Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Son Of Lightning

Son Of Lightning

I am the Son of Lightning
Mess with me, you'll get electrocuted
Don't come at me sideways
Don't deal with me convoluted
When the voltage takes flight
I pierce the darkness of night
Rider of the storm
Thunder is my horn
You've been warned
I strike fear from the stratosphere
To the solid ground on which you stand
Can't be a part of Babylon's plan
Untamed, directed only by JAH hand
The tallest one standing is the first to go down
Foolish pride gets fried when I come around
Yes, look out for the boom sound
Cause it could get dangerous
I don't just intimidate
I also incinerate
Wipe the wickedness clean
And offer a clean slate
My fire can even inspire
A dead mind like Frankenstein
Giving sight to the blind
An epiphany, sealed and signed
Nobody can capture my essence
Just respect my presence
The power invested in me
Channeling through my body
Some call it electricity
But simply
I am the Son of Lightning
The Son of JAH

(c) 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ease Up

I was watching the Discovery Channel a couple of days ago and there was this show on called "Man vs. Wild". During this particular episode, the host, Bear Grylls, was traversing the swamplands of the Everglades in order to show the viewer how to survive there if one ever found themselves lost. Anyway, he comes across some quicksand and proceeds to jump right into it in order to demonstrate what to do. Bear starts to struggle, and he sinks deeper in. Then he just relaxes and he is able to stay still in one position. He slowly climbs out by spreading his arms across the surface of the mud, wriggles out and "monkey crawls" to safety. He managed to get out of that slimy pit in a matter of seconds, whereas some people or animals become stuck in for days and sink deeper and deeper until they suffocate in the mud. Why am I mentioning all of this, interesting as it may be? Well, lately I realized that the more you try to fight against something, the more you struggle, usually the more sufferation it brings. Trying too hard and thinking too much will only get us stuck in our own quicksand. The way out is the way of least resistance.

If someone doesn't want you in their life, then why struggle against that person? The more you try and make it work and put up resistance, the more trouble you get. Go your separate ways, and if your paths cross again later, so be it. If something or someone gets you frustrated and mad, what's the use of getting vex and sinking deeper into anger? Frustration comes and goes; there is no use in worrying about something. If you miss an opportunity, fail at something or find yourself heartbroken, there is always another chance to succeed later on. When one door is closed, another is open. However, resistance is not reserved for negative situations. This philosophy goes with anything really, even in dignified attempts to accomplish something positive including things like teaching, volunteering, going to job interviews, proving your worth or integrity, and anything else you set out to achieve. For all of these, being self-conscious gets in the way. When we ease up, and focus on simplicity, things will come more naturally and more effectively. We have to trust our intuition and let go of our preconceptions and expectations. Yes, certainly there comes a time to fight and confront certain things, nothing is ever so black and white. Nevertheless, more often than not, easing up is the best solution for every day survival.

The next time you are struggling with fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, or temptation while trying to climb out of the slimy pit, it would be wise to remember to just "cool and settle". Don't try and bring about what we think should or should not be, just be. Be benevolent and righteous, walk through it and lead the way by example. Goodness and natural harmony has got to prevail in the end. What will be, will be... JAH Know!


Sunday, June 10, 2007



Climbing steep slope
On my approach I see
Avalanche encroach
Falling and blocking
My path, covered
Smothered in dust I choke
Foot finds gravel to grope
Then it all clears
The worst of my fears
Can't go left or right
I need the I-sight
Cause I'm blind tonight
I-sight to rekindle
The fire when it dwindles
I-sight light my way
Cause my strength will betray
Okay, I remember Him say
When one road block
Another route is open
Straight up the rock face
The Word has been spoken
Don't want to provoke Him
It's time to climb
Grab anything my fingers find
My foothold is bold
Was told this mountain is mine
Reach ledge near the top
Pulling up to outcrop
Taking a breath of air
Storm cloud gathering near
But this is why I'm here
I surrender, arms spread out
I shout and the thunder claps
Crucified on the highest height
Lightning ssstrike
Smell of burnt earth and ash
Rebirth at last
Electric slide off my back
Feeling dry cleaned
Body lets off some sssteam
Ahh serene, I hear the sound
Of the rain coming down
Bathing in benevolent showers
My spirit sensing holy power
Radiance overwhelms the eyesight
Pupils adjusting to light
I sight the Might of the Trinity
I-sight He has given me

(c) 2007

Disappointment (Unleashed)

Disappointment (Unleashed)

Sometimes I'd like to unleash the beast
Tethered to the deepest part of my soul
...out of reach
An angry lion out of control
And yet I know I must satta
Life goes on, can't galang like no shotta

You disappointment me sister
Disappointed that you failed to grasp the whole picture
But I know I'm gonna face disappointment again
Disappointment from another lover, family or a friend
When will it end?
Never, because that's the nature of things
As long as I love, someone will play my heartstrings

All this foolishness is just a waste of my time
You're a vampire preying on the marrow of my mind
And no matter what I do to appease your appetite
You still prowl the night looking for one last bite
Right now I need freedom
From a she-then like you
Sweeping out the old, so I can bring in the new

I can't believe a person with such intelligence
Would go around behaving with negligence
It's as if you never learned about the golden rule
And how to distinguish a good man from a foot-stool
I'm no fool
My captivation is cruel
This lion doesn't belong behind bars in your zoo

You took advantage of my kindness and let me down
Made me think you needed me, and made me the clown
Such a disappointment, I was a fly in the ointment
Trapped by the fact you scheduled me in like an appointment
Like a doctor examining my head
Leaving me lost and frustrated

I'm tired of hearing excuses for all of your mistakes
Because a little discipline is really all it ever takes
You move like a snake hiding where the grass grows tall
Lying in wait, ready to strike my lion paw

I shake my mane...
It's a shame that you made me think it was fair game
But you sold out your flesh for mere chump change
I can see through you with my savanna scopes
Yes I'm better off chasing other deer and antelopes
Real folks
King of the jungle don't deal with jokes

Don't bother calling me or knocking on my door
You're like Miss Morton, throwing salt in my sore
I roar... cause I can't stand no more
Can't take the stress,
It keeps the lion vexed
Irregardless, good luck and JAH Bless

(c) 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fresh Up

Fresh Up

I've got to unwind, cleanse my mind and go fresh up, fresh up
Alleviate the pressure by any measure and stop stress up, stress up

Time to listen to JAH words, open up to Proverbs and wise up, wise up
Selassie I show me how the Scrips apply, and open my eyes up, eyes up

Everyday I'm amazed, I give thanks and praise and just bless up, bless up
No devil boderation to get me misshapen, I'll never get wreck up, wreck up

Any negativity you try fling at me must certainly go get mash up, mash up
So you better flee if you're my enemy cause we will surely clash up, clash up

I'm bona fide, no I don't take ones for a ride, nothing to hide up, hide up
Hear the mystical breeze from nature's remedies I just light up, light up

I don't want to hear none of this carry go bring come, so hush up, hush up
You never know when you lose control just who you'll brush up, brush up

Meditate on the right every day and each night and please live up, live up
When time tough, it will never be enough for me to go give up, give up

Nuff people out deh ain't going nowhere, they need to grow up, grow up
They tell you soon come, over and done, but they never show up, show up

Seek knowledge before vengeance, calm down and just ease up, ease up
Be true at heart from the start, don't clown around and tease up, tease up

Since the most ancient day, Rastafari is the way that I sight up, sight up
And ever since, in humble righteousness I'll always bide up, bide up

(c) 2007