Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Makeda

My Makeda

I, King Solomon, have found my Makeda
A virtuous woman with nuff good behavior
Tell Mama, Papa, and all ah my neighbor
Come watch me jump for joy just like David

Plenty princesses came to my palace from outta road
With intentions to have me worship silver and gold
But the Rastaman could never be bought nor sold
JAH tell me seh, never go where all dem pagans go
They came by the dozens just to confuse my mind
To take away my I-sight and leave me for blind
My world would fall apart in just a matter of time
So I had to move forward and leave them all behind

I, King Solomon, have found my Makeda
A virtuous woman with nuff good behavior
Tell Mama, Papa, and all ah my neighbor
Come watch me jump for joy just like David

Delilah she told I-man fe go chop off all ah mi locs
Or else she’d make me sleep outside pon the hard rocks
She never loved I-man for my heart or my thoughts
So she stifled my strengths and pointed out all my faults
Jezebel, I knew well, still I could never please her at all
Only kicked me down when I tried so hard to stand tall
She was scheming to see me and my whole kingdom fall
The woman was too dangerous, I couldn’t take it at all

I, King Solomon, have found my Makeda
A virtuous woman with nuff good behavior
Tell Mama, Papa, and all ah my neighbor
Come watch me jump for joy just like David

My Makeda came along and she passed each of the tests
She’s full of qualities like wisdom, patience, and kindness
There’s no stress like the rest, I confess that I’m blessed
Yes, she’s my Queen Majesty, she’s my royal empress
In a faraway land, the sun gave her a black complexion
A long journey brought her straight toward my direction
She must have been fashioned for me with this intention
She's worthy to rule beside me, this destiny was chosen

I, King Solomon, have found my Makeda
A virtuous woman with nuff good behavior
Tell Mama, Papa, and all ah my neighbor
Come watch me jump for joy just like David


(c) 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is a familiar American holiday, even to those who may not be Americans. Everyone comes together with their family and friends, feasting on food, and sharing each other’s company with time away from work (if you are fortunate enough to do so). I do enjoy Thanksgiving for the opportunity of spending that quality time with loved ones and enjoying the things that we may usually take for granted. Yet I have always thought that by having this particular holiday, we sometimes limit the true scope of how much we should be constantly thankful for, as opposed to just this one time of the year. The truth is that each time we rise up from our sleep in the morning, we should then give thanks for a new day. When we go to sleep in the evening, then we should give thanks for the day that we had. We could easily list all of the hundreds of simple things that happen in between that deserve our thanks. I have the usual things that I give thanks for every day, but this November I am especially blessed in ways that I could not have foreseen even at the beginning of the month. In fact, I am still so amazed that I have a hard time taking it all in and I can barely write about what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling it, but I would have to describe it as miraculous.

It is good to humble ourselves and have a thankful heart in all things, but it is only human for us to also want certain particular things fitting for ourselves. People go about expressing those personal desires of ours in different ways, but they dwell within us either way. Though we may have wants, it doesn’t mean that we must be selfish in our pursuit of them. All we need to do is have some faith and ask for it. I have very much to be thankful for today because the petitions of my heart have been answered when I least expected it. Without going into much detail on what that may be, I will say that they are both big changes of special importance in my life... things that I have long hoped for. Strangely enough, when big blessings happen so suddenly it can leave us awestruck, this includes the very good things that come our way... it is out of the ordinary and we often have trouble processing and receiving such things. However, truth and reality do not always fit into conventions. When we understand this concept, we can move forward without anxiety and accept what has been put before us.

It is hard for me to remember a time when I have been happier, and I am confident that life can only become better for me. The cornerstones are being laid down now and helping me to create a solid foundation for the future. I am excited and filled with joy because these changes are such a powerful and positive message coming from The Almighty, an assurance that my faith is not in vain and that good things come to those who wait patiently for them. There is a due season for everything. No one can rush through the winter just to reach spring and summer. Simply put, it comes when the right time comes. For me, the right time has come for these particular occurrences in my life. More proper times will come for my future endeavors. What will happen next? How will these new and amazing blessings develop?... I am so excited to find out. I will also specifically share about them in my future writings when the time is right, but for today I just wanted to share the vibes. So, I am giving thanks! JAH knows that this is a very special Thanksgiving for me!

I will conclude with these simple thoughts. If you have some faith, then the things that you hope for will come your way... somehow, some way, at some time. Also, be prepared to recognize and accept these things when they do finally come. You never know what is in store for you, and you never know how it will actually manifest. Life has its many surprises and you’ll be surprised by how many good things you’ll encounter along the journey if you think positive and keep an open mind. Never give up, and never stop giving thanks for life and its abundance!

Give Thanks Always,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Like The Seasons

Like The Seasons

When the snows thaw, so does she
After months away, she returns to me
Casually as if it was to be expected

She opens as a thirsty blossom does
Ever softly telling me how she was
Longing for me to come till the earth

From morning light until night, I labor
Lovingly tending to her every last acre
Toiling in the sunny heat of her passion

But her mind changes with harvest time
All affection withers away on the vine
My crops are lost during her first frost

She comes and goes like the seasons
Leaving me to examine the reasons
For enduring another winter of her love
When I should seek warmer climates
Where my seeds will grow year 'round
In ground where true love may be found

(c) 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When We Were Soldiers

When We Were Soldiers

Maybe it was the innate inclination
Seemingly present in all young boys
Or perhaps it was the moment that
While playing games in the basement
We laid our eyes upon our Grandpa's
Olive drab, wool army service cap
Above coats up on a closet shelf
The leather visor and brass insignia
Pristine and clean, set aside from
Another era that we had never seen

My brothers and I spent many hours
Over at our grandparents' house
But the army hat was a new discovery
It beckoned us from their basement
Giving us an itch as if this piece
Of uniform was some transformative
Relic that would change us all from
Boys into the men seen in WWII movies
So finally, with his permission we
Took turns wearing Grandpa's old hat

We quickly enlisted into fascination
There was more beyond that closet door
Next, Grandpa allowed us to use his
Heavy steel helmet along with the
Army belt and its aluminum canteen
Our Dad too lent us some of the things
From his days as a Marine in Vietnam
We put on khaki and green garrison caps
With his knapsack and issued tee-shirts

This was much more than those plastic
Green men we'd set on the floor and
Shoot elastic bands at while peeking
Above paper tents and plastic jeeps
Now we ourselves seemed down there
Dressed up in our own father's gear
Frozen in some pose while waiting
In those uniforms, like a combatant
Ready to cross over the enemy's lines
The soldier's life vivid in our minds

We were an absurd mishmash of troops
As we three would dig in our garage
To dress in camouflage and sneakers
Along with bright yellow and blue
Fisher-Price binoculars dangling
From our necks like strange dog-tags
One of us would awkwardly wear the
Steel helmet, bobbling on their head
Another would just wear its inner liner
And we had many hats to choose from

Naturally, being the eldest found me
Usually in command of the other boys
We would set out with our toys and
Whoever was the lucky one would use
Our uncle's old BB gun, shooting air
At whoever would dare attack our hidden
Fortress in the gully behind our home
We'd roam the woods, drawing crude maps
Planning ambushes on imaginary enemies
And occasionally on our own neighbors

During the summer months we'd spend
Hours in the hot sun, running through
Underbrush and thorns, hiding in trees
Drinking swigs of the tinny tasting
Water from our Grandpa's old canteen
Until we had to come in and get clean
So Mom would allow us to eat our dinner
We did this until we grew older and the
Movies and video games soon replaced
The times we chased each other outside

I will always remember those days
When we were soldiers, playing games
Fighting imaginary backyard battles
Because our Dad and our Grandpa had
Already fought the real ones for us
Decades before, in wars far from home
And though we played in their uniforms
We never once stepped into their boots
Because they were generals we'd salute
In those days when we were soldiers

(c) 2010

Livicated to my Dad and my Grandpa, both veterans:
Robert L. Curzan, USMC, Vietnam War
Edmond Gioielli, US Army, World War II

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Endorphin Orphan

Endorphin Orphan

It had touched my sole
The surface beneath
Where my feet found
Poise in New Balance
And moving forward
I opened up the gaits
Freeing the wild beast
That was now swiftly
Piercing through me
A living lightning bolt
Firing within my limbs
I was finally aware that
It was me here with my
Dreadlocks flying behind
Exercising away demons
With speeds to leap all of
The hurdles set before me
Sweat running off my brow
I have seen how I could go
Further still and conquer
The miles of trials ahead
So, like Hermes, I now soar
To bring forth the message
That I’ve taken the road home
No more an endorphin orphan

(c) 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Elect Of JAH

Today is Election Day in the United States. This year, it happens to fall on Coronation Day, marking the 80th Anniversary of the crowning of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I. The occasion offers an interesting contrast to behold. On one end, you have the game of politics. Although the idea and practice of democracy is something that the United States upholds, promotes, and has shared with the world, it is an imperfect system and has lost much of its splendor especially during the past decades. Dirty campaigning, unfulfilled promises, the shameless spending of millions of dollars, and the partisan political rhetoric have all contributed to the tainted image of American government and free elections. Even President Barack Obama, who was swept into office on a tide of hope, is not without criticism from some of his original followers, whether it is warranted or not. Ultimately the political system seems to consume all good intentions. On the other end, you have the coronation of a king from an ancient lineage, a theocratic monarchy inherited from King David and his son King Solomon. According to Scripture, this monarchy was established by the Most High Himself. However, the lineage of kings has not been a perfect one either. In fact, one only needs to read the accounts of David and Solomon in the Bible and Kebra Nagast to see contradictions between their conduct and their role as anointed kings of Israel, the nation of JAH’s chosen people. Yet, an everlasting covenant was given to David, an eternal promise to his seed that they would be the Kings of Israel and the custodians of God’s Throne as long as there is a sun and moon in the sky (Psalms 89). This is what is called the Davidic Covenant: that promise that the seed of David would endure through every generation, and that the sovereign tribe of Israel would be Judah. H.I.M. Haile Selassie I was crowned on this day 80 years ago as the 225th royal descendant in the line of Solomon. So today, these lines converge to a point where the democratic system of government, originated in ancient Athens, adopted and improved throughout time up to the present United States is juxtaposed with the crowning of King Selassie of the Ethiopian Royal Family, the Davidic monarchy of the Tribe of Judah. We have the meeting of the elect of the people versus the Elect of JAH. As for me... I choose the Elect of JAH.

I make a bold statement here, but it is a statement of Faith. Some may ask me why in this day and age would I support and follow a monarchy that claims to be the rightful rulers of Earth. After all, many kingdoms throughout history have done the same, like Britain and France, holding to the concept of divine right. However, the Ethiopian Royal Family is the only set of people on Earth capable of tracing their lineage to Solomon and David. Others have tried to make that connection, especially after adopting Judeo-Christendom. Yet, the ancient tradition and record that Ethiopia and the text of the Kebra Nagast speaks of manifests this Truth. Even so, some may then ask why the Solomonic lineage of Ethiopian kings should be significant even if it is true. However, if it was not important, then why in the Bible did the gospels of Matthew and Luke go through the lineage and genealogy of Jesus Christ up until David just to prove that Yeshua (Jesus) was of King David’s seed? If this lineage indicated that part of the Scriptures were fulfilled in the birth, death and resurrection of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, the “Son of David”, then this lineage is also important to continue through Solomon, his son Menelik I or Bayna-Lehkem (by Makeda, the Queen of Sheba) up to Haile Selassie I and even to his grandson, H.I.H. Zere Yacob, because of the Davidic Covenant which did not end after Christ’s coming... since its promise was eternal. In a mystical and spiritual sense, Jesus Christ was king on David’s throne, but not physically, not until “he whose right it is” or “Shiloh”, or in other words the Second-Advent of Christ shall receive the throne after the kingdom governed by one of David’s seed is no more. Even traditional Christians uphold this belief that Jesus Christ will return and sit on Israel’s throne in the judgment. So if the descendants of David are still present in the Royal Family of Ethiopia, and the sun still shines and the moon still glows, and Iyesus Kristos has not yet come again in His Second Advent to judge the wickedness and evil of this world in the Armageddon, then that means the Davidic Covenant still exists... and King Selassie I’s coronation represented the modern continuation of that promise and the foreshadowing of Christ’s return through the works and divinity of His Majesty. I also believe that Selassie I was not just another Davidic/Solominic king, but also truly fulfilled his role as Israel’s King and manifested the Spirit of Christ. H.I.M.’s kingship was the restoration of light and overstanding from the House of David, he was the Elect of JAH to represent Him to all of humanity and he loosed the Seven Seals.

Just yesterday I wrote a reasoning on Dr. Vernon Carrington, the Prophet Gad, who’s Earthstrong comes the day right before Coronation Day. Brother Gad’s testimony is symbolic in a similar way to how Marcus Garvey’s prophetic declaration of an African sovereign before Selassie I’s coronation had called ones to Rastafari. Gadman had aligned Rastafari doctrine with his Orthodox teachings supported by the Scriptures and with what H.I.M. Haile Selassie Himself declared. Rather than one of the traditional Rastafarian beliefs that His Majesty was the Second-Advent of Christ, Bro. Gad said that Selassie I was “the same Spirit but different flesh” and mentioned that King Selassie was the “man of the hour” in this time. He shared insight into the importance of the Davidic Throne, which many Rastas at the time did not fully overstand, and most Christians neglected. Gadman even made many of his teachings public during a radio interview in which he distinguished between Haile Selassie I and Jesus Christ. The Prophet Gad was a vital component to the Rastafari philosophy, especially after H.I.M. was withdrawn from us in his physical manifestation. In overstanding the fullness of Selassie I, one can realize that the Solominic Dynasty continues and with it the hope of restoration of the Ethiopian Monarchy and JAH Kingdom on Earth. Leaders within the Twelve Tribes of Israel such as Karl Phillpotts Naphtali have continued to carry on the Orthodox teachings, especially that of the Davidic Covenant. Selassie was the 225th descendant of Solomon, but it continues... Amha Selassie, the 226th, Zere Yacob... 227th... until Shiloh come, Rastafari can’t done.

Ultimately human government will fail, because we as humans fail. Just look at all the dirty corrupt politicians looking for a vote to get into office. Even many of the kings of Israel and Judah after the death of Solomon and the division of his kingdom practiced idolatry and did not serve JAH faithfully, particularly those that were not of the Ethiopian line of Menelik I. It goes to show that mankind may fail, but JAH will never fail, and neither will His plan. He will always fulfill His promise, and that was seen in the divine Messianic Personage of His Imperial Majesty when he was crowned as the Elect of JAH in Addis Ababa, November 2, 1930. So, on this Election Day I give thanks for the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Elect of God, Defender of the Faith, and Light of the World... Emperor Haile Selassie I! I vote for Earth’s Rightful Ruler! JAH lives through the personality of His Imperial Majesty and the descendants of the Ethiopian Royal Family. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah hath prevailed.

“I have made a covenant with my chosen, I have sworn unto David, my servant: Thy seed will I establish forever, and build my throne to all generations. Selah” – Psalms 89: 3-4

“The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gather of the people be” – Genesis 49: 10

Long Live the King of Kings!,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Enlargeth Gad

Greetings in the Most Precious & Divine Name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ who has in this day revealed Himself to us in the Wonderful Personality of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Greetings through the Orthodox Faith, not a faith of writs or rites, vows, nor laws, but an inward function of the heart, acquired through a Mystical Incorporation, or Unity in One, in plain words to be Born Again.

Greetings through the Twelve Tribes of Israel, which was once lost and scattered abroad, but has now been founded on the island of Jamaica since 1968 by Our Beloved Prophet, Brother Gad, and now functioning internationally!

Greetings also in the Ethiopian Royal House of David now being represented by Our Beloved Crown Prince Zere Yacob Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie I. We pray for the Restoration of the Monarchy! Selassie I!

The words above are the official greetings of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Rastafari mansion, or organization, which was founded by
Dr. Vernon Carrington Gad, known by his followers as Gadman or Prophet Gad. Today, November 1st , is the Earthstrong of the beloved Gadman. Although he no longer trods the earth in flesh, his works and teachings will endure.

In Rastafari, there is a central unifying concept which mostly revolves around Emperor Haile Selassie I, Marcus Garvey and the idea of African liberation, but the interpretation of these personalities and other tenants within the movement vary from Rasta to Rasta, especially those within one of the major mansions. For instance, the Bobo Shanti Rastas praise Edward Emmanuel along with Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey as part of their trinity. Nyahbinghi Rastas may hold one of the bongo elders or ones like Leonard Howell as the next central figure. However, I as a Twelve Tribes Rastafarian see Gadman as the next most influential person in Rastafari.

A reasoning about Prophet Gad has been a long time coming. Although I never actually got the opportunity to meet the man, he has had one of the greatest spiritual influences on me. I came to know of Gad soon after a shift in my life, when soul-searching, prayer, and the love and care of bredrens and sistrens brought me to a new overstanding. By the age of 22, I was seriously starting my trod as a Rastafari. My approach to Rastafari has partly to do with the reason why I crossed paths with the Twelve Tribes of Israel. I was raised as a practicing Catholic, had a good education, and for the most part used my intelligence. I had a keen spiritual sense and strong faith, but also a logical and scholarly way of thinking. That same sense allowed me to closely study the history of Africa, of Ethiopia, and the Bible. As I started my trod, many things in Rastafari harmonized with me, but some did not. Certain things I could not sight because of what I knew historically and biblically, and because of my own identity and ethnicity. Perhaps I was approaching certain Rastafari reasonings from a different angle, perhaps I was not accepting it esoterically or allegorically (I did eventually expand past my “comfort” zones). Either way, I was seeking to continue my trod, but find ones who I could identify with and grow with as I went on my journey. My close bredren spoke of the Twelve Tribes, I heard of the Twelve Tribes in the reggae music I listened to, I came across reasonings in books and online. The spirit of Truth and of acceptance vibed with me and more and more I sought out to find out about this Twelve Tribes of Israel organization within the Rastafari movement. I began to follow many of Gad’s teachings but I soon wanted to formally be a part of it. Eventually I got a telephone number for the closest headquarters... I called, explained I wanted to visit and who I was, and I was warmly encouraged to come. By the time I was 23, I had officially become a member of TTOI, and perhaps worried my family that I was joining an obscure cult, but I eventually had time to explain all of that too, and Dr. Vernon Carrington’s teachings helped. I suppose I stepped right in his footpath.

Vernon Carrington had been a member of the Ethiopian World Federation in Jamaica, when he had a revelation and began to closely read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He started to identify with one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel spoken about in the Old Testament, the Tribe of Gad. Eventually he saw it as his duty to reunite Israel which was scattered throughout the world and his message brought him many followers in Trench Town, Kingston. He told others to read the Bible cover to cover, just like he did, and seek answers for themselves. Gadman brought something unique to the Rastafari movement in the late 1960’s. Something that earned him the criticism of many others within the Rasta community. His teachings were quite unorthodox compared to the traditional Nyahbinghi roots anchored in the philosophies of the “Holy Piby” and Leonard Howell’s “The Promise Key”. Many Rastas knew and followed Scripture, but mostly Genesis, Revelation and the Psalms. Because the Bible was seen as the tool of the oppressors, much of it was forsaken. Yet Bro. Gad said it was all important to read the entire Bible because the message within remained true.

Gadman began to fill in a gap that had grown between Rastafari and Christianity, and in actuality also the very words and identity of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I. He encouraged literacy and education, having followers read the Bible a chapter a day along with the speeches of Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey. He also asked followers to get a Metaphysical Bible Dictionary and to read the daily newspaper. Many Rastas did not (and still do not) read the utterances of Selassie or Garvey for themselves. Many were not literate in the Bible outside of certain passages. Things are mostly communicated orally and musically in Rastafari, but Gad was saying for people to check things for themselves and seek Truth by using their own intelligence and not the words of others... even those of himself. So with a firm foundation of to build on, Prophet Gad continued to reveal more teachings. Brother Gad taught that by reading the entire Bible, one would find the relevance of both the Old and New Testaments and recognize that Jesus Christ was the savior, and also that the Spirit of Christ could be found in the personality of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I. One would be able to overstand this concept through the eternal promises to David, the Davidic Covenant which so many Christians neglect to this day. He taught that anyone could identify with the Twelve Tribes of Israel according to their month of birth. Each tribe represented a part of the body of Christ and had its own faculties and tendencies along with their own designated color.

If being saved by Jesus Christ’s name was not enough of a shock to the Rasta community, the revelations would continue to cause a disturbance. He said “whosever will may come”, and rather than deal with race, he spoke of humanity as the decedents of Noah’s three sons: Ham, Shem and Japheth. Therefore all were welcome and all were bredren, there was no racial discrimination. Gad reminded Rastafari people that women stood next to man as equals and were represented in the organization. Although there was a lot of talk about Mama Africa and Queen Omega, women had a history of being considered, or at least treated, as second-class in the traditional patriarchy of Rastafari. In Twelve Tribes, women had important roles and positions. Gad taught that faith was not of writs or rites, and therefore there was no doctrine of race, sex, food, hair, smoking or holidays... rather ones were saved by grace and adherence to certain practices was optional. Gad encouraged ones to act as princes and princess and to carry themselves as royalty. He taught that marriage was good and important for raising families, and that proper burials were not a problem because man was flesh. These are things that some traditional Rastas have avoided. Gad taught ones to spread the message of unity through music and TTOI began to host stage shows and dances, and record reggae artists. In fact some of the biggest reggae superstars were Twelve Tribes members: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Judy Mowatt, Sister Carol, Junior Byles, Brigadier Jerry, Israel Vibration, Denroy Morgan and Morgan Heritage... and many others. The message still continues in the words of other artists, for instance Luciano and Messenjah Selah, who as far as I know may not officially be Twelve Tribes members but adhere to many of the concepts.

Prophet Gad stressed the importance of organization. He began formal membership, had a system of succession, and centralized headquarters in Jamaica and then wherever the mansion was established. Dr. Vernon Carrington’s message spread internationally to twenty houses in eighteen countries all over the world: Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Grenada, Australia, New Zealand, England (Manchester & London), Barbados, Sweden, Suriname, Cayman, USA (New York & California), St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Kenya, Germany and Guyana. Members would have one voice with uniform greetings and banners (red, gold and green hats). Gadman also spoke of being diplomatic and cooperate with authority (within reason of course). Headquarters display the flags of Ethiopia and the local country, a photo of the local head of state is within the HQ (in America that included Bush). The concept is in line with the Bible in accordance to the words of Yeshua (Jesus) who said to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Therefore Twelve Tribes in non-political and peaceful and does not set out to stirrup conflict.

Brother Gad stressed the importance of repatriation back to Ethiopia. While this is a central tenant of Rastafari, Gad and the Twelve Tribes fulfilled this by sending members to live in Shashamane Land and recommended that all of the different mansions and individuals with Rastafari join together there under the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community. Finally, Gadman showed ones that Selassie’s divinity and anointment are significant because he has prepared David’s throne for Christ’s coming, and called us to rally around Jehovah Throne. He taught ones to recognize that H.I.M. Haile Selassie I designated his son and grandson, Zere Yacob, to succeed the throne and that the Davidic/Solomonic Monarchy of Ethiopia continues beyond Selassie I until Shiloh, the return of Christ comes, because Israel shall never be short of a king or a prophet. The Twelve Tribes has organized benefits for the exiled family where they have attended. So Gadman has united the Twelve Tribes of Israel with the King, both physically and metaphysically.

All of these visions and teachings of Dr. Vernon Carrington, The Prophet Gad, helped bring Rastafari beliefs in order with what is revealed in the Bible and what has been spoken by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, as well as Marcus Garvey. All of Gadman’s teachings have Biblical compliments... the holy foundation that even His Majesty claimed to glorify and said that all “all the ancient Scriptures were written for Our instruction...”. Gad’s teachings have received criticism and ridicule from other Rastas not willing to accept such things as the fullness of the Bible, or the idea of being saved by grace through Christ, or the inclusion of different nationalities in the unification of Israel. Some have even ridiculed members for being more educated and economically stable, which seems more like resentment. Nevertheless, how can Rastafari people argue with His Majesty? Ultimately Gad’s works reveal the reason why H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is the King of Kings. Twelve Tribes eventually became the largest and most organized of all the Rastafari mansions. The people influenced by Gadman’s revelations are twice as much, even if they don’t realize they are receiving lessons through some of the songs of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, or Morgan Heritage.

I give thanks to Bro. Gad for what he has shown JAH people. I remember following his advice and when I started reading the Bible a chapter a day even before I joined Twelve Tribes. It took me three and a half years and I gained so much wisdom and knowledge. Although I haven’t read it through again consecutively, I keep the Bible handy at all times. In addition I read the Kebra Nagast and other books taken out of the Bible, like the Book of Enoch. I continued to read the Utterances of His Majesty and the Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey. The greatest thing was that I was not commanded to do a thing, or forced to believe anything. I was only encouraged by Brother Gad and the executive body at TTOI HQ in NY to read the Bible a chapter a day to find the truth for myself. This is the same way Gadman taught his followers, and the same way they are still taught... to cross the bridges in our gaps of understanding and come closer to JAH and the teachings of His Majesty while operating with love and unity. While I am a Twelve Tribes of Israel member, I have also sighted up things outside of the main tenants of the organization... as I am sometimes carried along by the natural mystic of Rastafari, and the Nyahbinghi teachings that go beyond Scripture. However, thanks to Bro. Gad, I always have the firm foundation of Orthodox Faith to stand on, and ultimately the Truth reveals itself in JAH Word.

Our beloved Prophet Gad passed on in 2005. I remember calling the Twelve Tribes HQ in NY to double check if the news was true. I attended a memorial for him at NYC and was wishing I could have gone to Kingston for the gathering of Israel at his funeral. Years later I did reach, and I met Sister Vie (Sister Dinah), Gadman’s wife. It was an honor to meet her and shake her hand at the Twelve Tribes organ in Kingston. I could only express how thankful I was for Bro. Gad’s teachings and how they changed my life and overstanding of my faith. He stopped his breath to save the people... surely there was a prophet amongst us. So, Israel continues to enlargeth Gad!

"And of Gad he said, Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the arm with the crown of the head." - Deuteronomy 33:20

Long Live The Prophet Gad! Read your Bible a Chapter a Day!

Are You Picking Up?,
Joshua Curzan