Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yes massive, greetings in the name of the Most High, JAH Rastafari! I must tell you, I find it amazing how quickly the days pass by and how difficult it seems to get everything done that I need and want to do. I have been a busy man lately, trying to balance my obligations with work and trying to keep myself together in respects to mind, body and soul. I end up using a lot of my time trying to keep myself sharp in various aspects. I spend the majority of my evenings strengthening my structure at the gym, then perusing some wisdom, and finally with any extra time that I have I find myself simply relaxing and trying to freeup the vibes. All of this is great for I-man and yet it may seem to some others as a waste of my time. It may seem like I have my priorities mixup because I am not following the trends.

Sometimes I really find myself at odds with conventional society's notion of time, work, independence and progress. While I believe that these ideals can be useful in their proper time, I find myself disillusioned with them. With all the money people earn these days and with what they spend on technology, entertainment and conveniences it appears to cause more harm than good. More consumerism and commercialism threaten the welfare of the people, but most do not see its destructive potential. All of this extra time that people have is applied toward working to achieve more vanity rather than socialization, relaxation, self-expression and self-discipline. Those are the things that I personally seek after, the things that make me healthy, strong and whole. I think these are the same things people really desire in their hearts... but they do not devote themselves to these beneficial ways and so they become dissatisfied, stressed out and alienated. They still want more, still want to win the rat race, even when they may be quite successful in monetary or other tangible ways. People need to take the time to live… experience life, experience their selves and experience the Most High.

So, let I&I stop and think and examine, what are our real priorities, and what can I&I do to balance out our lives? Yes, sometimes like myself we get very busy for a season, but hopefully we can always keep true satisfaction in perspective. Hopefully I will be able to share the fruits of my reflections on here again soon, for it is my joy and my fulfillment.