Monday, January 30, 2012



It tek discipline
To keep you structure thin
And keep up the trainin'

It tek discipline
To get the right nutrition
And eat up ital cookin'

It tek discipline
To keep you dread from trim
And hold the roots tradition

It tek discipline
To know each human you kin
And to unite all African

It tek discipline
To keep on penny pinchin'
And to build up a savin'

It tek discipline
To get the right education
And to guide the children

It tek discipline
To firm up you relation
And love without condition

It tek discipline
To have a life mission
And forward to achievin'

It tek discipline
To leave all the politician
And to hold your own position

It tek discipline
To keep far weh from sin
And stop all the gossipin'

It tek discipline
To hold some peace within
And keep the beast from win

It tek discipline
To trod with the Lion
And bun out the Dragon

Mi beg you, listen
Life... it tek discipline

(c) 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

Boko Haram, stop planting di bomb
JAH gonna whip down yuh organization
Boko Haram, me seh what a bam bam
Stop antagonizing all of the Nigerian

Boko Haram set upon Goodluck Jonathan
Putting the whole nation inna state of alarm
Boko Haram deh in the northern region
Making the Muslim fight all the Christian

Boko Haram must put down the weapon
Kalashnikovs inna Kano keep firing on
Boko Haram killing men like chicken
See the blood run like oil from the palm

Boko Haram, stop all the terrorism
Africans murdering more African
Boko Haram, setting off detonation
All in the name of your false religion

Boko Haram, you better take caution
And Abubakar Shekau, your wicked imam
Boko Haram, promoting pure confusion
Just wait 'til the day when Selassie I come

Boko Haram, yuh must practice salaam
Allah never tell yuh fi kidnap the children
Boko Haram, stop all the violent action
All of this wrong is only serving Satan

(c) 2012

Boko Haram is a radical Islamic sect which is responsible for attacking communities in northern Nigeria. They threaten to make war on the people and the government until the whole country converts to their brand of Islam, even though Nigeria is almost half Muslim and half Christian. This is one of the many conflicts taking place in Africa that barely gets any coverage in the western world. Rastafari say to stop the war and Africa, unite!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holy Night

Holy Night

Bredrens gathered around the crackling fire
Inspired to illuminate the cool darkness
And harness the word, power and sound
Found amid the roots of their groundation
Giving ises and supplication to the Most High
JAH, Rastafari; there, beneath the night sky
Each I sending his own thoughts, flying like sparks
Becoming part of the universe, as bright as a star
Seen shining far over distant hills and plains
Perhaps the same way that it had once been
When some shepherd men rested with their flocks
Sitting upon rocks in sight of a light they followed
On to hallowed ground, there, awaiting their king
To come and bring blessings to the whole earth
The birth of the One that they would call Emmanuel
So that every tongue would tell of this moment in time
When a sign was given to sight up the Kristos, Shiloh
And now, even in the warm glow of fiery embers
The Spirit remembers the soul of the same name
Rejoicing in the reign of His Majesty, One In Three
While those who have eyes to see and ears to hear
Have come to share together in burning the sacrament
And commence a new session in the Jerusalem School
Where a few have become that fire in the Holy Night

(c) 2012

January 7th is the day of Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas, known as “Lidet” or “Genna”, the Light of the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (Iyesus Kristos). Many within the Twelve Tribes of Israel and Orthodox houses of Rastafari sight up this holiday to celebrate Christmas rather than December 25th because of Ethiopia’s adherence to the ancient Roots Christianity, the faith of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Melkam Lidet!