Wednesday, July 9, 2008

JAH Time

We all have our own concept of time and when things should be done; the time to graduate, the time to marry, to have children, the time to accomplish anything under the sun. We live in a world where "time is of the essence", "time is money", "time waits for no one" and "time is the master". It seems like there is no escaping time... it is part of our daily life. Yet sometimes we don't measure up to our ideas of time or our culture's ideas of time and it causes disappointment or distress when we miss out on an opportunity.

Years ago it had been my plan to reach a certain destination close to my heart. Everything was set to go and I literally had the ticket in my hand, but things didn't work out and eventually even things beyond what I had anticipated began to suddenly change. During that time I was upset and didn't really understand why my plans had failed. However, in hindsight I began to consider the reasons behind the change of course and although all my questions were not answered, the way ahead became clearer. Circumstances changed but I believe that it was meant for me to reach this place I had intended to visit; it just had not been the right season.

After so long everything has finally come to fruition, I'm setting off on my journey tomorrow. At last I am going to my destination and the time is right... there are different circumstances, and I am older, a little wiser, more experienced, and perhaps more appreciative. I don't know why it has happened now, all I know is that I am definitely thankful that I have been granted this chance because it is a serious blessing. When one door is closed, another is open. When that door is opened it is our responsibility to seize the opportunity.

In the end, the only time that really matters is JAH Time. We have to free ourselves from our limited view of when things should occur or not occur. With JAH one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. In our human experience we have to wait on JAH patiently to open the doors for us when the right time comes. Seeing this blessing manifest has reminded me to measure my life with JAH Time.

Trinidad and Suriname here I come! Stepping outa Babylon!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Refreshment Course

Sometimes life becomes so busy that everything becomes automated. You rise up in the morning, get ready and go to work. You do the usual things at work and then return home. Even leisure activities that you normally enjoy become routine. All too often, the course we take in life's journey becomes stagnant and dull… nothing stimulates us anymore and we are in dire need of invigoration. This is when life's course needs a refreshment course.

I've been finally enjoying a vacation, time off from my busy schedule as a teacher. A vacation is always welcome, but in my case it couldn't have come at a better time. There are so many things that I haven't had the chance to do lately, such as writing (clearly evident in my shortage of posts), focusing on physical fitness, and most important to me, being in tune spiritually and strengthening my livity. The truth is that I was disappointed because in my heart I was beginning to miss these necessities in my life, but furthermore I was also missing the energy I needed in order to get out of the slump. Every day of monotony took a toll on the senses, so that even reading or listening to inspirational words whether in scripture or from an uplifting reggae tune… didn't seem to inspire. I didn't actually realize my want for these essential things and their simple importance in my life until the dust settled and I was able to get a feel for myself again. Something that really triggered this was when I had the opportunity to come together and reason with a few likeminded people. The experience was like rain water nourishing a seed that had been planted deep within the soul. Once I had it again, I became very aware of its long absence beforehand. Yes, everything does happen for a reason.

Personally, as someone who sights up Rastafari, it is hard for me to find people who share the trod with me during everyday life so I consider it a real blessing when given the chance to just release the vibes. Being able to speak to someone who truly overstands the same things that you do and who can equally contribute to a reasoning is fundamental. It refreshes your purpose and sharpens the mind, like Proverbs 27:17 says "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." Perhaps this was the one ingredient I was missing, the good vibrations to shake it up and circulate the flow. Even a strongly disciplined lifestyle needs a lift every once in awhile, it is the key to natural progression. When something becomes too routine and easy, then it is time to bring things to the next level and when something loses steam, it is time to add more fuel to the fire. I think that is why people are not meant to be solitary, we need one another to learn from, to teach, to uplift. In the words of Burning Spear, "social living is the best."

Now that I finally have the time and the initial battery charge, I hope I can use it properly... collecting the drops of rain into a steady stream of water, so that in turn I may be the tree planted beside it, bearing fruit in due season. One thing is connected to the other, and it must balance out eventually. It is now the season for me to hold a firm meditation, refresh my spirit and continue on my journey. It is now the time to rediscover the world and its beauty, to once again contemplate the magnificence of JAH, and reconfirm my purpose. When we become refreshed, everything becomes so clear again. I can already see and appreciate the many doors opened to me right now, and feel the excitement and optimism that I have as I approach them.

I certainly hope that all of you, those who come across my words, and my family and friends can travel on a refreshment course as well, off the beaten path that has been beating us to mere complacency. Don't let the world suck you dry, you've got to open your third eye. May the Most High guide and protect, and may your hearts be satisfied within.

Live Up,