Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flee From The City

Flee From The City

Babylon gettin’ busy
Must flee from the city
Too much wickedness
Too much iniquity
Not even safe for
Doggie or kitty
Betta run fast
It nah look pretty

Take a look around on the streets
People wear the mark of the beast
Trouble run from west to the east
Vampires dem all come out to feast

Women getting raped and violated
Whole life ruined and desecrated
Reminded by their belly inflated
Baby having baby, its understated

Alcohol and coke get out of control
Hard drugs circulate like blood flow
Gun fire cuts short all potential
Sending another youth to a burial

Population overrun by sheer poverty
Not enough food for the little pickney
Mommy and Daddy have no job security
Families get destroyed by infidelity

Politricksters wait to steal the elections
Winning with their criminal interventions
Using the church to take up collections
Hiring police to fight insurrections

Not enough money to fund good education
All the youths just learn from imitation
Ignorance and folly make bad combination
Nobody to raise-up the next generation

Must flee from the city
And run to the hills
Where the green grass grow
And the blood nah spill
JAH children behave
And act civil
Cause the fyah ah go bun
And wipe out all evil

(c) 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Awful Truth

Awful Truth

Oh Truth, how I praise thee
And yet, sometimes I recoil in fear
For when You are near
What is hidden is brought to light
Ugliness, wickedness... weakness
What I think I’ve seen, is unseen
What I think I know, is unknown
The heart breaks and the soul cries
As what lies beneath the lies
Is exhumed...
The stench looms in revelation
And false reality crumbles

Oh, I wish I could employ You
To give me only a portion
To leave me in complacency
Avoiding the harsh agony
That seems to follow after You
I confess, my flesh will always
Be offended by Your Power
Not partial...
Not understanding...
Obedient only to righteousness
So therefore I can only submit
Standing in awe... Full Truth

(c) 2009