… and continuing on that path by always learning new things. Haile Selassie I said to "study and examine all, but choose to follow the good".

Let us all be teachers of virtue, of love, of respect for one another, and of dignity. It requires no years in school, no diploma, degree or professional certification… only dedication and genuine interest in helping meet the needs of every man, woman, and child. Each person can do their part to offer a little guidance to their brothers and sisters. I will always espouse this as my purpose in life, the driving force behind my desire to teach in the classroom and more significantly the driving force of my life. Live up, Selassie I!


"A school is to shape one's character; just as looking into a mirror could rid himself of the dirt that is on his person, likewise can one shape his character by education." – H.I.M. Haile Selassie I