Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Itation

Yes my friends, greetings! It is really great to see some nice weather finally… at least around my way. I have been enjoying all of the sunshine, and witnessing the blossoming of trees and flowers heralding in a new season. You must take a look around you, and meditate on these things because these signs are a testimony to life and new beginnings. Only a couple of weeks ago we had pouring rain each day, following by flooding. It seemed like the sun would never come out, but of course it did. This brings forth a perfect lesson of life. Ones should know that JAH Rastafari is revealed through nature and shows I&I that life moves the same way… naturally. Sometimes we get serious bad weather, rain, wind, snow, cold air... but the sun has always got to shine again... and so must JAH blessings shine on us after trials and tribulations. And to be truthful, the sun is always present, even above thick and dark storm clouds, so it is also with God… above our troubles and clouds of confusion. You just have to hold a firm meditation, rise up and burn away all of the fog that clouds our vision. Focus on JAH, above and within.

Now looking at these sunny days, I-man can find a reason for the darker days before it. Imagine if every day was sweet, we would not apprecialove what we have or meditate on the Most High and give thanks for what we have. Sometimes our difficult times are simply there to contrast all of the wonderful things that are in store for us, and just as the rain causes the green grass to grow, life's trials cause us to grow in the same fashion… and then we are able to bask in the nurturing light of JAH. So, during this Spring, enjoy life, enjoy the company of your friends and family and remember the simple lessons that are present all around us if we just open our minds. Think on these things and find the reason for every season. JAH Bless!


Friday, April 13, 2007



Your ego is your idol god, your own imagination
Sacrilege of the worst kind, a delusional deviation
What you claim that came as divinely inspired
Is simply everything that you lust for and desire
You tell me to follow some high and holy commands
But it's really just your own carnal-minded demands
I will never prostrate to your false prophecy
Your pretentious nature and vain hypocrisy
You speak in shrouded tongues like Pentecost fyah
Using the smoke to cloak the fact that you're a liar
The truth is that you created god in your own image
Made to serve you, shaped only from your visage
How could your false god ever become mine?
When it exists as a foolish fabrication of your mind
This is no universal love, no omnipresent nature
You live in your world, and made yourself the creator
Make me not an acolyte to your selfish will
I'll bring no offering to your twisted tabernacle
I shall destroy this illusion, this fa├žade, your egod
Because I only serve JAH on my Rastaman trod

(c) 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wordical Murderation

Tell me why bother to commit
Wordical murderation
And in selfish frustration
A slip of the sharp tongue blade
Proverbially pulling trigger
Go figure... without hesitation
Desecrating my temple in your crusade
Word-Sound to bury one in ground
Instead of reasoning
All I see is insults abound
Why runup the mouth, spewing sulfur
Polluting the atmosphere
With negative vibes...
Should I care when I breathe fresh air
Yet, tell me why ones and ones
Can't speak like grown people
Instead of lower beasts, impulsive and evil
Sinking their teeth into throats
And surely that day will come
When He separates the sheep from the goats
Why murder with the power you are given
When the word came first
And it gave life to the living

(c) 2007