Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Forward

March Forward

That day will come when we all must testify

How will we answer questions they'll ask us?
Why did blood fountain from the Arab Spring?
And what of the Syria's business in Damascas?

Who saw the storm of discord spread into Mali?

When militants troubled ancient Timbuktu
A hot desert wind fed by their ammunition
Erasing manuscripts from an African school

The world needs peace in a time of great chaos

Instead, we are being pacified by our fear
The final act of a self-fulfilling Doomsday 
Why transform when we believe the end is near?

After the darkest of night comes the daylight

So we search the horizon for the sun's rays
We look for our savior while forgetting that
Things stay the same until we change our ways 

One can hear a cardinal sing, Habemus Papam

To hearken the dawn of a new type of papacy
Perhaps a change for the chair of St. Peter
But they know David's throne is for Selassie

In this time, the Rootsman marches forward

Driven by the Nyahbinghi riddim, hidden deep
Knowing that in life, hope Springs eternal
When we are synchronized with JAH heartbeat


(c) 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Once, in another lifetime
Some ancient time ago
I must have been in your arms
In the comfort of your bosom
And ever since then
I've been thinking of you
The constant fire lamp in my soul
Now I know, now I can see
You, before me
Green trees and red earth
Where my spirit was birthed
Mama Africa...


(c) 2012

Written somewhere over Africa, before landing in Accra, Ghana. Released as Ghana celebrates its 56th Independence Day, March 6th 2013.