Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sun Rises In The West

The Sun Rises In The West

Thousands amassed, waiting
For the appointed arrival
Eyes to the sky, they stood
The heavy incense of herbs
And the sound of binghi drums
Words, sent up to the heavens
As a welcome
Please, come

For hundreds of years they suffered
They lived, shackled in gloom
Wailing like the abeng of the Maroon
Many tears had fallen from their eyes
Just like the rain from the grey skies
Even now looming above their heads
But today, it would be different
Today, a sign would reveal
In the flesh, and not news-reel

The time was now at hand
A sudden hush fell on the crowd
In the distance could be heard...
Yes... roaring
As if a chariot led by lions
Was soaring overhead
The dark clouds had parted like curtains
And light shone down
Like the first act of creation

The people stood silent in anticipation
As a giant vessel approached
Marked with paint strokes of
Green, Gold, and Red
The same colors worn on every dread
It made its landing
Thunderous rejoicing shook the hemisphere
For finally, the Lion of Judah was here
Shielding their eyes from the radiance
They could tell... it was really H.I.M.
All their life they have looked to the East
But today the sun rises in the West
And now escorted by elders
He descends the steps

Everything is now so clear
Everything is now so real
This would be their liberation
The day of the Rastaman groundation

(c) 2008

Groundation Day - Haile Selassie I Visits Jamaica
April 21, 1966