Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too Serious For You

Too Serious For You

Never see me grind and wine with a strange concubine
Only JAH JAH on my mind in disya judgment time
Don't want a dancehall queen, all slack and obscene
I-man need an empress whose faithful and clean
If she let a man press her close and dance to the riddim
I gotta wonder what else the sistren go do with him

Out on the town, I see this boy acting like he's got paper
Ladies see his flashy things, watch out, he's a date raper
Always getting fooled, they want a man but go follow a boy
He'll just play with you a little, and drop you like an old toy
A real king don't need bling or grills ordered from a magazine
He's a fiend, diseased in the mind and flesh to the extreme

Too serious for you, meh seh too serious for them
They're trying to stop me, the heathen and the shethen
They call me names and think I strange, cause JAH is my friend
You can find me reasonin' with the saints in the lions' den
But when the trumpets sound, I'll unleash the lions dem
And the wrath of JAH will be seventy-seven times seven

I don't care who come to tell me that it's not JAH I'm servin'
Underneath their robes and turban, they're as filthy as vermin
Hiding behind a righteous cloak deceiving all the simple folk
Hotta fiyah for all the spiritual wickedness that dem provoke
So you can classify me as a rebel, like the One on Calvary
Asked me to join the Revolution, and I said I'll follow thee

Politician ads and campaigns, its all just a stain in my brain
Maintaining war and pain, greedy for a statue in the hall of fame
No wonder why the world's a mess, why the youths get distressed
Why children are having children, mothers exposing their nakedness
Babylon is enslaving the people with its dirty lies and mind control
And the beast keeps a feast devouring souls, its belly never gets full

Too serious for you, meh seh too serious for them
Nobody can stop I, no matter how many they send
I'll never stop chanting until the whole world end
And if the beast comes back, then I'll do it again
The Most High said the Truth an offense, but never a sin

Seeing is believing, revealing the deceiving with every glance of an eye
That's why I hail up JAH Rastafari
Too many hypocrites and careless out there, too many fools
Man, you must beware... cause the Gideon is near

(c) 2006

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Doin' JAH Works

Yes, it has been some time since I have written something, so this is just to let the massive know that I-man am still here on this earth doing JAH Works. I have been busy student teaching at a high school and it is a lot of hard work and time I must tell you, but it is a blessing for sure because silver and gold shall pass away but a good education will never decay, Selassie I! Currently I am teaching students a unit I designed on Mama Africa and it is a great joy for me because this a subject not covered well enough in schools. Although I am not yet official, as in certified (and not being paid), I am just one step away now. It has been a lot of hard work to reach this level, I have achieved so much and I now have my Masters degree, so I must really give thanks and praise unto the Most High!

I am also thankful for having been featured on my friend HannaH's new CD with the song "Under The Rainbow" (You can check out the song and HannaH's other tunes at or We did the tune during this past year and since it has been released a whole set of positive vibes have come forth from that. I was waiting a very long time to record something again and perform live.

Other than these couple things, the journey of life continues forward and I&I chant Rastafari still. I am enjoying time with the empress in my life, a real blessing, and I am learning new things each and every day about this world. Hopefully I get a little time to put forward some reasonings and poems on here, I have plenty thoughts to manifest. In the meantime, more guidance and blessings to all!