Saturday, April 22, 2006

Psalm of Abib

"Abib" or "Aviv" is the first month of the ancient Hebrew calendar beginning with the new moon that falls in March-April of modern times. It is a time of renewal and restoration. All praises due to JAH for the inspiration I received to compose this. Blessed. - JAHsh


Psalm of Abib

I give thanks and praise unto thee Oh JAH, Rastafari
For I am like the tree planted by the flowing river
My roots drink of the living water, Ha'Moshia
And my soul shall never thirst or want again

You have breathed a new season into your creation
Showering all of your works in warm spring rains
Everything bows down before you Oh JAH
The plants, the animals, even the mountains... Selah

Israel comes before thee with their first fruits
Ripe in abundance within its appointed time
For you have granted unto them, Oh JAH, your holy strength
Not even the kings of this earth shall strike your children

Your nation has united before thee and has heard your call
The roots and grafted branches, flesh and spirit, sinew and bone
The way has been made clear for those who answer
No stumbling blocks hinder the road to Zion

Cities and walls crumble before your presence, Adonai Most High
Green pastures reclaim the world from the vain work of human hands
The wind carries your words to the ears of the righteous
And their tongues proclaim your name, Yahweh, Jahovah

You have renewed my spirit and comforted me when forsaken
I am like gold tested in the fires of tribulation
Purified and cooled with your mercy and kindness
Your blessings have graced I and I, shielding me from the wicked

We are gathering under the banner of your rainbow covenant
The sign of your unconditional love to all earth's inhabitants
Seventy nations have witnessed the Power of the Trinity
All of your children now await their Creator... Selah

(c) 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mind Clutter

Lately I have been feeling bombarded. Bombarded with status quo, with pop culture, with unchecked individualism, with images, music, trends, expectations... mind clutter. It is a headache, it is an eyesore... can't take it no more. It makes me ask, "what is your meaning?"... and if you are meaningless then save me the stress cause I have no interest. Noisy people, and nosy people... loud and intrusive, judgmental and exclusive. "Look at me, forget you". Everybody want to be a star, have ones know every aspect about them like People magazine, with photo spreads and opinion eds. Too much info, they have 411 on speed dial... invading my domicile. Whatever happened to an intriguing mystery, let me see, let me learn more about you. What makes you tick, what is your purpose, your drive. What is within you? Everybody's soul is congested with frivolous things, wasted space. Like nobody's business, they post personal business on MySpace, perhaps to their own disgrace when they come face to face with themselves in a different place, time, or at their prime. Even creativity has become uncreative... mass produced, copied, marketed, commercialized... while deep-thinking is passe. Everybody want instant gratification, instant success, instant fame... instant problems. In an instant it will all vanish away, maybe tomorrow... maybe today, who knows really. Everybody is uninterested in the greater things, they are apathetic... so pathetic. Nobody is serious, delirious in an age when God Himself is mocked at the expense of a joke, facetious, all up in smoke. Nope... can't be me, don't want that. I need to have my quite time and reflection... my own mind and my own sense of direction. Yes I'm the leader of an insurrection against Babylon and the system it runs on. I don't want to be a cookie-cut clone, even if I have to go it alone... I'd rather be free than to be a mockery. So, some don't understand... well how can I explain? If you've never seen the sun, how can I describe it, stare at it and you will go blind, that is my mind... brilliant... no, not arrogant, but illuminated by He who created... reinstated, unshackled. Call me strange and I will revel in it, a stranger to you is familiar to the few... the proud... the children of Zion. I will weather the clone wars in my bomb shelter, my omnipresent sanctuary.


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Forward Ever

Forward Ever

Standing and pondering the darkness
Biting into the fruit of my labor
Chewing tasteful texture
While inclining my ear to a whispery reverie
Blown across an uncharted space
There is no light ahead
But there is a beacon
Speaking to my soul
Feeling the pull forward
Slowly onward proceeding
Curious steps manifest
Still clutching onto vague memories
Now crumbled into dusty earth
Soil to give birth to someone elses hope
Studying the pieces one last time
Offering my hand to the wind
And with a sigh... gone
It took so long to let go
Brushing off traces of cold cases
But ancient artifacts have no value
To a living man, as I understand
The whisper again carried on benevolent breezes
Here surrounded by majestic mystery
It comforts me
Yes Lord...
Here I am
Quenching the call that has stirred me on
Ensured that there is only one direction
No tether of fear to leave me here
In a fallow field of dreams
One step is worth more than a stagnant eternity
Setting off, the journey is on an unknown course
Ebbed out by action
Satisfaction of feet on solid rock
I slip not
Foresight granted unto eye
Walking in blind faith
Across that space to my proper place
Faithfully forward
Ever toward...

(c) 2006



Over there sipping on cocktails
That woman in a red dress exposing her breast
Lustfully studying the crowd for opportunity of sex
Talking loudly about the latest sensation
Must be the Babylon harlot, drinking wine of fornication

And that man telling dirty jokes with two women on his arm
Thinking he's Gods greatest gift, a handsome lucky charm
He lives a life of fantasy, deception and illusion
Profiting off silly girls laden with confusion
He's nothing more than a well-dressed fool, a devils tool

Look at them laugh with their
Painted faces covering abominations
These girls going wild like spring vacations
Low-rise jeans in high-rise apartments
Spreading their thighs and filling compartments

Can't tell the ladies from the mens
Both using facial creams and fussing over splint-ends
Dressing in the same fashion trends
Driving their BMWs and Mercedes Benz
So vain, wanting the biggest and best, nothing less

Living in expensive rooms, but really decorated white-washed tombs
Spraying their bodies with expensive perfumes
Covering the stench of their rotten flesh
Underneath their plastic skin without blemish
The walking dead, decaying filthiness

Wasting their youth on idiot things, no love for human beings
Future politicians, doctors and lawyers
Businessmen, bankers... poor-man destroyers
Instead of using their professional degree for integrity
They indulge themselves in a lifestyle so filthy

Drunkenness and juvenile behavior
Unaware of the social climate
Privileged with so-called entitlement
Stumbling over sufferer, laughing at the rebel
Mocking wisdom... "why listen to them"

Living in extravagance, in piles of a human waste
Thinking they deserve a high and mighty place
Over-achieving, socially-competing
Looking down on others without feeling
They have everything already, but they're still stealing

Rude and condescending
Down Satan steps they are descending
Thinking that they're safe through the door beneath a steeple
But its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle
Can't buy their way to Zion... but they stay trying

No soap and lather can remove their grime
Their filthiness is that of a carnal mind
A dirty life and a polluted soul
Bowing down to worship idols
Stand firm brothers and sisters, beware of the filthiness

(c) 2006

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n

Recently I have been studying the life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. I knew of him for a long time, was exposed to his famous image strewn about in pop culture and on the clothing of so-called rebellious youth, but I never had really known much more about him other than the bare minimum that he was a leader and guerilla fighter in the Cuban Revolution by the side of Fidel Castro. The more and more I have learned about Che, I have grown to admire him and draw much inspiration from what he left the world. He has been called one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, a legend, but as with all legends, much of the real Che has been lost or compromised for the sake of a symbol just like Bob Marley. Its no coincidence that you will see both Bob Marley and Che Guevara shirts side by side in some trendy counter-culture store, maybe along with a Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin and a shirt with a big cannabis leaf you know hippie-dippy stuff yeah dude.

Despite all of the confusion and perversion of Ches legacy, there is plenty of reliable information about him. He wrote severable books during his lifetime, spanning from his early twenties until his last days. Of course more recently the movie Motorcycle Diaries came out in 2004, which is based on his first diary and collection letters of the same name.

Guevara grew up comfortably in an upper middle-class Argentine family with Leftist sympathies. While he was still a medical student, Che decided to take two trips across Latin America which he recounts in The Motorcycle Diaries when he left for the first time with his friend Alberto Granado and in his second book Back on the Road. During these journeys, Che was transformed as he became increasingly aware of the social injustices across all of the Latin American countries. As he traveled further away from the modernized Argentina he saw that there were more and more problems with the political and economic systems in the continent. In Chile he saw how miners were treated unfairly by large and (often American owned or invested companies) forced to work in harsh conditions in order to earn a living. When he entered Peru, he was awestruck by the poverty of the indigenous Amerindian people, descendants of the once great Incans. He also realized that his disillusionment with the situation in Latin America stretched all the way back to the time of Spanish conquistadors who left their mark on the ruins of Incan civilization in Machu Picchu and relocated its people as slaves to the colonial city of Lima. Around this time Ernesto Guevara began to imagine a Pan-American society, free of the separate national entities which have only warred and caused destruction, like Paraguay and Argentina, since Spanish independence. Che was also deeply inspired when he visited the San Pablo leper colony, which was also in Peru, and saw the segregation of the lowest of the low in society.

By the time Che Guevara speaks of his second travel in his book Back on the Road, he has made up his mind that revolution was the only solution to all of the inequity he has witnessed. Halfway through his tentatively planned journey, he detoured to Guatemala, attracted by the Arbenz government and the controversial land reforms which ruffled the feathers of American interests in the country. After a CIA-backed coup in Guatemala, Guevara along with other Arbenz supporters and Communist sympathizers left to Mexico where he finally concludes that the United States is the most recent in a long line of imperialist powers upsetting the progression of the people in Latin America as well as across the globe. While staying there Che meets various Cuban revolutionaries, eventually including Fidel Castro. It is interesting to see how passionate and determined Che Guevara becomes, a long way from the hedonistic youth who began a road trip several years before. During the 1950s and 1960s the world was polarized between the United States and its seeming disposition toward neo-colonialism and the Communist countries. Che believed in social equality and thought that Communism was the answer. He also became convinced that revolution required action and violence if necessary since oppressive powers were behind so-called democracies and capitalist economies.

After learning about the turbulent emergence of independent Latin American countries, I believe that one can not help but empathize with Ernesto Che Guevera, his vision, his sacrifice, and his love for his people, even a people that belonged to America more than he ever believed he could, the indigenous people, the Quechua, Aymara, the Guaran. He believed in a collective and common mestizo culture, a Pan-American nation to unite all Latin Americans and their rich heritage and backgrounds. Che was tired of seeing injustice, tired of imperialism pitting Latin Americans against each other, he recognized the need for a revolution, a revolution yet to be fulfilled. During 1967 while he was leading an insurgency in Bolivia, Che was captured and executed with the help of the CIA.

However as a Rastaman there are certain things Che Guevara believed in that I could not promote. He was very involved with politics and it polarized him, causing him to sometimes gravitate toward extremes. Che also saw war and violent conflict as the only solution to the power struggle he saw. Finally Che became an avowed Communist and lost his faith in JAH, finding it a foolish thing to believe in and instead relied too much on human action. Guevara was driven by a passion for sufferers but that passion like any passion can be come darkened and misguided.

Today Ches legacy remains strong in Latin America, he is a hero to many people. Leftist leaders, having grown more and more popular in these past years, have cited Guevara as an inspiration. Evo Morales the indigenous American Indian who was elected president of Bolivia this year owes a lot to the empowering ideas Che helped to bring about. President Hugo Chvez of Venezuela, although a controversial figure and unpopular with the Bush administration, is also using the legacy of Che to bolster popularity with his people and enforce his aid for the poor with government sponsored education and social programs. In times when many are displeased with America imperialist policies, Caracas, Venezuela has become a mecca for Leftists and social revolutionaries from all across the world. The socialist governments of Latin America have challenged America and its concept of democracy and foreign policy.

And so we return back to the pop-image of Che Guevara. Yes, as Huey P. Newton said, the revolution will not be televised (of course how many people really know who said that) but it will be advertised!... on my hip new $100 Che shirt and $300 camouflage prada jeans! Its so funny to me to find such revolutionaries so eager to show their support for some cause but caught up in the Babylon system, having to have the latest and greatest, lining their pockets with hundred dollar bills and enjoying the luxurious comforts of modernity. Its either that or some apathetic skater kid whose identity depends so much on being different, that he becomes the same as everyone else individualistic clones. Guevara would be disgusted at how the system that opposed and eventually executed him now profits from his famous image. Those who want to promote Che should do him justice by studying his life and what he stood for. Viva la revolucin... Rastafari!


Ernesto "Che" Guevara
June 14, 1928 - October 8, 1967

"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true Revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality." - Che

Organize & Centralize

When ones hear "organize and centralize" in regards to Rastafari we think of I-nity in the movement, coming together as a people, collectively making things happen as one body in Yeshua, JAH Rastafari. However this same idea must be applied to the individual. It is the set of individuals which make up the greater body, the same way the ear must hear and the eye must see, I&I must also satisfy our functions for the benefit of all. The need for me to "organize and centralize" is quite obvious to me, my room is strewn with paperwork and books piled up and cluttered from endless days of work and studies. Within these next couple days though I will have it clean and sorted out, but more importantly it is symbolic of my need to remove the clutter from my spiritual trod. I have realized that although I always have JAH on my mind and try to walk in the livity, I have become dull... worn out as it were. The sands of time sometimes cause a sharp sword to become blunt and tarnished. So the time has come when I&I must sharpen I-self against a "whetstone" and polish I-self again to reflect the light of the Most High. This is something that we all must do from time to time, for JAH works is never just one time and the work done, no... it is a continuous process that I&I must go through.

School and work has kept me busy in these times and I have neglected my vow to read from the Bible a chapter a day. This has happened on occasion and I always catch up on a particular day and read all of the chapters that I missed. However, this past year it has happened too often and it bothers me especially because I will soon be done with my first cycle of reading the Bible one chapter a day from Genesis to Revelations (I have 28 more days left now, and it has been 3 years and 66 days). I feel it is important that I end my first journey with JAH on a high note, with a focused mind and thanksgiving... because it has given I-man so much wisdom in these 3 years and more, I have really grown so much. So, tonight I am "dusting off" my Scrips, catching up on my readings and shall meditate on the teachings I receive. More prayer, more life.

Another aspect that I have not maintained well enough this year is my fellowship with the Twelve Tribes of Israel, a Rastafari organization of which I am a member. Until I attended a meeting last night, it was a year ago that I had last gone, partly because of distance and also the inconvenience of time since I have been busy with my studies. However, when I visited the headquarters on Sunday and saw some of the bredrens and sistrens I have not seen in awhile, I felt more strength and conviction come to me again. As the elders spoke to the masses late into the night, I felt motivated, I felt inna-spuration inside of me, calling I to do certain things that for a long time I have hoped to accomplish, things that others have done before me. Simply to be around good vibes and people who sight up Rastafari with love is reinvigorating for me. The trod can be lonely at times, especially since I do not have ones close by that I can reason with, but I have to give thanks for being a part of something and having access to certain opportunities. I opened some doors this last meeting, and made some connections which I hope will help me with the things I wish to accomplish. I also plan on being present at the Twelve Tribes HQ whenever possible.

In the end it is all about responsibility and doing what is necessary. JAH provides us with the tools and the means to do the work, it is we who must swing the hammer and wield the sword of the Spirit. I really hope that I maintain my renewed focus, the time will get rough again as my rigorous schedule will manifest once more, but livication can conquer all of that, I am certain. I&I must always make time for JAH. I&I can accomplish what we will as Marcus Garvey said. Recently I have been focused physically by regularly going to the gym and watching my nutrition. I have not failed in these things... so with that same determination I must offer I-self to the Most High and exercise my Spirit so that I can be in shape for the spiritual battle that surrounds us in these times. Endurance. Organize and centralize yourself. Love JAH.


Sunday, April 2, 2006

Easy Coolin'

Well, I am still alive... I made it through "hell week" or should I say "hell trimester". Some sleepless nights, very busy days, papers and more papers, and hardly a moment to myself, but now I have some peace of mind. Of course it not like I get a real break or anything, I start my new classes this next Wednesday, but I will have some days off during the Easter vacation. That being said, I will have time to write some more of my thoughts on here and I definitely have alot of things I've been thinking about. So for those of you who actually do read my blogs, expect some analytical pieces as well as some more poems I wrote. For the moment though, I am easy coolin'... burned out. Bless Up Everytime.