Thursday, December 14, 2006

I-tal Nice

I-tal Nice

You don't kill the food, but the food kill you
That's why the Rastaman love the I-tal stew
Nice things like beans, carrots and callaloo
A heap of fresh fruit and vegetables good for you

Must stay away from beef and its mad cow disease
Too much red meat mashup the colon and the kidneys
Nuff holy books say stay away from all the pork
Plenty parasites you could take up with the fork

All that poultry you eat could have the bird flu
Lord know what that virus go put your body through
Man, you can't even eat the many fishes of the sea
Snapper, Salmon, Tuna, they all full of mercury

Stay away from processed stuff and fast from fast food
Too much preservatives and chemicals those things include
Can't even eat the vegetables that use the pesticide
Contaminated tomatoes and spinach infected with E. coli

Gotta eat some wholesome foods and keep the body clean
Don't want too much salt to clog up the bloodstream
You can get Salmonella from preparing chicken breast
But just peel a fruit's skin and you eat what is left

Next time you're in the store think before you act
You may want a tasty snack, but would it fight back?
The consumers only see a wrapped up package of flesh
Never see their food cry out and become a bloody mess

I say I-tal nice, just like the diet appointed in Paradise
You can eat up the herbs and spice and never think twice
Don't have to be a butcher and run around with the knife
No need to bring sufferation when you can promote life

Some follow I-tal diet some follow the law in Leviticus
I&I don't really care, a man can eat whatever he wish
Just always give thanks for all the gifts and the blessing
All food is pure as long as it's JAH who you're addressing

With grace and strong faith you can eat anything you choose
Just know what you consume between your bites and chews
Best to sow seeds from plants and trees like in the Garden of Eden
When you put food in your mouth, you know what you're eating

Yes I-tal nice, cookup with rice, it will keep the body strong
Rasta live long, with vital foods you could never go wrong
I&I know I-tal is the best for maintaining a healthy livity
So I say, try more green things like bok choy and broccoli

(c) 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

Since the day JAH formed dust into man
I am who I am
Shaped into His image by His mighty hand
Nothing can rock me
Not a woman, nor a man
My roots spread deep down below the land
I am who I am
Ordained by the Great I AM

Even if the stars shall fall from the sky
I am who I am
If darkness blots out the moon and sun
I will still live on, for I and the Father are one
Divine spark in mankind, JAH royal son
Never will I hide, never could I run
I am who I am
Following JAH plan, the battle must be won

You can kill the body but you cannot hurt the soul
I am who I am
I am the river bed where the living water flows
More than flesh and bone
The Spirit cannot be overthrown
The kingdom is within I-man, the light has shone
I am who I am
Falling into place with the head cornerstone

There are some who think that I may blaspheme
I am who I am
Destroying me is all a part of their scheme
The Truth is an offense to Babylon's regime
They do not understand, they try to put I down
But I am a Kingman, JAH has let me wear His crown
I am who I am
I-man and I-am

(c) 2006

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Education Is A Must

After a long and laborious journey through school and plenty training, I have finally completed my final step as a student-teacher and am now well-qualified in the eyes of fellow colleagues and professionals in the field to at last… teach… and be paid for it with more than compliments. I was very fortunate to have a great position this year as a teacher in a diverse high school. Although my work there is done, I really do hope that there is a possibility to work at that school in the near future. Give thanks to JAH!

Education is very important to me, and experience and understanding has only confirmed my beliefs. As a Rastaman, I really must sight up what his H.I.M. Haile Selassie I had said about education. Selassie I was very committed to progression and the act of inspiring minds. There are plenty of worthy quotes of His Majesty on education, but one in particular stands out in the forefront:

"The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education."

Truly, education is the key, the key to improvement and also to finding confidence, responsibility and purpose in life. What is the great barrier between having success and being unsuccessful? One only needs to look around in their community and see the effects of the "achievement gap". This gap can only be bridged by a strong commitment to education and strong leadership. A person must first have the seed of curiosity planted in them before they desire to learn and improve their self. Unfortunately, the pursuit of self-reliance, awareness, and being informed are not a priority in Babylon society. Those who have the knowledge and power are not quick to empower others. Ignorance is easily exploited and the people who need it continue to live in darkness and complacency. In the end, Babylon points it's fingers back at the ignorant, letting the blame fall on them alone because of their "learned helplessness" and victimization. Why promote learned helplessness when one can promote learned confidence? In what people invest is what they manifest. Without education there can be no real resources for the future, for betterment… for everyone. For one set of people to keep another in ignorance is selfishness… for the oppressed group of people to perpetuate it is foolishness. Yes I, education is a must!

Teaching is not only the task of those who are professional teachers… it is the duty of all humanity. Whether people know it or not, ones are always being educated, just not always in the right things. Unfortunately there is a shortage of strong and positive role-models out there who can teach youths and adults alike on how to live righteously. Some people believe that education is synonymous with having a lot of knowledge. I do not agree with that… I think education is finding usefulness for any amount of knowledge, learning a way to think and act in order to exercise self-discipline, to think critically and to distinguish between harmful and useful things in life. Knowledge alone cannot do this, it needs to be properly applied and used in positive ways. Also it is important to know that education is much more

Education is much, much more than scholastic and intellectual achievements. Often it is the educated fools that fail to realize these things themselves despite all the knowledge and intelligence that they possess. Education in its most simple and basic form is all about having some common sense and good judgment… and continuing on that path by always learning new things. Haile Selassie I said to "study and examine all, but choose to follow the good".

Let us all be teachers of virtue, of love, of respect for one another, and of dignity. It requires no years in school, no diploma, degree or professional certification… only dedication and genuine interest in helping meet the needs of every man, woman, and child. Each person can do their part to offer a little guidance to their brothers and sisters. I will always espouse this as my purpose in life, the driving force behind my desire to teach in the classroom and more significantly the driving force of my life. Live up, Selassie I!


"A school is to shape one's character; just as looking into a mirror could rid himself of the dirt that is on his person, likewise can one shape his character by education." – H.I.M. Haile Selassie I

Thursday, November 30, 2006



My soul finds rest in JAH alone
No matter where I step
No matter where I roam
In JAH JAH arms is my eternal home
Never can forget all the things I was shown
No matter the boderation
The Most High JAH ease my frustration
Yes He gives me life
He answers every supplication
In my going out and my coming in
JAH is with me and He dwells within
He will never let the righteous fall
No, not at all
All I have to do is pray and He answers I call
So meh seh... in JAH JAH arms I-man feel the best
Only in Him do I receive my comfort and rest
No matter what happens when the devil come test
I just stand firm and JAH Will manifest
Yes, I keep His commands in my heart
Giving thanks when the day end, and when the day start
He carries me to Zion in His mighty hand
Prosperity and hope he always puts in my plan
In JAH JAH arms is where I belong
The Father sets me on the right path
Never on the wrong…

(c) 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baby, I’m Needin’

Baby, I'm Needin'

It's amazing how the world keeps changing
And what it takes to keep a man on his feet
Cause when the ground starts rumbling
I go down tumbling, falling into holes in the street

Since you let me go, I'm spinning out of control
Can't concentrate on all the things I must do
When people ask me why, I can't even reply
Because I wasted all of my words on you

Whoah baby I'm needin' a much better reason
Why you're leaving me alone like this
I know I done wrong, but I just can't go on
Without having some of your tenderness

Now I cannot lie, it's so hard to say goodbye
Tell me how can I just keep on walking away
I gotta swallow my pride and just take it in stride
Even though I wish you'd call me today

I can accept it the same if this how it remains
But it'd be hard to never hear your voice again
I guess I gotta admit, I'm not one to really quit
Cause there's not much else I can lose in the end

Whoah baby I'm needin' a much better reason
Why you're leaving me alone like this
I know I done wrong, but I just can't go on
Without having some of your tenderness

Ooo baby I want you to know
Since you decided to go
How I'm trying to keep a smile on my face
But when I think of losing you
There's just nothing I can do
That smile of mine gets quickly replaced

Whoah baby I'm needin' a much better reason
Why you're leaving me alone like this
I know I done wrong, but I just can't go on
Without having some of your tenderness

Oh baby I'm needin', just short of pleading
To hold you, to be there with you
I just need to know baby, can't you see...
Oh lady... I'm needin'...

(c) 2006


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Glimpse Of My Soul

Welcome to a brief glimpse of my soul. This is the man behind the veil of all of the words, thoughts, and ideas floating around me… things read or spoken. I am a simple man of flesh and blood. No greater than the next man, or woman… for a man is just a man. Usually it is my place to promote spiritual upliftment and share some of the things I have found along my journey. It is my identity, a calling that I had chosen to follow. Yet I do make mistakes, for I am only a man. If my confidence appears to mean that I know everything and do everything right, then that is the wrong perception. I am aware of myself and of my faults and shortcomings. Yes, certain things I believe in so strongly that they resonate in the core of my being. These things I would by no means consciously waver from, because they are weaved into who I am, and what I represent. However, outside of these vital parts of my character, I am sometimes guilty of falling short of many of the ideals that I espouse. Self-control and discipline can go a very long way, but it can never reach perfection. It would be nice to avoid hurting people, but sometimes this happens, especially unintentionally. It would be nice to be patient and kind all the time, but I have my moments of being the opposite. It would be nice to never allow any profanity to pass through the gates of my mouth, but this may happen too. It would be nice if I could never be jealous, rude, insensitive, disobedient, disrespectful, negative, weak, foolish… you name it, all of the vices. Yes it would be really nice, but there is one huge problem… I am just a man. Am I better than the average? Perhaps in certain behaviors or actions that I have learned to foster or subdue, but in the end, weighed against all else, when I am judged by mankind or by the Most High… I am still just a mere man.

Such is the man behind the prayers to JAH, behind any words of inspiration… or behind emotional poems venting frustration, all of the pieces of me that I freely give out to anyone who cares to look. I am a teacher, but sometimes the teacher needs to be taught. I am more or less simple to read and candid with people… but sometimes the artist in me needs to illustrate feelings in a different way… for creativity's sake, for the message's sake… for goodness' sake. Should every word be examined and upset the balance? Not at all, they are only for your consideration. Sometimes I use allegories and metaphors in my poetry and prose… these are my entitled expressions, the images I choose to use for either promoting my philosophy, or for conveying my bare feelings… emotional, gritty, and often exaggerated. This is how I am inspired to write. One could argue that the ancient Scriptures, the parables, and the texts of many religions do the same thing. They give you something to reflect on, and leave the rest for you to find and make connections until you have your faith, your belief, and your own identity. I am not comparing myself to anything sacred, I am only saying take me as I am. There is much more to me than a few words, a few thoughts. I am a man of complexity, strong in some aspects, weak in others. Before anyone can cast judgment, good or bad, one should always look on the other side of the coin and see the vulnerable underside that is rarely known or understood… the soul of a man.

I am a positive man, an honest man, a reliable man, a person of integrity… but forgive me when I fail to live up to your expectations, for that is not my purpose. My purpose is to live life, and share some love and respect with those who cross my path, and to make amends when I fail. May the Most High search my heart and examine my mind. My friends, accept me or reject me for who I am… I&I will always be around.


"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O JAH, my strength, and my redeemer." - Psalm 19:14

Friday, November 24, 2006

Indigo Girl

Indigo Girl

This indigo girl is staining me in a hue
A shade a little bit Darker Than Blue
Like a Curtis Mayfield tune
Leaving Impressions on my mind
And so I find, myself listening
To soul music in my ears from the old-school
The ring of restless moments of introspection
In a ballad's string section
Keeps me from freezing into a Statue of a Fool
Playing my harmonica to tap the sap of pain
Running through my blood, to my brain
A melody the same as a Junior Wells refrain
Because this girl is the avatar of confusion
Having me wade through Muddy Waters
Singing the blues, the colors of a contusion
No wonder why she favors the dark shades
Of the Carolina cash crop, picked by the slaves
So that I can dye in misery and grief
Swept away like a November leaf
This indigo girl is staining me in a hue
And I am the color she chose to imbue

(c) 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Some celebrate thanksgiving on only one day of the year
But I&I give thanks all the time, cause I know JAH is near
So many things to be thankful for each and every day
Humble yourself my people, and hear what the Rastaman say

No matter how hard the tribulation and strife
Give thanks to the Father for each moment of life
Even those who suffocate in a gloomy atmosphere
Focus on simplicity, and give thanks for the air
If there is no feast for you, don't be screwface and rude
Give thanks for any nourishment and any scrap of food
When loneliness consumes you and you feel the need to cry
Give thanks for your eternal friend in JAH the Most High
Those who have no shelter at night, with no roof over their head
Give thanks for the earth, a stone pillow and ground as your bed
If you have become dirty and have no place to bathe and get clean
Give thanks for the pouring rain, and flowing water in every stream
Those who live in poverty, and search in vain for a blessing
Remember JAH has given you dominion over every living thing
Give thanks for the enemy so you can know what you defend
Sometimes you need a challenge in order to truly comprehend
If you have been hurt and your heart is broken in two
Give thanks for true love, because God always loves you
Even if you have been abandoned by your very own family
Give thanks for the animals and plants, and the human community
If you have regrets and feel sorry for committing many sins
Be thankful for the dawning of the sun, when a new day begins
Those who suffer disabilities, who are afflicted or are ill
Remember where there is life, there is always some hope still
All of you busy people who seem to have too much work to do
Step back and take a rest, because even JAH had done this too

Humble yourself, rich or poor, no matter where you stand
Forget about the mountains, focus on the grain of sand
Simplicity is the key to life, apprecialove each moment
Never be ungrateful, take your blessing, don't disown it
Each morning and evening make sure to take the time to pray
Quiet your mind, and be thankful for every night and day
Life has many lessons, so give thanks for your existence
Chase away all the demons and the pity-party business

This is dedicated to all the sufferers... physical, emotional, spiritual
More love and guidance to you... JAH JAH Bless

(c) 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Clear Itation

Sometimes I am amazed by the simple things that can be said to someone and awaken them, set them upon another level of awareness, of consciousness. It is even more surprising when you are the one receiving this awareness and clarity of mind. When we become troubled by something in life, our vision often narrows and the road that we travel becomes foggy. This is true even for those with a good sense of direction.

Recently I have faced an obstacle of my own along life's road. If you breathe the air and have blood running through your veins, I know that you have also felt this way. That constraining and downhearted feeling… a whole set of negative vibes. Ever since I began to sight up Rastafari some years ago, I learned how to deal with disappointments and focus on the Most High with a progressive mind and not allow troubles to linger in my soul. However, trials will occasionally come out of the blue and really test someone's conviction. As a Rastaman, one should never fail to do JAH works because JAH Rastafari provides I&I strength through guidance and wisdom, but this can be easily forgotten in the midst of human emotions and worries. We tend to become selfish and panicky. It's not easy, but one must trust God, rise up as kings and queens in this time and move forward because when one door is closed, another is open and where there is life there is hope. Even though I know these things in my heart, and make them a part of my daily livity, I had been caught in the Valley of Decision scratching my head instead of trusting JAH to get me out and set me on the right path. I felt alone, but fortunately I had some good people that gave me encouraging words and spiritual reinforcement. A simple reminder recharged my battery. Even if there was not another soul on earth to help me out, I would still have a real relationship with God and the comfort of His presence. I had been so busy lately that even during better times I have forgotten to just think about JAH in quiet reflection… which is significantly different from just believing in JAH and even following JAH.

So I followed some advice, quietly relaxed my mind and listened to some Rasta tunes. True Rasta music is sacred, it sings praises to JAH and is prayerful and contemplative. Just having this meditation can make miracles happen, bring forth the natural mystic burning out any doubt in the mind, and clearing away all of the fog of confusion. Finally I was cool and calm, leaving things to JAH. After readjusting my focus onto good and upful things, I realized how much of my prior attention had been on human desires and emotions rather than JAH instead. I had to meditate on God and remember His Spirit within I-self. The deep itation had put things in a truthful light and gave me serenity. I was awake. I remembered that JAH is my guide and protector and all of this came about with some reasoning, some words shared between bredren to uplift the soul. I am convinced that everyone needs reassurance and rejuvenation, even the most faithful servants of JAH, and those few words and messages plant seeds that can either bring someone back to awareness or for the first time ignite the spirit of Rastafari dwelling in every man and woman. Let every warrior rise up and continue on their journey to JAH! When I&I put JAH first, the blessings will come and the way will be made clear!

Relieve your frustration with some deep itation. Share your revelation with every nation!

Higher Heights,

Tuesday, November 7, 2006



I try to drink deeply of your love
And so you give me a tall glass
For me to sip slowly of this lukewarm water
Neither hot or cold
While I'm standing here
Casting shadows on this crossroad
Without any sense of direction
Facing your loss of affection
Sitting in limbo without a signal or symbol
Just a guess at what comes next
Meditating miserable moments
Drinking this lukewarm water
Swallowing a heart sinking feeling
Cause deep down I already know
That's why I'm sipping it slow
As I lift my hands and hang my head low
I soon realize that my time is up
What I thought was a tall glass
Was really a Dixie Cup

(c) 2006

Monday, November 6, 2006


I had an interesting conversation the other day. An acquaintance of mine from some years ago happened to contact me out of the blue and we spoke for awhile and caught up. This made me realize that sometimes when you answer somebody's questions it really challenges how much you actually know about yourself... about your identity. So, I had a moment of self-reflection. Not to say that I don't self-reflect anyway, I probably do so more often than I'd like... but this occasion kind of brought me back in a time machine. Years have gone by, I am older now, in my mid-twenties. I navigated through the treacherous rapids of the late-teens and early-twenties and safely found calmer waters, albeit with a few holes in my sails. Without losing my core being, my personality and character, I went through some great changes. Some were more than awful, and thankfully short-lived, others have been magnificent but perhaps strange for people to understand or accept... a perfect example being my trod in Rastafari. Certainly I am not the same man I was 5 years ago or so. In fact, I truly believe now that although I referred to myself as a "man" then, I was most definitely a boy. I can say with confidence that in another 5 years when I look back to this time, finding a "lost boy" wouldn't be the case. Lessons of life have seasoned me: spiritual awareness and maturity, confidence and purpose, the experience of relationships lost and found, better decision making skills... and clinically speaking, a fully developed frontal lobe of the brain (I teach psychology and some clinical terminology rubbed off on me). I'll confess I am "lightly seasoned" as it were, I still have countless defining moments and experiences ahead of me, but I know who I am and who I am not. While conversing with this person from my past, I became aware of how difficult it was to admit certain things to myself. Once in my life I tasted the result of my own folly, and then like the prodigal son, I came back to my Father's house as a humble and remorseful man. Experience taught me wisdom, but it was an avoidable experience. My previous lifestyle of "living on the edge" was not born out of necessity, but from poor choices. Yet at the same time I know that without that detour, I would have never become who I am now. If I wasn't who I am now, then who would I be? Well it is impossible to answer... and rather pointless. My faith in JAH reassures me that everything happens for a reason, and even my former vagabond ways were indeed necessary for my personal growth. My acquaintance was surprised by some of the things I briefly mentioned, I had never given an impression or indication of these things during the time he knew me, and truthfully I was and still am an affable guy who tends to get along with most people. So any given person's perspective of me may not be the entire one or the correct one. I think this holds true today, even from my very own perspective. Consequently, during the conversation I zoomed out from my ordinary field of vision, just to check myself. What did I discover? Well, I saw where my journey had led me through... a winding snake of a path with barely any trace of sensible direction. But on closer examination, more and more it looked like it became a progressive route. My focus now is on the straight and narrow, yet I am open to change and growth in my character and outlook. There are many small uncharted paths along life's highway, scenic ways that are worth checking out, as long as I remember where my final destination is... and I'll know it when I get there, because I've seen it in a vision in the Valley of Decision. I&I must give thanks. I know that I am a good man, a good person, with much to share with humanity in this short lifetime of mine. Although I myself may find my former and future journeys strange and inexplicable, I know that I am a SoulJAH on a mission and I won't stop moving until my work is done.

How about you? Take time to know yourself and identify who you are!... and never ever judge your fellow man. Guidance everytime!


Saturday, November 4, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury...

Hell Hath No Fury...

I say hell hath no fury like this stubborn woman's scorn
No matter what I do, she says I do it wrong, my apology torn
I try to give her things, she flings them back in my face
She says I do nothing for her, but JAH Know its not the case
I know I'm not a perfect man but I have done her no harm
If she refuses my affection... well, I can't twist her arm
How the hell am I supposed to know if she don't even communicate
She thinks that I should read her mind, and if I don't its an ugly fate
Like "we can't relate", so she's not even willing to compromise
I guess she say she don't fit me so she'll try the next man out for size
I'm an upful man, I don't cheat and lie, I have never been deceitful
But no matter how hard I try, she just keeps seeing me as evil
Bent on cutting me loose, she holds me in contempt for an unjust reason
And after her resentment, she'll want something from me the next season
There is no more love in her heart, no longer weak in her knees
Lord, I seen it, the way she treats me, when people greet she
My introduction is short, cause all along she planned to abort
This relationship we shared even when we worked so hard for it
Plenty men she run through and she will try and treat me the same
Spending time together, she would mention each brother by his name
But I will refrain from that shame, cause to me love is not a game
I'm a lion running wild on savanna plains, no I can't be made tame
Looks like I-man always receiving blows from every woman I chose
All I can do is stand firm, and know myself, cause that's how life goes
May my actions speak the Truth, I don't care what people say
You can cut me loose tomorrow but my memory... it will never fade away

(c) 2006

Friday, November 3, 2006

The Coronation

The Coronation

He was draped in a red velvet robe and wreathed in fine gold
The symbol for all of JAH children coming in from the cold
Thousands of people followed the procession in the street
And then he sat with the Empress, four lions lying near his feet
No ordinary king, this was The Lion of Judah and Elect of JAH
Earth's rightful ruler, crowned as the Emperor in Addis Ababa
The leaders of seventy-two nations attended the imperial coronation
All of mankind received the invitation written in the constellations
For this was the Faith defender, Christ in His kingly character
So many have been called to sight up Rastafari and hail the Emperor

(c) 2006

Haile Selassie I's Coronation Day
November 2, 1930

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too Serious For You

Too Serious For You

Never see me grind and wine with a strange concubine
Only JAH JAH on my mind in disya judgment time
Don't want a dancehall queen, all slack and obscene
I-man need an empress whose faithful and clean
If she let a man press her close and dance to the riddim
I gotta wonder what else the sistren go do with him

Out on the town, I see this boy acting like he's got paper
Ladies see his flashy things, watch out, he's a date raper
Always getting fooled, they want a man but go follow a boy
He'll just play with you a little, and drop you like an old toy
A real king don't need bling or grills ordered from a magazine
He's a fiend, diseased in the mind and flesh to the extreme

Too serious for you, meh seh too serious for them
They're trying to stop me, the heathen and the shethen
They call me names and think I strange, cause JAH is my friend
You can find me reasonin' with the saints in the lions' den
But when the trumpets sound, I'll unleash the lions dem
And the wrath of JAH will be seventy-seven times seven

I don't care who come to tell me that it's not JAH I'm servin'
Underneath their robes and turban, they're as filthy as vermin
Hiding behind a righteous cloak deceiving all the simple folk
Hotta fiyah for all the spiritual wickedness that dem provoke
So you can classify me as a rebel, like the One on Calvary
Asked me to join the Revolution, and I said I'll follow thee

Politician ads and campaigns, its all just a stain in my brain
Maintaining war and pain, greedy for a statue in the hall of fame
No wonder why the world's a mess, why the youths get distressed
Why children are having children, mothers exposing their nakedness
Babylon is enslaving the people with its dirty lies and mind control
And the beast keeps a feast devouring souls, its belly never gets full

Too serious for you, meh seh too serious for them
Nobody can stop I, no matter how many they send
I'll never stop chanting until the whole world end
And if the beast comes back, then I'll do it again
The Most High said the Truth an offense, but never a sin

Seeing is believing, revealing the deceiving with every glance of an eye
That's why I hail up JAH Rastafari
Too many hypocrites and careless out there, too many fools
Man, you must beware... cause the Gideon is near

(c) 2006

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Doin' JAH Works

Yes, it has been some time since I have written something, so this is just to let the massive know that I-man am still here on this earth doing JAH Works. I have been busy student teaching at a high school and it is a lot of hard work and time I must tell you, but it is a blessing for sure because silver and gold shall pass away but a good education will never decay, Selassie I! Currently I am teaching students a unit I designed on Mama Africa and it is a great joy for me because this a subject not covered well enough in schools. Although I am not yet official, as in certified (and not being paid), I am just one step away now. It has been a lot of hard work to reach this level, I have achieved so much and I now have my Masters degree, so I must really give thanks and praise unto the Most High!

I am also thankful for having been featured on my friend HannaH's new CD with the song "Under The Rainbow" (You can check out the song and HannaH's other tunes at or We did the tune during this past year and since it has been released a whole set of positive vibes have come forth from that. I was waiting a very long time to record something again and perform live.

Other than these couple things, the journey of life continues forward and I&I chant Rastafari still. I am enjoying time with the empress in my life, a real blessing, and I am learning new things each and every day about this world. Hopefully I get a little time to put forward some reasonings and poems on here, I have plenty thoughts to manifest. In the meantime, more guidance and blessings to all!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

JAH Bless Joseph Hill

I received some sad news this morning that a great singer and inspiration in the Rastafari movement passed away yesterday, Joseph Hill of the reggae group Culture. I remember the day long ago when a bredren of mine first introduced me to Culture's music and after hearing Joseph Hill's conscious, heartical, and thoughtful lyrics I had a very strong respect and admiration for him. I could listen to a Culture tune and come out better for it. He was one of the classic artists from the golden age of reggae, having had a firm foundation, and still continued to tour and provide new music to both his people in Jamaica and internationally. He never sold out or bowed down, he just continued to speak the Truth and share the message. Listening to Father Joseph's music you felt he was speaking directly from the heart with much love and wisdom, like a teacher gently schooling the Rasta children. I deeply regret having never seen him perform as I remember having a couple of opportunities to catch a show. However Joseph Hill's voice will forever be immortalized on the many albums that Culture released since the 1970's and his teachings and commentary will resonate in the hearts of his Rastafari fans. JAH Bless Joseph Hill, a true Rastaman, troddin' to Mt. Zion. Farewell,"Humble African". You will be missed, but Rasta never die, Selassie I!


Joseph Hill
January 22, 1949 - August 19, 2006

"I was travelling up the mountains one day
And suddenly I heard the voice come to I&I say ay
Behold I come quickly to pay every man
According to the work that he have done

And I know that it was the voice
The voice of the Most High...
And I know, yes I know, that it was the voice
The voice of the Most High...
Should Behold
Behold... I come quickly
Hear what he say to one and all!
Behold... I come quickly"

- Joseph Hill (Culture)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hail The Emperor

Today is the 114th Earthstrong of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. Give thanks for the 225th Royal descendant of King Solomon, Elect of JAH and Earths Rightful Ruler, according to the promise given unto David and those sitting on Davids Throne. Truly the Anointment he has received and his Divine Mind reveal Christ in His kingly character. The world is a better place for the Teachings of His Majesty and his instruction for the world to study the Bible and follow in the footsteps of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). Selassie I fought for Truth & Rights with a special concern for his fellow Ethiopian and African people, but also for the world citizens of all nations. Selassie I restored hope in the Savior of all mankind and also revealed that JAH still speaks through His people. If one takes the time to study the life and works of His Imperial Majesty, the Defender of the Faith, they will find that Biblical Christianity and Orthodox Christian values are the Rastafari Way of Life. What better example of Rastafari life can there be than its namesake, Ras Tafari Makonnen, Haile Selassie I himself? JAH no dead! Blessed Earthstrong to I&I King, Haile Selassie I!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006



Eliysha was a Rastaman
Yes he was a Rastaman
But the youths only mocked him
They all tried to stop him
And said
Go up, you baldhead...
Baldhead, you baldhead..."
And JAH sent bears to tear them to shred
Forty and two, all of them fools
Cause they dared judge a prophet
By the length of his hair
A fierce retribution without delay
Warning of the judgment in store
For the whole nation gone astray

Eliysha him come
Away from his family
Away from his town
Annointed as a prophet
Speaking word, power, and sound
With a double portion
Adopted as a son
Trained in wisdom
Given great Elijah's cloak
But the people think him a joke
Because he was a baldhead
A baldhead Rasta

God's knowledge and power
He was privileged to share
Setting his countenance in a stare
Humbling the wicked before him
Their hearts filled with fear
Yes a lion without a mane
But a Rasta still the same
Eliysha was his name
God is salvation, he was saying

Protected by an unseen host of Zion
Surrounded by horses and chariots of fire
A mystic man, truly inspired
Little impressed with material possessions
Caused a general to throw down his weapons
And praise JAH, yes that was Eliysha
Punishing servants of falsehood and greed
Performing all sorts of miraculous deeds
But still they wouldn't believe
Because looks do deceive
Oh yes, Eliysha was a baldhead

They never seen Eliysha divide river Jordan
Or heal the water of a spring
No, the people never knew a thing
But Eliysha was a Rastaman
Yes, he was a Rastaman
No dread, just a baldhead
They never seen him multiply bread
Or raise a woman's son from the dead
How he increased a poor widow's oil
This man, once a farmer who worked the soil
Turned a prophet, and caused the wicked to recoil

Who is Eliysha in this time?
I say, who is Eliysha in this time?
The people see and blind
Cause a Rasta heart is hard to find
But it reveals all the signs
Prophet a prophet, a Rastaman
Words of truth he speaks
Low and meek, not what people think
Locksman, beardsman, baldhead, or cleanfaced
JAH prophets walk in this place

Who made a lowly shepherd boy into a great king?
Who gave mankind dominion over all living thing?
Listen to Eliysha, "God is salvation"
The same one God of creation
So who is man to criticize and scorn
Another who may be shaved or shorn
He just may be a Rastaman still
May be a prophet sent to speak JAH will
Eliysha know, yes I say "Elisha" know
Check it in the Scrips, read up your Bible

(c) 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tutto vero, gli Azzurri... Campioni Del Mondo!

Today is a historical day. A fourth star can be added to the logo of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio... that is the Italian Football Federation. I have been waiting for this day for a lifetime, or at least most of a lifetime. Italia has won the World Cup once again after many years, the first Italian victory since 1982 after some heartbreaking close calls. The Azzurri, Italy's national team named after the blue color of their uniforms, have been singing the blues instead, but that all changed today. Italy has now won the world cup 4 times: 1934, 1938, 1982... and 2006.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed watching the World Cup and rooting for Italy along with my family and friends. It is not just about soccer, football, or calcio as the Italians call it... but a rallying point for a culture and heritage that I share. It has been especially nostalgic this year because my trod with Rastafari and its own unique culture can sometimes overshadow my personal and ethnic roots. So I have been showing some Italian pride, and for this past month and a half I have been pouring over statistics and familiarizing myself with the athletes, or recalling veteran players from World Cups past... and the players I used to love watching who have retired from the game. I can remember in 1994, the final game was Italy vs. Brazil, and it ended in penalty kicks. Unfortunately it ended with Italy losing after Roberto Baggio, a great all-time player and one of my favorites to watch, had missed. In 1998 Italy was matched against France in the semifinals and that game went into penalty kicks as well... and Italy lost. In 2002, Italy didn't do too well, period. So you can imagine my anxiety as a fan when this final World Cup game ended in... penalty kicks. Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind I had the feeling that this could be the year... a great goal-keeper, Gianluigi Buffon, the confidence of a strong team, and the absence of France's star Zinedine Zidane after some bizarre head-butting. I was on the edge of my seat, barely blinking as the PK's proceeded. Minutes afterward... the game ended and the Azzurri, team Italia, had won. Satisfaction. I would be celebrating with the paisanos in Middletown, or Hartford... my good friend called me from Little Italy, NYC a few minutes ago... but I am enjoying the victory in my own way. Besides I am tired from being out the night before. Either way, Italy has won and I am extremely happy. Forza Italia!!

This was an exiting World Cup and not only for my own biased reason; the joys of victories, the agonizing defeats, the glory of the game. Other than my beloved Italy, I was following other teams and players as well. I was sad to see Trinidad & Tobago not advance to the second round, but enjoyed the way that they played. Ghana also played very hard, especially in the second round game against Brazil. USA, well maybe next time. The World Cup is such a great event, and truly on a worldwide scale. Now I will have to bide my time watching or reading about international friendly games and smaller tournaments while enduring another 4 long years for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I am glad to see it taking place there, I hope it does alot for the continent and brings more notoriety to the deserving African players who are continuing to become a forces to be reckoned with in the world of soccer. Now it is back to the real world, everything continues as usual... I'll miss the excitement of the games and the coverage, since there is barely any appreciation for soccer here in the States. Oh well, perhaps its for the best, so I can function like a normal person. But I still have a summer to soak in the Italian victory and be a FIFA fanatic. SI, TUTTO VERO... ITALIA, CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!! FORZA ITALIA, FORZA AZZURRI!!

The I-Talian Rastaman

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where Are You Going?

I'm sure most of you have heard of the common phrase, "you need to understand where he is coming from", or something to that effect. However I say, it is not where you are coming from but where you are going. Forward ever, backwards never! Are you trodding toward Mount Zion, or staying miserable in Babylon? Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt because she was looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah even though JAH said to keep it moving. The past can become a heavy burden, and also an excuse for certain behaviors. This is especially prevalent in the case of individuals. When ones live in the past they begin to adopt a false sense of reality, and refuse to make any advancement. The past could have been traumatic, or it could even have been glorious... either way it is looking back. Yes, there are stages of movements forward, one cannot be pushed or forced into it, the revelation of Truth is a natural mystic. So some people progress at different rates, every fruit in its due season. The true problem is when one recognizes where they should be going and what it takes to be progressive-minded but instead chooses to foolishly believe that they are unnacountable for themselves or they go and stagnate in self-pity. These attitudes never get people anywhere.

Even those who study the situation and explain and complain never really promote action and instead they become cynical and fill their heads with negative thoughts. What does this do besides possess an otherwise productive mind. One step forward, two steps backward. It is a trick of the devilman I say! Trickery comes in disguise as usual... dependant on human emotions, on angers, on pains, and devoid of any common sense or betterment. You may be able to fool some people, but you cannot fool JAH. Wicked man go tell JAH that you had to keep selling drugs to the youth, keep pimping the women on the street, and keep shooting the next man because that is what you knew from growing up. Do you think that bag of excuse can go pass? JAH seh no. It may give you street cred, but no credit with the Most High. Each man can think for himself, each man is capable of rising above, and given the chance to rise above... like it or not, there is no hiding place.

This is not to say that the past is not important, especially when it comes to collective identity, for who can ever forget the words of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Roots and Culture is what I&I Rastafari people deal with. Why? Because it reminds us of who we are, who we are supposed to be... and also who we are not supposed to be. Rastafari history, African history, Israelite history... histories of righteousness, histories of injustice... these are vital to the Rastaman. I am a history teacher and student, I am fully aware of its importance and the fact that without guidance, history does repeat itself. However there is an important system of checks and balances. Everyman must know their past... but nobody ever said anything about living in it. The past serves the future. Take the wicked man example. How much more rich is his future after putting aside the badman mentality? He can look back and see how far him trod, look at it as a reminder, rather than glorifying it. Also the past should be remembered and never forgotten in order to keep moving forward and avoid repeating the same cyclical sins of racism, sexism, and warfare.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I was progressive-minded, and is an excellent example of the balance of moving forward while honoring the past. He made efforts to modernize his country of Ethiopia, advance the African people, and also fought for the cooperation of all nations in the world. Despite any contradictive mythologies or stories, Selassie I eventually forgave the Italians for their invasion of Ethiopia, making efforts toward peace with the post-war Italian government and holding council with the Vatican... although he never forgot the horrific injustices done to his people and let it serve as a reminder to the whole world. H.I.M. did not spend his precious time in bitterness or live his life in past wrongs or injustices... even though His Majesty had every right to do so. He did not promote hate or negative attitudes. In his divine judgment he set an example for JAH people. Selassie I know! While being progressive, at the same time H.I.M. was also a traditionalist and was a strong advocate of his heritage as the descendant of Solomon and Sheba, steward of the Throne of David and Earth's rightful ruler. Biblical and Ethiopian history was the foundation to his reign and no modernization could ever change the ancient Truth of history or make H.I.M. bow before any world power, science or philosophy of man.

In the end, I&I must remember that life is not an emphasis on the future either. The future can hold its share of false hopes too. How many times have people been promised something in order to placate the masses? How many times have people been told that there is a diamond in the sky and to wait for heaven's sake? More commonly, how many times do we withhold good things and put them aside for later, things like love, forgiveness, and productiveness. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to promises of the future, it gives us a sense of direction, but standing there gazing at it on a map gets us nowhere. Forget about changing the past and stop worrying about the future... deal with the present moment, deal with now. What are you doing for yourself now? What is he or she doing for theirself now? What is being done now to rectify the wrongs of the past and prepare for a better future? Bredrens and sistrens remember these two things... the time is now, and the movement is forward. Rastafari!

Guidance and Blessed Love Everytime,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



De wombman mad like yah jus won't believe
Come tell me seh she bellyfull wid a farmerman seed
But I-man was de one wid whom she planned to conceive
And all I have now is a distant memory fe grieve

Lawd, it was supposed to be meh crop deh pon dat plot
Now another man plow up de land an he rankin' top
Why she go enter meh mind just when it all stop?
Haunt me like jumbie, an seh... "forget me not"

Confuse meh mind all de time, since de ole day
Evicted from she property, no longer could stay
Me, dis man who worked she land fe no pay
Left wi no kind word to say, only "doan feel no way"

Wombman, why carry bring thing, are yah never done?
What is your meaning, tell me what's de reason?
Once ago I thought you were my empress, the one
But may JAH bless you, your husband... and, your son

(c) 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rasta IdentiFakeation

Greetings to one and all. After witnessing certain things lately, I wanted to bring forth a reasoning on the matter of Rasta identification.

If ones claim say they are a Rastafarian, or a Christian, or a Muslim... they had better be serious, because it is a dangerous thing to mix vanity with livity or devotion. Outward appearances and symbols are always noticed first by people, but these looks can be extremely deceiving. As the Scriptures say, "render your hearts and not your garments." Plenty of people are not Rasta but imposter, or rastatutes polluting the teachings of His Majesty. When trodding Rastafari, heart and hands should be clean in JAH sight. How is it that one can give praises to JAH and in the next moment come with some slackness, profanity, indecency and hatred? What is this teaching the youths? It only creates a whole set of mixup. The Bible says that fresh water and salt water cannot come from the same spring, so as Rastafari how is it that ones are behaving in ways contradictive to what they are supposedly following? As a Rasta, one should always try their best to live humble. It is a spiritual trod above all else.

Cultural symbols can be misused, robbed, and commercialized. Images with meaning and purpose often become no more than a fashion statement. Some men and women pose as Rasta for ulterior motives, enticing the flesh and leading people astray. A Rastaman or Rastawoman shall be known by their heartical vibes and their deeds. Nuff dreads out there are robbing and killing in the streets, nuff people wearing the ites, gold and green, but not knowing what it means. Nuff artists in the music business sending mixed messages. Pure ignorance. However, this phenomenon is nothing new, it has existed since ancientcy. What better way to set a trap for JAH children than to come as a wolf in sheeps clothing? The devil comes in disguise, but he is revealed to the wise. The wiseman also sees what the masses usually overlook, true righteousness and simplicity in the soul of a man. A man like the Savior, a man like the Emperor, a man like the Prophet. The martyrs, teachers, and freedom fighters are often misunderstood by their own kinsmen and even their own followers. The people dem see and blind!

Besides the more obvious deceivers, those ones with the wicked intentions, the carnal minded and the hypocrites, people should also be wary of those who out of ignorance claim Rastafari, those who think it is all about smoking the ganja herb, listening to some Bob Marley songs, having a good time and shouting empty expressions of one love. Rastafari is a serious thing and it should be taken seriously. It is a faith and a lifestyle that should be respected. Although Rastafari is about love, peace, and unity, it is likewise founded in equal rights and justice, liberation, black upliftment, and African conciousness. It is about loving His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I. And it is about fighting a spiritual war, there can be no peace without justice, a Rastafari is revolutionary not a sedated conformist. Without these components, there is no true identification with Rastafari taking place. People cannot just rewrite what defines Rasta in order to suit themselves. While certain people may be sympathetic to the Rasta way of life, they never bother to find some understanding or educate and check themselves, and they do a disservice to Rastafari by presenting a watered-down, diluted version.

What is strange to me is why somebody would half-heartedly livicate themself to Rastafari. Most people come to Rastafari through revelation, through a natural mystic. It is way of life, not a national religion with ones indoctrinated in it since birth. Even if youths grow up knowing Rasta life from their parents or family, it is ultimately something they must personally seek and know for themselves. A way of life... if you do not live that way, then how you fe say Rastafari is your way of life? Of course, like any movement on earth there is disagreement as to who is Rasta and who is not. Dreadlocks or baldhead? Vegetarian or some meat? Black or brown and white too? These things are a personal matter really... between someone and JAH or someone and the next man. People will not always agree. Sometimes people avoid conflict and keep to themselves, but other times petty war and divisions come about. Yet some things are spiritual matters and can't be argued, indisputable universal messages like the Ten Commandments. No matter religion or creed, nobody has ever been able to argue with these laws written on the heart. And according to Yeshua Christ the two greatest commandments are to love JAH with all of your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor... neighbor being any man or woman you may come across during the day. So why are there some Rasta imposters coming as dreadlocks and garbed in the liberation colors but breaking 9 out of 10 commandments and sitting on Babylon throne?

I am aware that because I do not look like a stereotypical Rasta bredren and because certain things of the culture were foreign to me during my upbringing, that certain ones could perceive me as a "false Rasta" or unauthentic as well. Perhaps some may even question my addressing this very issue. Some ones may ask I-man, "what makes you think you're a Rasta?", and similar things. But I say, "just ask my Father". I have nothing to fall back on, no images or symbols other than what I can wear, so if I am dealing with Rastafari, I am dealing with it straight from the heart. Yes bredrens and sistrens, live clean and let your works be seen. Stand firm and JAH will let you wear His crown, for no weakheart can enter Mount Zion. Selassie I!


Friday, June 9, 2006

World Cup Soccer Fever

Well it is finally here after four long years... the World Cup. I remember back in 2002 (back in 2002?! that just does not sound right), when I was still living in NJ at my soon-to-become-ex's house, and when I was working on my senior seminar at Seton Hall and working at a wine store. I would stay up late at night and watch the games broadcasting live from South Korea/Japan on Univision at 2 or 3 in the morning. Yes, that was crazy. Now four years later I am up here in CT living with my family, busy finishing my Master's and wondering where all the time went and where I'll be in another four years. Many of my favorite and famous players are not on the teams this year. Some new teams made it for the first time. Trinidad & Tobago are in the World Cup this year, ironically I was supposed to go there during the summer of 2002 with my ex to visit her family. Anyway, thankfully the games are broadcasting at decent times of the day since they are being played in Germany this year, so I won't lose any sleep. On the otherhand they will be playing while I am at work. Hey, what can you do.

Yes, I love soccer... well, football as the rest of the world calls it, and calcio as the Italians say. My favorite team is Italia of course... gli Azzurri! It is a good time for me to take pride in my heritage. I am also rooting for Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Poland and Germany (my other ethnicities), Ghana, and Ivory Coast... oh yeah U.S.A., they actually have a chance this year. Brazil is always fun to watch too, but they are the rivals of all my teams. I won't predict a winner, I am just enjoying the ride.

The World Cup is such an amazing thing, teams and players from all over the world coming together to play one game. I love watching all of the different color flags and uniforms, different color people and languages, all playing by the same rules. The excitement, the athletic skill, the pride and celebration. Imagine if the governments and nations could follow the example of the "beautiful game".



Monday, May 29, 2006

Power Of The Trinity

Power Of The Trinity

When black, brown, and white all can unite
When Jews, Christians, and Muslims stop fuss and fight
When green, gold, and red fly in all 70 nations
When human beings practice peace, justice, and patience
When there is no more war in Africa, Europe and Asia
When mother, father, and child together praise JAH
When all humanity can practice faith, hope, and love
When we clean the earth, water, and air up above
When we trod through the past, present, and future times
When the sun, moon, and stars show all of the signs
When man is physically, mentally, and spiritually strong
When Noah's sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth sing the same song
When the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit reveal Rastafari
When omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence manifest the Most High
When king, priest, and prophet are bound together as one
The Power of the Trinity will be fulfilled when Shiloh come

(c) 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

That Woman

I was inspired to write this poem earlier in the month, but I finally decided to share it. Let's just say that it served its purpose... - JAHsh


That Woman

You must see her to believe
I mean, that woman
Regal poise adorned in turquoise
Blocking out all distraction and noise
When she moves shes cool and collected
Yes, this is a woman to be respected
Truth be told, she makes my heart awaken
When I'm graced by her touch
Even so much as her fingertips on my arm
Does harm to my composure
Requires me to steady myself
As I try to unearth another word
Between me and her

When we speak in a loud crowd
Perhaps feigning that I can't hear
I bend just to draw her near
A bit closer
Where I can see an unmistakable
Fire in her eyes
Worth each second of a shared glimpse
Leaving its imprint
As if I stared into a bright light in the night
Recaptured in every blink

And when I see her smile, it is genuine
Yes, she skin teeth and make everything sweet
Complimenting her physique
And speaking aloud that which the tongue cannot utter
That ivory shine, like piano keys playing melodies
Lingers in my mind for a time
Gilding the conversations that we share
Accentuating the vibrations
That radiate from deep within
Beneath her chocolate skin
Beyond her flesh and bone
She is a heartical woman alone

In those moments, I would dare to reach her lips
Hesitant to pluck from those branches
A fruit that may ripen sweeter on its own
Yet its hard to resist
The dew collected upon its surface
Offering a price I cant purchase
Nor afford to lose
And look, there she is, her figure swimming in aqua-blues
And I, deciding on what course I am to choose
With that woman

(c) 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006



My reflection in polished black granite
Beloved names seem etched upon my face
Here at this place memories flow
From younger days and different ways
In the quietness I am aware
That you are there
Watching me as always
And I ask you...
Do I make you proud?
Do you still recognize me?
Transformed by the years
Here I am with tears, a man now
Composed of folly and wisdom alike
Even so, I have grown so much
Since dust came to dust
Can you see?
The flimsy sapling has become your strong oak tree
My roots are here amongst you
Nurtured by this very soil
And you dwell within my heart and mind
Conjured up in my quiet time
Answering me in the ethereal glow of the sunset
Lest I forget your loving presence
Embracing me in the wind whistling through green leaves
So that I may receive your blessings
My family, my foundation, my ancestors
May my roots sink deeper in your love
May my branches spread wider above
Guide me

(c) 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today I turned 26 years old. So long mid-twenties... well, I suppose I am still in the late-mid-twenties, but time is marching on swiftly. To me a birthday is just another day really, but it is a blessing still. Each day is a new day and a new life. No day is promised, even though we take for granted each breath, and every sunrise. So I just give thanks for the continuation of life. My 26th Earthstrong... 26 years I-man trod on this earth, and with JAH blessings, hopefully many more. It is a time worthy of my reflection, to check the journey so far... the wisdom I have gained, the experience I've had, where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going.

I must really give thanks for my family and friends. Sometimes we forget the many blessings which JAH has given unto us. Many people had sent their greetings my way in some form or another today, old friends and new friends... friends all the same. I apprecialove all of the thoughtfullness. During the past few weeks I had begun to consider what things would be like at 26, if I was prepared to be 26, how quickley the time had gone by since I finished college four years ago, how people I have known have gotten married, or have had children, or both. So in my heart I was anxious of these things. This along with the expectation that I would have a boring birthday yet again made me indifferent toward it. However, the thoughts and words of friends are words of life. As it is said, "an anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up." (Proverbs 12:25). Really and truly it has been a great birthday, one of the best in many years. Not because of any magnificent celebration, or some adventure, or amazing gift... but because of people. People with genuine interest, and genuine care... my family and my friends. I have reason to celebrate, for I am here, and that is reason enough. Yet the appreciation and love shown by others reaffirms that notion.

So I shall soon discover what this year's journey brings, but I have a feeling good things are in store. Everything is everything. Each fruit will ripen in its due season... and in the meantime I shall rejoice in all of the little blessings I receive each and every day. Show some love today, cause everyday a holiday in JAH sight!

Bless Up,

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Chapter A Day

Today is a day of extreme significance for me. I haven't had the chance to think over things and articulate its importance properly; nevertheless, it is something I needed to write about while it is still relevant. It is the end of a long journey of awareness and discovery for me, and yet it is also the beginning. Sometime around January 28, 2003 I began a vow to read a chapter of the Bible a day, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, the latter of which I read today on May 1, 2005. For anyone who is wondering, reading the Bible in this manner takes exactly 3 years and 94 days. There are quicker ways of accomplishing this, there is a system to read the Bible in one year, or in three years exactly by combining smaller chapters together. However, back in the beginning of 2003 I decided to stick to the plan of reading and meditating on just one chapter a day. I owe this idea to a Rastafari leader named Dr. Vernon Carrington, "Prophet Gad", or as we Twelve Tribes of Israel fondly call him, "Gadman".

About 5 years ago I began to seriously sight up Rastafari, living a certain way of life, following certain teachings and applying them to my own personal trod. Years before that, I had been aware of some things, but not until I was exposed to the "livity" on a day-to-day basis did I truly understand it. Rastafari revealed itself by the hand of Almighty JAH through friends and those around me. Yes, Jerusalem schoolroom. It was the most pure and unadulterated thing I had ever witnessed, and that is how I approached Rastafari, not a political thing, a nationalist thing, not a joke thing... just love, understanding, equality, justice, and righteousness. Soon after gaining a foothold, I was tested in the fire of tribulation, a personal battle that eventually refined me and made me stronger than I had ever been before. To make a long story short, that trial brought me closer to JAH and I pursued Rastafari even more, trying to find those with a common vigor, and more people I could learn from. Although my bredrens were not part of any particular organization within Rastafari, many of the teachings and reasonings they shared with me were similar to what I found when I came across the Twelve Tribes of Israel, an organization or "mansion" within the Rastafari movement. It is not necessary to go into detail about them here in this entry, but many things made sense. My bredrens had shown me how all mankind was manifested in the Twelve Tribes, when I learned that this idea along with others I held were sighted up by the organization, I went to a meeting to see for I-self. Later I became a member of the Twelve Tribes, but that too is another story. One of the teachings espoused by Twelve Tribes was Gadman's calling to "read one chapter of the Bible a day, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22", with a "clear conscience" in order to find the truth for oneself.

In Rastafari I found certain sets of people saying different things, yet all identifying themselves as Rasta. I also read the words of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, and found some contradictions amongst those following H.I.M., so by this time I was trying to find the deeper substance of things, the voice of JAH and not the voice or traditions of man. All Rastas sight up the Bible in some portion, most pick and choose... but Gadman said to read the whole Bible, and even more so, King Selassie I said that all of the Scriptures were written for our instruction. I had decided to take up Gadman on his instruction, and I am very thankful for it. It was not about somebody telling me what to believe, nor any particular group. Not my Catholic upbringing, not any church, politician, ideology, not any Rasta group, whether Nyabinghi, Bobo Shanti... not even Twelve Tribes. It was about finding the Truth for oneself. Spirituality and recognition of the Bible and certain biblical truths are what seemed to put everything together for me... a natural mystic outside the bounds of any rite or ritual, and a learning spirit free of a hardened heart. Such a foundation is a blessing, because as H.I.M. Emperor Selassie I said, "Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High." Reading the Scriptures gave me that realization and it really didn't matter to me what the next man say.

Within those 3 and a quarter years of reading I have grown tremendously. I have gained so much wisdom and have made my own mind based upon what I have learned and meditated on. Rastafari liberated me, but not without the daily meditations on the Scriptures to help give me some guidance. When I needed in answer to something in my life I could find it through prayer, meditation and studying the words of the prophets. These 3 years have also presented many other changes... escalated wars in the world, injuries and physical changes I've had, relationships, deaths, births, etc., even Gadman passed in 2005. The journey is never done though, and it goes beyond the mere pages of a God inspired book... it is Life it is Creation, the Truth is revealing. The trod never ends cause I&I never stop growing, always seeking JAH in all things! Tomorrow I start reading again... Genesis 1, another walk with King Alpha and Queen Omega.

Bless Up,

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Psalm of Abib

"Abib" or "Aviv" is the first month of the ancient Hebrew calendar beginning with the new moon that falls in March-April of modern times. It is a time of renewal and restoration. All praises due to JAH for the inspiration I received to compose this. Blessed. - JAHsh


Psalm of Abib

I give thanks and praise unto thee Oh JAH, Rastafari
For I am like the tree planted by the flowing river
My roots drink of the living water, Ha'Moshia
And my soul shall never thirst or want again

You have breathed a new season into your creation
Showering all of your works in warm spring rains
Everything bows down before you Oh JAH
The plants, the animals, even the mountains... Selah

Israel comes before thee with their first fruits
Ripe in abundance within its appointed time
For you have granted unto them, Oh JAH, your holy strength
Not even the kings of this earth shall strike your children

Your nation has united before thee and has heard your call
The roots and grafted branches, flesh and spirit, sinew and bone
The way has been made clear for those who answer
No stumbling blocks hinder the road to Zion

Cities and walls crumble before your presence, Adonai Most High
Green pastures reclaim the world from the vain work of human hands
The wind carries your words to the ears of the righteous
And their tongues proclaim your name, Yahweh, Jahovah

You have renewed my spirit and comforted me when forsaken
I am like gold tested in the fires of tribulation
Purified and cooled with your mercy and kindness
Your blessings have graced I and I, shielding me from the wicked

We are gathering under the banner of your rainbow covenant
The sign of your unconditional love to all earth's inhabitants
Seventy nations have witnessed the Power of the Trinity
All of your children now await their Creator... Selah

(c) 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mind Clutter

Lately I have been feeling bombarded. Bombarded with status quo, with pop culture, with unchecked individualism, with images, music, trends, expectations... mind clutter. It is a headache, it is an eyesore... can't take it no more. It makes me ask, "what is your meaning?"... and if you are meaningless then save me the stress cause I have no interest. Noisy people, and nosy people... loud and intrusive, judgmental and exclusive. "Look at me, forget you". Everybody want to be a star, have ones know every aspect about them like People magazine, with photo spreads and opinion eds. Too much info, they have 411 on speed dial... invading my domicile. Whatever happened to an intriguing mystery, let me see, let me learn more about you. What makes you tick, what is your purpose, your drive. What is within you? Everybody's soul is congested with frivolous things, wasted space. Like nobody's business, they post personal business on MySpace, perhaps to their own disgrace when they come face to face with themselves in a different place, time, or at their prime. Even creativity has become uncreative... mass produced, copied, marketed, commercialized... while deep-thinking is passe. Everybody want instant gratification, instant success, instant fame... instant problems. In an instant it will all vanish away, maybe tomorrow... maybe today, who knows really. Everybody is uninterested in the greater things, they are apathetic... so pathetic. Nobody is serious, delirious in an age when God Himself is mocked at the expense of a joke, facetious, all up in smoke. Nope... can't be me, don't want that. I need to have my quite time and reflection... my own mind and my own sense of direction. Yes I'm the leader of an insurrection against Babylon and the system it runs on. I don't want to be a cookie-cut clone, even if I have to go it alone... I'd rather be free than to be a mockery. So, some don't understand... well how can I explain? If you've never seen the sun, how can I describe it, stare at it and you will go blind, that is my mind... brilliant... no, not arrogant, but illuminated by He who created... reinstated, unshackled. Call me strange and I will revel in it, a stranger to you is familiar to the few... the proud... the children of Zion. I will weather the clone wars in my bomb shelter, my omnipresent sanctuary.


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Forward Ever

Forward Ever

Standing and pondering the darkness
Biting into the fruit of my labor
Chewing tasteful texture
While inclining my ear to a whispery reverie
Blown across an uncharted space
There is no light ahead
But there is a beacon
Speaking to my soul
Feeling the pull forward
Slowly onward proceeding
Curious steps manifest
Still clutching onto vague memories
Now crumbled into dusty earth
Soil to give birth to someone elses hope
Studying the pieces one last time
Offering my hand to the wind
And with a sigh... gone
It took so long to let go
Brushing off traces of cold cases
But ancient artifacts have no value
To a living man, as I understand
The whisper again carried on benevolent breezes
Here surrounded by majestic mystery
It comforts me
Yes Lord...
Here I am
Quenching the call that has stirred me on
Ensured that there is only one direction
No tether of fear to leave me here
In a fallow field of dreams
One step is worth more than a stagnant eternity
Setting off, the journey is on an unknown course
Ebbed out by action
Satisfaction of feet on solid rock
I slip not
Foresight granted unto eye
Walking in blind faith
Across that space to my proper place
Faithfully forward
Ever toward...

(c) 2006



Over there sipping on cocktails
That woman in a red dress exposing her breast
Lustfully studying the crowd for opportunity of sex
Talking loudly about the latest sensation
Must be the Babylon harlot, drinking wine of fornication

And that man telling dirty jokes with two women on his arm
Thinking he's Gods greatest gift, a handsome lucky charm
He lives a life of fantasy, deception and illusion
Profiting off silly girls laden with confusion
He's nothing more than a well-dressed fool, a devils tool

Look at them laugh with their
Painted faces covering abominations
These girls going wild like spring vacations
Low-rise jeans in high-rise apartments
Spreading their thighs and filling compartments

Can't tell the ladies from the mens
Both using facial creams and fussing over splint-ends
Dressing in the same fashion trends
Driving their BMWs and Mercedes Benz
So vain, wanting the biggest and best, nothing less

Living in expensive rooms, but really decorated white-washed tombs
Spraying their bodies with expensive perfumes
Covering the stench of their rotten flesh
Underneath their plastic skin without blemish
The walking dead, decaying filthiness

Wasting their youth on idiot things, no love for human beings
Future politicians, doctors and lawyers
Businessmen, bankers... poor-man destroyers
Instead of using their professional degree for integrity
They indulge themselves in a lifestyle so filthy

Drunkenness and juvenile behavior
Unaware of the social climate
Privileged with so-called entitlement
Stumbling over sufferer, laughing at the rebel
Mocking wisdom... "why listen to them"

Living in extravagance, in piles of a human waste
Thinking they deserve a high and mighty place
Over-achieving, socially-competing
Looking down on others without feeling
They have everything already, but they're still stealing

Rude and condescending
Down Satan steps they are descending
Thinking that they're safe through the door beneath a steeple
But its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle
Can't buy their way to Zion... but they stay trying

No soap and lather can remove their grime
Their filthiness is that of a carnal mind
A dirty life and a polluted soul
Bowing down to worship idols
Stand firm brothers and sisters, beware of the filthiness

(c) 2006

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n

Recently I have been studying the life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. I knew of him for a long time, was exposed to his famous image strewn about in pop culture and on the clothing of so-called rebellious youth, but I never had really known much more about him other than the bare minimum that he was a leader and guerilla fighter in the Cuban Revolution by the side of Fidel Castro. The more and more I have learned about Che, I have grown to admire him and draw much inspiration from what he left the world. He has been called one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, a legend, but as with all legends, much of the real Che has been lost or compromised for the sake of a symbol just like Bob Marley. Its no coincidence that you will see both Bob Marley and Che Guevara shirts side by side in some trendy counter-culture store, maybe along with a Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin and a shirt with a big cannabis leaf you know hippie-dippy stuff yeah dude.

Despite all of the confusion and perversion of Ches legacy, there is plenty of reliable information about him. He wrote severable books during his lifetime, spanning from his early twenties until his last days. Of course more recently the movie Motorcycle Diaries came out in 2004, which is based on his first diary and collection letters of the same name.

Guevara grew up comfortably in an upper middle-class Argentine family with Leftist sympathies. While he was still a medical student, Che decided to take two trips across Latin America which he recounts in The Motorcycle Diaries when he left for the first time with his friend Alberto Granado and in his second book Back on the Road. During these journeys, Che was transformed as he became increasingly aware of the social injustices across all of the Latin American countries. As he traveled further away from the modernized Argentina he saw that there were more and more problems with the political and economic systems in the continent. In Chile he saw how miners were treated unfairly by large and (often American owned or invested companies) forced to work in harsh conditions in order to earn a living. When he entered Peru, he was awestruck by the poverty of the indigenous Amerindian people, descendants of the once great Incans. He also realized that his disillusionment with the situation in Latin America stretched all the way back to the time of Spanish conquistadors who left their mark on the ruins of Incan civilization in Machu Picchu and relocated its people as slaves to the colonial city of Lima. Around this time Ernesto Guevara began to imagine a Pan-American society, free of the separate national entities which have only warred and caused destruction, like Paraguay and Argentina, since Spanish independence. Che was also deeply inspired when he visited the San Pablo leper colony, which was also in Peru, and saw the segregation of the lowest of the low in society.

By the time Che Guevara speaks of his second travel in his book Back on the Road, he has made up his mind that revolution was the only solution to all of the inequity he has witnessed. Halfway through his tentatively planned journey, he detoured to Guatemala, attracted by the Arbenz government and the controversial land reforms which ruffled the feathers of American interests in the country. After a CIA-backed coup in Guatemala, Guevara along with other Arbenz supporters and Communist sympathizers left to Mexico where he finally concludes that the United States is the most recent in a long line of imperialist powers upsetting the progression of the people in Latin America as well as across the globe. While staying there Che meets various Cuban revolutionaries, eventually including Fidel Castro. It is interesting to see how passionate and determined Che Guevara becomes, a long way from the hedonistic youth who began a road trip several years before. During the 1950s and 1960s the world was polarized between the United States and its seeming disposition toward neo-colonialism and the Communist countries. Che believed in social equality and thought that Communism was the answer. He also became convinced that revolution required action and violence if necessary since oppressive powers were behind so-called democracies and capitalist economies.

After learning about the turbulent emergence of independent Latin American countries, I believe that one can not help but empathize with Ernesto Che Guevera, his vision, his sacrifice, and his love for his people, even a people that belonged to America more than he ever believed he could, the indigenous people, the Quechua, Aymara, the Guaran. He believed in a collective and common mestizo culture, a Pan-American nation to unite all Latin Americans and their rich heritage and backgrounds. Che was tired of seeing injustice, tired of imperialism pitting Latin Americans against each other, he recognized the need for a revolution, a revolution yet to be fulfilled. During 1967 while he was leading an insurgency in Bolivia, Che was captured and executed with the help of the CIA.

However as a Rastaman there are certain things Che Guevara believed in that I could not promote. He was very involved with politics and it polarized him, causing him to sometimes gravitate toward extremes. Che also saw war and violent conflict as the only solution to the power struggle he saw. Finally Che became an avowed Communist and lost his faith in JAH, finding it a foolish thing to believe in and instead relied too much on human action. Guevara was driven by a passion for sufferers but that passion like any passion can be come darkened and misguided.

Today Ches legacy remains strong in Latin America, he is a hero to many people. Leftist leaders, having grown more and more popular in these past years, have cited Guevara as an inspiration. Evo Morales the indigenous American Indian who was elected president of Bolivia this year owes a lot to the empowering ideas Che helped to bring about. President Hugo Chvez of Venezuela, although a controversial figure and unpopular with the Bush administration, is also using the legacy of Che to bolster popularity with his people and enforce his aid for the poor with government sponsored education and social programs. In times when many are displeased with America imperialist policies, Caracas, Venezuela has become a mecca for Leftists and social revolutionaries from all across the world. The socialist governments of Latin America have challenged America and its concept of democracy and foreign policy.

And so we return back to the pop-image of Che Guevara. Yes, as Huey P. Newton said, the revolution will not be televised (of course how many people really know who said that) but it will be advertised!... on my hip new $100 Che shirt and $300 camouflage prada jeans! Its so funny to me to find such revolutionaries so eager to show their support for some cause but caught up in the Babylon system, having to have the latest and greatest, lining their pockets with hundred dollar bills and enjoying the luxurious comforts of modernity. Its either that or some apathetic skater kid whose identity depends so much on being different, that he becomes the same as everyone else individualistic clones. Guevara would be disgusted at how the system that opposed and eventually executed him now profits from his famous image. Those who want to promote Che should do him justice by studying his life and what he stood for. Viva la revolucin... Rastafari!


Ernesto "Che" Guevara
June 14, 1928 - October 8, 1967

"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true Revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality." - Che