Monday, May 31, 2010

Revolutionary Life

Revolutionary Life

I’m much more revolutionary than the ordinary
Compare me to a Special Forces unit of military
When situations get hairy like my natty dreads
I still push onward all the way to the very edge

They wonder why I wear the Africa medallion
An Ithiopian style even though I’m mostly Italian
One simple reason, I’m in Selassie’s battalion
And until it’s over, it’s still Babylon I’m battling

I get JAH message across like a BlackBerry might
Or Barry White when a queen comes into sight
I’m not perverted, my eyes just become averted
A natural instinct since Adam and Eve first flirted

I play some reggae music to get through each day
The sounds of Culture, Sizzla, Buju, and Bob Marley
Every singer and deejay help to show the right way
And maybe hip-hop when it’s got something to say

I’m trying to cross back from this side of the Atlantic
I’m frantic to reach Addis Ababa and see the gigantic
Stone stelai of Axum, where civilization had begun
Where the Ark of the Covenant sits in St. Mary of Zion

I teach lessons manifesting from beyond any book
Telling the youths that history requires a second look
I could have been a pirate, robbing them like a crook
But the revolutionary life was the style that I took

(c) 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thirty Strong

Just a couple of days ago, on May 22nd, I turned 30 years old. That is an age I just had never imagined being when I was younger. Even 5 years ago when I first began to blog, I was right in the middle of my twenties and still never really thought much about it. This last year though it had started to hit me that the Big 3-0 was looming right around the corner, and of course as it is said, "time waits on no one." With my birthday quickly approaching I had created a “20’s Bucket List” in my head to take note of certain things I would have liked to have a last chance of doing before I turned 30. I did in fact achieve some of those more realistic goals, but ultimately in retrospect it didn’t even matter what I did or did not do, because everything shall come in its due season.

I really don’t fuss too much over imaginary boundaries... and time is one of those borderlines, an illusion when the truth be told. Why does turning 30 change anything? Why would it cause any anxiety in my heart? The reason is because we as a society place a value on it, but the value is often overrated. There is no magic spell or sudden change that occurs. Of course we age, but aging is not intrinsically a measure of anything. I have seen fools at ages where we would consider most of them to be “elders” and I have seen remarkable wisdom in the hearts of those we would call “youths”. Biological maturity and mental and spiritual maturity are on different planes of existence. Obviously growing older biologically requires no effort (on the other-hand trying to stay young requires all of one’s effort!) You just can’t fight it, all you can do is accept the fact and make the most of it, and I would say to go further and embrace it. At the same time we can stay “young at heart” and mentally sharp at any age.

It has also been said that “30 is the new 20” and that may be true in a sense because it seems like more and more young adults (20’s and... 30’s?) are in a state of perpetual adolescence. Things have changed, people do not “grow up” as fast, or at least they do not take on the full role of adulthood. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing though. After turning 30 I definitely want to keep a youthful vibe, but at the same time I want to be something greater than before. I want to achieve certain levels in life that a grown man should. Think of the very word, “man”. Doesn’t every young male want that earn that description? What is the measure of a man? For instance, I want to find my wife and start a family of my own, I want to travel the world more, I want to publish some of my works or record some more music, I want to stay progressive in my teaching career. Holding on to yesteryears can seem ideal but it stagnates the mind and keeps us from living our stages of life accordingly. I want to be more of a man than I am now.

I don’t quite know what to expect but I have a whole decade to reflect on being Thirty-Something, after all I’m still fresh in the door and content with being just plain old 30 for now! One thing I do know though is that I am Thirty Strong... 30 years of experience, of growth, of accumulated wisdom. During my twenties I graduated college, I came to truly know JAH, I began my trod in Rastafari, I became closer to my family, I successfully started my career, I fostered my creativity, I have made new friends and new relationships, and so many other things, both good and bad, that I would not change at all. If I paused my life at the age of 20, I would have never reached a certain level, and I would never have received my blessings. I hope my 30’s are twice as nice as my 20’s were. I hope that I still cannot fathom what is in store for me, the same way I couldn’t see past a certain age when I was younger. However this time I have faith in my heart. I know for sure that good things will come my way, and all I have to do is line up and receive it.

I certainly was given a sign of things to come during my Earthstrong this year. I had a great time with my parents and brothers the weekend before when we could all be together and just when I thought I was going to have a rather uneventful passing of my actual birthday, some good friends blessed me with a surprise party to celebrate the occasion... and that was something very special to me (I may not make a fuss over much, but I still need joy!). Both situations showed me that I had love in my life and that is all I need to proceed! Love is the foundation to build upon.

There is a time and place for everything. The time starts now, the place starts here... I’m ready to keep living life to the fullest and receive my birthright! I give thanks and praise to the Most High JAH for my Thirtieth Year! Standing at 30-Strong! That’s my journey thus far...


Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Out Mi Tam

Full Out Mi Tam

Now that I can full out mi tam
Mi seh, ever since I full out mi tam
People dem cyan seem to overstand
That I a Zion soulJAH in a foreign land

See how my locks grow
Just so yuh done know
I&I an ambassador
To the King of Kings

Tek mi fi no poppy show
I will go toe to toe
Fighting the wicked
And all of their schemes

Everywhere that I go
People dem want to know
Why I bide up inna
The red gold and greens

Why do they galang so
Turning from friend to foe
Just cause I reject
All their Babylonian dreams

Now that I can full out mi tam
Mi seh, ever since I full out mi tam
People dem cyan seem to overstand
That I a Zion soulJAH in a foreign land

I beat to a different drum
Yes, the Nyahbinghi one
I really don’t care
If they think I a fool

They can go have their fun
Mocking the moon and sun
I don’t have time
I have JAH Works to do

I’m keeping them on the run
With a roar like a mad lion
Flash mi dreadlocks
But I still keep my cool

Never see me with no weapon
Neither a knife nor gun
Life over death
It is the Father’s rule

They want I to be a baldhead man
They want I to be a cleanface man
They just can’t stand to see a Rastaman
A soulJAH marching to the Mama Land

Now that I can full out mi tam
Mi seh, ever since I full out mi tam
People dem cyan seem to overstand
That I a Zion soulJAH in a foreign land

(c) 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Vineyard

My Vineyard

Every fig to its own fig tree
Every fruit to its own vine
I know that I shall always
Have a place that is mine
From two stems that were
Grafted together by twine
Tended by His loving hands
Two became one, combined
Unto them were three branches
Following the Master’s design
Grown in different directions
Yet all raised by the sunshine
I was ripened in my due season
Aged by the passage of time
Picked in the days of harvest
When I had been redefined
Blessed over by the Son and
Changed like water into wine
Repented and then fermented
So that I could reach my prime
Spreading joy in JAH garden
Helping young shoots to climb
To achieve a sense of purpose
Seeds fertilized by the divine
Someday I too shall blossom
Out from a love intertwined
When I will bear forth fruit
A new variety of my own kind
Planted safely among my roots
Where they shall always find
A home back in my vineyard
In the soil of my bloodline

(c) 2010