Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Makin' It Happen

Yes I, it is crunch time, I've been working hard daily. My 2nd trimester for my Masters is coming to a close and I've been busy with my intern teaching. This trimester has been brutal compared to my last, hardly a moment to breathe... but I'm still here doing what I gotta do and doing it well. In the end it feels good to accomplish these things and be progressive. It keeps the mind healthy and the attitude willing, JAH know. I've been focused physically too, but that's another story and another blog. Yes, yes, lots of writes I'd like to share, but all of that can wait. All labor and achievement spring forth in the sight of the Most High. Give thanks for life!

Oh yeah, and I switched the music style up on my page for the moment. Feeling that classic "hot buttered soul" of Isaac Hayes. Cause you know, sometimes it seems like the empresses walk on by, and pay no mind to this guy. I-man not as one dimensional or serious-minded as ones think!.... but by the time you read this you'll probably be hearing another ROOOOOTS AND CULTURE tune.... Rastafari everytime! Everytime!

Live Up,