Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Funny Creatures

People are funny... funny and bizarre creatures to watch. This is something that I have noticed lately. I look all around me and I see many ones wrapped up in a warm blanket of illusion and denial. Comfortable in their blissful existence, with no concern and without thought. What do they value the most? What do they consider pastimes? What do they find as their purpose? What are they doing to give back? These and other things are indicators of where they are on the road of life, how much they have seen and how much further they need to go. Most times people are trying to escape reality, and the ones who usually are doing the escaping are often long removed from anything real in the first place. I call it perpetual numbness. Life is much more than mere fun, or vanity, or even success. And yet, this is what some people measure another's worth by... how many possessions they have, who they know, where do they party and how often. This is not restricted to class either. I would say it is a cultural thing, a culture of carelessness. Yes, a culture of distractions and quick satisfactions. It is no wonder why there are so many unhappy people out there, they have severed their most basic and vital roots. They have constructed a reality over their own, ignoring the laws of nature, the laws of JAH. I tell you, I have seen animals and birds behave more civilized.

Why is there no longer a reverence for the greater things in life? Can we all be so blind? Everybody wants to talk, and nobody wants to listen. Few take the time to meditate on life and appreciate the simple things. It is the responsibility of one generation to make things a little better for the generation to come, and instead we are creating a quagmire with no solid ground to stand on, no foundation. Like a fool we have squandered all of our bequeathed possessions for fleeting moments of ecstasy and the trivial objects of our desires. The ancient guiding stars are blotted out by the neon lights of our nightclubs and pubs, the words of the elders are drowned out by the crude vulgarity of another senseless satire, the fresh still air stifled by the fumes and noise of boisterous vehicles, a moment of true socialization interrupted by an obnoxious call on the cell phone. So what is the solution? Well, obviously we cannot turn back the hands of time. But we can revert back to our original minds. We as a people can seek wisdom; we can find ways to improve ourselves and one another in positive and meaningful ways. We can strive for purpose and substance in our lives. We can calm ourselves, sit down… listen, think, and act.

His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I once said, "A qualified man with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests, will be led to right decisions by his conscience." Let us follow these words of wisdom and become visionaries. Let us lift up our consciences as a tribute to our forefathers and as a gift to our heirs. There is more to life than what we scrape off the surface. Rastafari!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guidance, My Brother

Guidance, My Brother

Guidance my brother, go forward and walk good
Walk as a king and do the things that you should
Guidance and protection until the hour you return
Use growth and reflection to set your feet firm

Anything could test you, so you must go prepare
Take care and beware of the pitfall and the snare
Look for the presence of JAH each and everywhere
You've been blessed with an opportunity that is rare

From the start stay pure at heart in all that you do
Keep a good meditation and a positive attitude
Do unto others as you would have done back to you
Lift up every man and woman, never make them a fool

May you have health and strength along your way
With peace and safety every night and every day
And when life's road gets rough and rocky, never stray
Humble yourself, clear your mind, and just pray

Focus on simplicity and don't get too complex
Sometimes it's much better to live life with less
When you see a righteous man walk in his footsteps
And become an ambassador of love and kindness

When you face problems be wise and don't compromise
At all times remember your roots and your family ties
Seek wisdom from the depths of the sea up to the starry skies
Speak only the truth and dash away all illusions and lies

The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure
Consider each day as a gift, and then you'll be secure
Find the hidden paths that the material world can obscure
Drink from the stream where the flowing water is pure

Never be brittle, keep an open mind so it can bend
Stay in the middle and avoid each extreme end
Every man is your brother and likewise your friend
So equal rights and justice you must always defend

Help the needy, make them free to realize their destiny
Increase your knowledge and strengthen your mentality
Search under every rock and climb up every tree
Never stop trying because there's no full capacity

Constantly stay disciplined and always stay humble
When you walk good, then you will never stumble
Be grateful for life, don't give up and go grumble
A house built on rock-stone will never crumble

And even when the journey you take gets lonely
Remember those in your heart, its not just you only
Love will make your path smooth even when stony
And it will separate reality from all that is phony

Guidance my brother, go forward and walk good
Walk as a king and do the things that you should
Guidance and protection until the hour you return
Use growth and reflection to set your feet firm

(c) 2007

Livicated to my brother Jared who left for Suriname today as a member of the Peace Corps. JAH Bless! - Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feel It

Feel It

I've got to break free
Cause sometimes it seems
Babylon walls are tumbling down on me
I want to follow all of my dreams
Trodding JAH road to the furthest extremes

I feel it and I know it
There is only one direction to go
I must make a move although it
Could disrupt the ebb and flow
Yet I really need some space, a place to grow

Oh why should I stay over here
Too many people act too critical
Everybody talk, nobody have ear
Got to steer clear of all things political
My roots go to the Mama Land like umbilical

Not satisfied, I'm beckoned by the call
I'm ready to go and endure life's test
Searching until I've seen it all
When I find it, I'll have no second guess
A land where there is love, peace, and happiness

I've got to travel far and wide
So I can finally reach this place
And then it is there where I'll abide
Blessed to my soul when I see JAH shining face
Find a natural beauty and rest in her warm embrace

Where I will feel it
Where I will know it

(c) 2007

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back To Basics

Back To Basics

How do you go about each and every day
Never conscious of what Mother Nature say
Too busy with your Bluetooth and your PDA
You even use the GPS to find your way

Look I tell the people dem to shed the shackles of illusion
Whoah yes, going back to natural living is my only conclusion
Be mindful of everything around you and please adjust your view
Tell me, how will you survive when even the basics confound you
No skills and no tools, man will starve if they can't plant no crops
Must learn to use the earth to build, and not plastic Lego blocks
It's just a matter of time before everything will stop and rewind
Today's digital media and electronics will be nowhere to find
Now when I look all about I don't even see one human being
Just cyborgs around town with their phones and that Star Trek ting
It really is a shame, people can no longer think or be constructive
They're just a burden on the earth, too carefree, being so destructive

We all must go back to the bare essentials
So humanity can live up to their full potential
Chop back our reliance on so much technology
Go back to reality so mankind can live free
Free like we were destined to be...
Like the birds in the air and the fishes of the sea
Back to the roots of the ancient tree
Children, we've got to repatriate mentally

I know the time is dread, when man can't even start a simple fire
So long been fed he can't even cook, just look for fast food supplier
So far away from the instructions of the wise ones from the past
Humanity is moving too fast, and everything rush has got to crash
I tell you friends, simplicity and overstanding is the only way to make it
Because when the world changes we have all got to face it
All this nonsense, forsake it, because it will all be wiped clean
Mankind must learn to live proper instead of following a fantasy dream
Check and see how the world turns despite anything that we may do
You could build a tower higher than Babel and still end up a plain fool
Stop the goose chase into outer space, such things remain out of our grasp
But if we keep grounded and learn from our past then we are surely gonna last

It's true, we all must go back to the basics
Contraptions and distractions, got to forsake it
Clear up our minds and learn responsibility
Go back to natural harmony and live free
Free like we were destined to be…
Like the birds in the air and the fishes of the sea
Back to the roots of the ancient tree
Children, we've got to repatriate mentally

(c) 2007