Monday, February 28, 2011

Build You A Castle

Build You A Castle

For you, I will build a castle
With my cornerstone of love
And on that solid foundation
Together we shall rise above

No enemy can break us asunder
No one can penetrate our walls
Because we are always protected
The Most High guards our halls

Inside, there’ll be many rooms
Each one empty to one’s view
Only filled up with great treasure
When you are passing through

You will take the throne beside me
And here together we will reign
No matter what the circumstances
Our love will remain the same

From the windows of your room
And the vista from your balcony
All that you see could be yours
Because we conquer impossibility

For you, I will build a castle
High enough to kiss the stars
And from the tallest tower
I’ll declare the world is ours

(c) 2011